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YouTube vs. Facebook — What's the Difference?

Edited by Tayyaba Rehman — By Fiza Rafique — Published on November 8, 2023
YouTube is a video-sharing platform; Facebook is a social networking site. Both facilitate user-generated content and interaction.
YouTube vs. Facebook — What's the Difference?

Difference Between YouTube and Facebook


Key Differences

YouTube, owned by Google, primarily centers on video content. Users can upload, view, rate, share, comment on videos, and subscribe to other users' channels. It's a platform where video creators, also known as YouTubers, share content ranging from tutorials to entertainment. On the other hand, Facebook, founded by Mark Zuckerberg, focuses on connecting friends and families. It allows users to create profiles, upload photos and videos, send messages, and keep in touch with friends, family, and colleagues.
While YouTube is predominantly a platform for video consumption, Facebook offers a broader range of features, including the posting of text statuses, photo sharing, creating events, and even marketplace functionalities. YouTube's primary revenue model is through advertisements played before or during videos, while Facebook earns primarily from its sophisticated ad platform that leverages user data for targeted advertising.
The audience engagement metrics on YouTube often revolve around video views, likes, comments, and subscriptions. Conversely, on Facebook, user engagement is measured through likes, shares, comments, and the "react" feature, which includes a range of emotions. Both platforms also have a "live" feature, with YouTube focusing on live streams and premieres, whereas Facebook allows for live videos and interactions within user profiles and pages.
YouTube has branched into offering premium services like YouTube Premium, which provides an ad-free experience and access to exclusive content. Facebook, however, has ventured into the world of virtual reality with its acquisition of Oculus and has developed a diverse range of products and services around its main platform, like Facebook Messenger and Workplace by Facebook.

Comparison Chart

Primary Focus

Video-sharing platform
Social networking site

Content Type

Mainly videos
Texts, photos, videos, events, marketplace

Revenue Generation

Primarily from video ads
Targeted ads using user data

Key Engagement Metrics

Views, likes, comments, subscriptions
Likes, shares, comments, reacts

Expansion Ventures

YouTube Premium, YouTube TV
Oculus VR, Facebook Messenger, Workplace by Facebook

Compare with Definitions


A website where individuals can create channels to share video content.
His cooking channel on YouTube has garnered over a million subscribers.


A site for sharing photos, videos, and status updates.
The breathtaking sunset photo he posted on Facebook received hundreds of likes.


A site that monetizes video content through advertisements.
He earns a decent revenue from ads displayed on his YouTube videos.


A social media platform connecting friends and families.
She reconnected with her high school friends on Facebook.


Google's video streaming service that supports user-generated content.
The viral dance challenge originated from a YouTube video.


A platform with integrated messaging, marketplace, and event features.
I discovered the garage sale nearby through a Facebook event.


A platform for uploading and viewing videos.
She learned to play the guitar by watching tutorials on YouTube.


An online community where users create profiles to interact.
Many businesses create Facebook pages to engage with their customers.


An online community where creators and viewers interact through video content.
Many debates on YouTube revolve around the comments section.


A social networking service founded by Mark Zuckerberg.
Facebook's annual developer conference reveals its latest tech innovations.


A reference book or electronic directory made up of individuals’ photographs and names.


A college publication distributed at the start of the academic year by university administrations with the intention of helping students get to know each other better.
The shipment of facebooks will be distributed to the freshmen during orientation and move-in-week.


Alternative form of Facebook

Common Curiosities

What is the primary content type on YouTube?

YouTube primarily hosts video content.

Can I earn money on YouTube?

Yes, through YouTube's Partner Program, creators can monetize their content with ads.

Is Facebook only for personal use?

No, Facebook caters to both personal use and businesses through profiles and pages.

Is Facebook's main revenue from ads?

Yes, the majority of Facebook's revenue comes from its advertising platform.

Which platform is better for video marketing?

Both YouTube and Facebook offer video marketing opportunities, but the choice depends on the target audience and campaign objectives.

Can I watch movies on YouTube?

Yes, YouTube offers a range of movies, both for free and for rent or purchase.

How do I subscribe to a channel on YouTube?

You can click the "Subscribe" button on a YouTube channel's main page.

Is YouTube Premium a free service?

No, YouTube Premium is a paid subscription offering ad-free viewing and other features.

Is YouTube owned by Google?

Yes, YouTube is a subsidiary of Google.

Can I live stream on YouTube?

Yes, YouTube offers a live streaming feature for its users.

Does Facebook offer any virtual reality products?

Yes, Facebook owns Oculus, a company that produces virtual reality products.

Can businesses create pages on Facebook?

Yes, businesses can create dedicated pages on Facebook to engage with their audience.

Do YouTube and Facebook compete in the digital space?

While both platforms have distinct primary focuses, there are overlaps in features and functionalities, leading to competition in some areas.

How do I ensure privacy on my Facebook profile?

Facebook provides privacy settings where users can control who sees their content and personal information.

Can I shop on Facebook?

Yes, Facebook has a "Marketplace" feature for buying and selling items.

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