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WWE RAW vs. WWE Smackdown — What's the Difference?

By Tayyaba Rehman & Urooj Arif — Published on February 6, 2024
WWE RAW is a longer-running, Monday night show known for its red brand and raw action, while WWE Smackdown, the blue brand, airs on Friday nights and focuses on providing a polished, story-driven wrestling entertainment experience.
WWE RAW vs. WWE Smackdown — What's the Difference?

Difference Between WWE RAW and WWE Smackdown


Key Differences

WWE RAW, often referred to as the red brand, is a long-standing wrestling program that airs on Monday nights. It's known for its intense, unscripted action and has a reputation for being the flagship program of WWE. WWE RAW emphasizes raw talent and often showcases intense rivalries, making it a staple in the world of professional wrestling.
In contrast, WWE Smackdown, known as the blue brand, is broadcasted on Friday nights and is characterized by its polished presentation and storyline-driven matches. WWE Smackdown focuses on delivering a more family-friendly entertainment experience, often featuring elaborate narratives that captivate its audience week after week.
While WWE RAW tends to focus on raw, in-ring action and often serves as a platform for emerging wrestlers to showcase their skills, WWE Smackdown prioritizes high-production values and narrative arcs, making it a hit among fans who appreciate a cinematic approach to wrestling.
Both WWE RAW and WWE Smackdown are integral to the WWE universe but cater to different audiences with their unique styles and focus. WWE RAW is renowned for its unpredictability and intense action, whereas WWE Smackdown is celebrated for its storytelling and polished production.
Despite their differences, both WWE RAW and WWE Smackdown share the common goal of providing top-tier wrestling entertainment. They feature a mix of veteran superstars and rising talent, ensuring that fans of professional wrestling get a diverse and dynamic viewing experience each week.

Comparison Chart

Air Day

Monday nights
Friday nights

Brand Color



Raw action, intense rivalries
Polished, story-driven entertainment

Audience Appeal

Fans of traditional, unscripted wrestling action
Fans of narrative-driven, family-friendly content

Production Style

Emphasizes raw talent and unpredictability
High-production values, cinematic storytelling

Compare with Definitions


WWE RAW emphasizes unpredictability in its matches.
Last night's WWE RAW ended with an unexpected twist that shocked the audience.

WWE Smackdown

WWE Smackdown is the blue brand of the WWE.
The WWE Smackdown arena was awash in blue as fans cheered for their favorite wrestlers.


WWE RAW is the flagship program of the WWE.
The most anticipated wrestling confrontations often take place on WWE RAW.

WWE Smackdown

WWE Smackdown captivates its audience with elaborate narratives.
The latest storyline twist in WWE Smackdown has become the talk of the wrestling world.


WWE RAW showcases raw talent and emerging wrestlers.
New wrestling stars often make their debut on WWE RAW.

WWE Smackdown

WWE Smackdown is a polished, narrative-driven wrestling show.
The ongoing saga in WWE Smackdown has fans eagerly awaiting the next episode.


WWE RAW is known for its red brand and intense rivalries.
The rivalry between the two wrestlers reached its peak on WWE RAW.

WWE Smackdown

WWE Smackdown features high-production values and cinematic storytelling.
The spectacular visuals of WWE Smackdown's opening sequence set the stage for the night.


WWE RAW is a gritty, action-packed wrestling show.
The championship match on WWE RAW left the audience on the edge of their seats.

WWE Smackdown

WWE Smackdown focuses on family-friendly entertainment.
Families gather on Friday nights to watch the drama unfold on WWE Smackdown.

Common Curiosities

What are the brand colors for WWE RAW and WWE Smackdown?

The brand color for WWE RAW is red, and for WWE Smackdown, it's blue.

What is WWE RAW?

WWE RAW is a professional wrestling television program known for its raw action and intense rivalries.

When do WWE RAW and WWE Smackdown air?

WWE RAW airs on Monday nights, while WWE Smackdown airs on Friday nights.

Which show is better for fans of traditional wrestling, WWE RAW or WWE Smackdown?

Fans of traditional, unscripted wrestling action may prefer WWE RAW.

Are WWE RAW and WWE Smackdown family-friendly?

WWE Smackdown is more family-friendly with its polished, story-driven content, while WWE RAW is known for its intense action.

What distinguishes WWE Smackdown from WWE RAW?

WWE Smackdown is known for its polished, story-driven presentation, contrasting with the raw, unpredictable nature of WWE RAW.

How does the audience participation differ between the two shows?

Audience participation varies, with WWE RAW focusing on intense wrestling action and WWE Smackdown engaging fans with its narrative-driven approach.

What makes WWE Smackdown unique in its storytelling approach?

WWE Smackdown is unique for its cinematic storytelling and polished production, creating elaborate narratives.

How do new wrestlers get introduced in WWE RAW and WWE Smackdown?

New wrestlers are often introduced in WWE RAW to showcase their raw talent, while WWE Smackdown may introduce them as part of its narrative-driven format.

Can wrestlers appear on both WWE RAW and WWE Smackdown?

Wrestlers typically belong to one brand but may appear on both shows during special events or crossovers.

Which show is considered the flagship program of the WWE?

WWE RAW is often considered the flagship program of the WWE.

How do the production styles differ between WWE RAW and WWE Smackdown?

WWE RAW focuses on raw, intense action, while WWE Smackdown emphasizes high-production values and cinematic storytelling.

Can fans attend live tapings of WWE RAW and WWE Smackdown?

Yes, fans can attend live tapings of both WWE RAW and WWE Smackdown, experiencing the action and drama firsthand.

How do title matches differ between WWE RAW and WWE Smackdown?

Title matches in WWE RAW are known for their intensity and unpredictability, while those in WWE Smackdown are often part of larger, story-driven arcs.

Are the storylines in WWE RAW and WWE Smackdown connected?

While each show has its own storylines, some major plots and events may intersect.

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