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Yellow Pages vs. White Pages — What's the Difference?

By Fiza Rafique & Urooj Arif — Published on February 27, 2024
Yellow Pages are directories for finding local businesses and services, categorized by industry, while White Pages list residential and sometimes business phone numbers, organized alphabetically by surname or business name.
Yellow Pages vs. White Pages — What's the Difference?

Difference Between Yellow Pages and White Pages


Key Differences

Yellow Pages directories specialize in listing businesses, offering a categorized overview of services ranging from plumbers to restaurants. These listings often include business names, phone numbers, addresses, and sometimes advertisements or coupons. The categorization by industry or service type makes it easier for users to find specific services or businesses within their local area.
White Pages, conversely, are more focused on residential listings, providing names, addresses, and phone numbers of individuals. They can also include business listings but are primarily intended for finding personal phone numbers. The listings are usually organized alphabetically by the individual's surname, facilitating the search for contact information of residents within a given area.
The Yellow Pages are often used by individuals seeking services or products, acting as a bridge between businesses and potential customers. The categorization and advertisements within Yellow Pages are designed to help businesses attract attention and inform consumers about their offerings.
White Pages serve a different purpose, mainly used for personal reasons, such as finding the contact information of friends, family, or acquaintances. They can also be used for verification purposes, like confirming an address or phone number.
With the advent of digital technology, both Yellow and White Pages have online counterparts, offering searchable databases that have significantly increased the ease and speed with which information can be found. Despite the decline in the use of printed directories due to digital alternatives, both Yellow and White Pages remain relevant resources in both digital and physical formats for different needs.

Comparison Chart

Primary Focus

Business listings
Residential listings


Categorized by industry/service
Alphabetically by surname or business name


Finding services and products
Finding personal contact information


Business names, services, ads, contact information
Names, addresses, phone numbers of individuals


Service/product search, B2B or B2C engagement
Personal use, verification of personal details

Compare with Definitions

Yellow Pages

A directory for business listings, organized by service categories.
She found a local bakery in the Yellow Pages under Bakeries.

White Pages

A directory listing residential phone numbers and addresses.
She looked up her friend's address in the White Pages to send an invitation.

Yellow Pages

Used primarily for finding services and products.
They searched the Yellow Pages for a reliable moving company.

White Pages

Organized alphabetically by last name.
Finding his doctor's home number was easy in the White Pages, thanks to the alphabetical organization.

Yellow Pages

Can be local, regional, or national.
The local Yellow Pages included all the businesses in her small town.

White Pages

Also available in print and online versions.
The online White Pages made it quick to find her college roommate's current phone number.

Yellow Pages

Often includes advertisements and coupons.
The Yellow Pages featured a coupon for a discount at the new Italian restaurant.

White Pages

Primarily for personal or verification use.
He used the White Pages to verify the address of a new acquaintance.

Yellow Pages

Available in both print and digital formats.
He preferred using the online Yellow Pages to quickly find a plumber's contact information.

White Pages

Sometimes includes business listings.
The White Pages also had a section for local businesses, although it was not as comprehensive as the Yellow Pages.

Common Curiosities

Can businesses be found in White Pages?

Yes, businesses can sometimes be listed in White Pages, but the listings are more comprehensive and detailed in Yellow Pages.

What is the main purpose of White Pages?

The primary purpose of White Pages is to list residential phone numbers and addresses, organized alphabetically by surname.

Is there a cost to be listed in Yellow or White Pages?

Basic listings are often free, but advertisements or enhanced listings in Yellow Pages may incur a cost.

How do I use online Yellow or White Pages?

Online directories typically have search functions where you can enter the name of a person or business, or browse categories in the case of Yellow Pages.

Are Yellow and White Pages still available in print?

While their popularity has declined due to digital alternatives, Yellow and White Pages are still available in print in some regions.

Can I advertise my business in Yellow Pages?

Yes, businesses can advertise in Yellow Pages, which can include detailed listings, advertisements, and even coupons.

How are Yellow Pages organized?

Yellow Pages are organized by business categories or industries, making it easier to find specific types of services or businesses.

How do I find a person's phone number?

For personal phone numbers, the White Pages are the best resource, either in print or online.

What are Yellow Pages?

Yellow Pages are directories that list businesses by category, providing a resource for finding products and services.

How do digital Yellow and White Pages differ from print versions?

Digital versions offer more dynamic search capabilities, regular updates, and interactive features like maps and reviews, unlike static print versions.

Can I opt-out of being listed in White Pages?

Yes, individuals can usually request to have their information removed or not listed in the White Pages.

Are Yellow and White Pages available worldwide?

Yes, most countries have their versions of Yellow and White Pages, catering to local residents and businesses.

Do Yellow Pages only list paid advertisements?

While paid advertisements are prominent, Yellow Pages also include basic business listings that may not be paid.

How often are Yellow and White Pages updated?

Printed versions are usually updated annually, while online versions can be updated more frequently.

What kind of businesses can be found in Yellow Pages?

Almost any type of business, from restaurants and retail shops to professional services like lawyers and doctors, can be found in Yellow Pages.

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