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White Cake Mixes vs. Yellow Cake Mixes — What's the Difference?

By Tayyaba Rehman — Published on January 23, 2024
White cake mixes use only egg whites for a lighter texture and color, while yellow cake mixes include whole eggs, giving them a richer flavor and yellow hue.
White Cake Mixes vs. Yellow Cake Mixes — What's the Difference?

Difference Between White Cake Mixes and Yellow Cake Mixes


Key Differences

White cake mixes are designed to create a cake with a very light, almost pure white color. This is achieved by using only the egg whites in the mix. Yellow cake mixes, on the other hand, use the whole egg, which imparts a yellowish color to the cake.
The texture of cakes made from white cake mixes is typically lighter and more delicate due to the absence of egg yolks. In contrast, yellow cake mixes result in a denser, moister texture because of the fat content in the yolks.
Flavor-wise, white cake mixes offer a subtle and neutral taste, making them suitable for pairing with a variety of frostings and fillings. Yellow cake mixes have a richer flavor, often described as buttery, due to the presence of egg yolks.
In terms of versatility, both white and yellow cake mixes are popular for various occasions. White cakes are often preferred for weddings and formal events, while yellow cakes are a staple for classic birthday cakes and comfort baking.
Nutritionally, white cake mixes may have slightly less cholesterol and fat due to the absence of egg yolks. However, both types of cake mixes typically contain similar amounts of sugar and calories.

Comparison Chart

Egg Composition

Only egg whites
Whole eggs (whites and yolks)

Cake Color

Light, almost pure white
Yellowish hue


Lighter and delicate
Denser and moister


Subtle and neutral
Richer and buttery

Common Use

Weddings, formal events
Birthdays, classic cakes

Compare with Definitions

White Cake Mixes

Ideal for pairing with various frostings.
I used a white cake mix as a base for my lemon frosting.

Yellow Cake Mixes

A staple for classic birthday and comfort cakes.
For my grandmother's birthday, I baked a cake with a yellow cake mix.

White Cake Mixes

Popular for weddings and formal events.
White cake mixes are my go-to for elegant celebration cakes.

Yellow Cake Mixes

Yellow cake mixes include whole eggs for a yellow color.
The yellow cake mix gave the birthday cake a rich hue.

White Cake Mixes

Contain only egg whites for a delicate texture.
The white cake mix creates a fluffy and light cake texture.

Yellow Cake Mixes

Nutritionally similar to white cake mixes, but with more fat from egg yolks.
Yellow cake mixes have a bit more richness due to the egg yolks.

White Cake Mixes

White cake mixes are used for light-colored cakes.
I chose a white cake mix for the wedding cake to ensure it matched the theme.

Yellow Cake Mixes

Result in a denser, moister cake.
This yellow cake mix makes a wonderfully moist cake.

White Cake Mixes

May have less fat and cholesterol.
I prefer white cake mixes for a slightly healthier option.

Yellow Cake Mixes

Have a richer, buttery flavor.
I love the buttery taste that comes from using a yellow cake mix.

Common Curiosities

Can I substitute white cake mix for yellow in a recipe?

Yes, but it will change the cake's color and texture.

Are white cake mixes less flavorful than yellow?

White cake mixes have a more subtle flavor, allowing the frosting and fillings to stand out.

Can I make cupcakes with these mixes?

Yes, both white and yellow cake mixes are excellent for making cupcakes.

Are these cake mixes nut-free?

Check the packaging, as ingredients can vary between brands.

Can I add flavors to these mixes?

Absolutely, both mixes are versatile and can be combined with various flavors.

Do these mixes require additional ingredients?

Typically, you'll need to add water, oil, and eggs to the mix.

Is yellow cake mix suitable for a wedding cake?

While less traditional, yellow cake mix can be used for wedding cakes, especially if a richer flavor is desired.

Which mix is better for a layered cake?

Both can be used, but white cake mix typically yields a lighter, more delicate layer.

Are white and yellow cake mixes vegan?

Traditional mixes are not vegan, but there are specific vegan alternatives available.

Is there a big difference in baking times between the two?

Baking times are generally similar, but always follow the specific instructions on the package.

Are these cake mixes gluten-free?

Regular mixes contain gluten, but gluten-free versions are available.

Can I freeze cakes made from these mixes?

Yes, cakes from both mixes can be frozen for later consumption.

Can I use white cake mix for a chocolate cake?

You can, but you'll need to add cocoa powder or melted chocolate for a chocolate flavor.

Can I reduce the sugar content in these mixes?

It's challenging to reduce sugar in pre-made mixes without affecting the texture.

Which mix is better for decorative cakes?

White cake mix is often preferred for its lighter texture and color, making it ideal for intricate designs.

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