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NY Jets vs. NY Giants — What's the Difference?

By Tayyaba Rehman & Fiza Rafique — Published on February 27, 2024
The NY Jets and NY Giants are both professional American football teams based in New York, with the Jets representing a more modern AFL origin and the Giants boasting a longer NFL history, reflecting in their distinct fan bases and team cultures.
NY Jets vs. NY Giants — What's the Difference?

Difference Between NY Jets and NY Giants


Key Differences

The New York Jets and New York Giants, while both based in the New York metropolitan area, have distinct histories. The Jets, established in 1960, have roots in the American Football League (AFL) before joining the NFL during the AFL-NFL merger. The Giants, on the other hand, were founded in 1925, making them one of the NFL's oldest teams.
In terms of achievements, the Giants have a more storied success, with four Super Bowl titles to their name, showcasing their longstanding tradition of excellence in the NFL. The Jets, with a single Super Bowl victory in 1969, have struggled to achieve the same level of consistent success.
The fan bases of the two teams also reflect their histories and achievements. The Giants' fans are often seen as part of a long-standing New York tradition, whereas the Jets' fans are viewed as embracing the underdog spirit, rallying behind a team with fewer historical victories.
Stadium sharing is another unique aspect of their relationship. Both teams play their home games at MetLife Stadium, located in East Rutherford, New Jersey. This arrangement is uncommon in the NFL and highlights the intertwined nature of their existences within the same metropolitan area.
Despite sharing a stadium, the teams are in different conferences; the Giants are in the NFC East, and the Jets are in the AFC East. This divisional alignment means they only play each other in the regular season every four years, barring meetings in the preseason or a potential Super Bowl matchup.

Comparison Chart

Establishment Year


Super Bowl Wins

1 (1969)
4 (1986, 1990, 2007, 2011)


AFC East
NFC East

Fan Base Character

Seen as embracing the underdog
Viewed as part of a long tradition

Historical Origin

American Football League (AFL)
National Football League (NFL)

Compare with Definitions

NY Jets

Share MetLife Stadium with the NY Giants.
The NY Jets host their games at MetLife Stadium, a shared venue.

NY Giants

One of the NFL's oldest teams, founded in 1925.
The NY Giants have a rich history with four Super Bowl titles.

NY Jets

Compete in the AFC East division.
The Jets face tough competition in the AFC East.

NY Giants

Share MetLife Stadium with the NY Jets.
The NY Giants co-own MetLife Stadium, playing home games there.

NY Jets

Known for their green and white team colors.
The Jets' fans wore green and white to support their team.

NY Giants

Known for a long-standing tradition of success.
The Giants' history is filled with memorable victories.

NY Jets

Have a passionate fan base despite fewer historical victories.
Jets fans remain loyal through the team's ups and downs.

NY Giants

Their team colors are blue, red, and white.
Giants fans donned blue, red, and white at the game.

NY Jets

A professional American football team established in 1960 as part of the AFL.
The NY Jets won their first and only Super Bowl in 1969.

NY Giants

Compete in the NFC East division.
The Giants battle for dominance in the NFC East.

Common Curiosities

How many Super Bowls have the NY Giants won?

The NY Giants have won four Super Bowls.

When were the NY Jets established?

The NY Jets were established in 1960.

Are the NY Jets and NY Giants in the same NFL conference?

No, the Jets are in the AFC East, and the Giants are in the NFC East.

What colors represent the NY Jets?

The NY Jets are represented by green and white.

What year did the NY Giants win their first Super Bowl?

The NY Giants won their first Super Bowl in 1986.

What conference do the NY Jets play in?

The NY Jets play in the AFC East.

Which team has a longer NFL history?

The NY Giants have a longer NFL history, established in 1925.

Where do both teams play their home games?

Both teams play their home games at MetLife Stadium.

What is unique about the Jets' and Giants' stadium situation?

They uniquely share MetLife Stadium for their home games.

Which team was originally part of the AFL?

The NY Jets were originally part of the AFL.

How often do the Jets and Giants play against each other in the regular season?

They play each other every four years in the regular season.

What is the main difference in the fan base character between the two teams?

Giants' fans are seen as part of a long-standing tradition, while Jets' fans embrace the underdog spirit.

Which team has had more success in the Super Bowl era?

The NY Giants have had more success in the Super Bowl era, with four titles to the Jets' one.

Do the Giants have a larger fan base than the Jets?

Fan base size can vary, but the Giants' longer history may contribute to a wider fan base.

Has either team ever played in a Super Bowl held at their shared stadium?

No, neither team has played in a Super Bowl held at MetLife Stadium.

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