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Transferor vs. Transferee — What's the Difference?

By Tayyaba Rehman — Updated on August 24, 2023
A transferor is one who transfers or gives something, while a transferee is the one who receives or gets it.
Transferor vs. Transferee — What's the Difference?

Difference Between Transferor and Transferee


Key Differences

The word "transferor" refers to an individual or entity that is passing on rights, property, or obligations to another party. In contrast, the word "transferee" pertains to the person or entity that is on the receiving end of these rights, property, or responsibilities. Both terms are essentially two sides of the same transaction, detailing who is relinquishing and who is acquiring.
"Transferor" can be associated with a variety of contexts, from property sales to business transactions. When someone sells a house, for instance, the seller becomes the transferor because they are transferring the property's ownership. Meanwhile, the buyer, or the person taking possession, is aptly termed the transferee.
Considering another scenario, if a person is passing on their shares in a company, they take on the role of the "transferor". The individual or entity buying or accepting those shares is designated the "transferee". It's essential to understand these terms, especially in legal, financial, and business contexts, to ensure clarity in transactions.
In the realm of contracts or legal documents, these terms also play a significant role. The "transferor" is the party passing on certain rights or duties, whereas the "transferee" stands as the recipient of said duties or rights. They serve to denote clarity and precision in transactions, minimizing ambiguities.

Comparison Chart


Gives or transfers rights, properties, or obligations.
Receives or acquires rights, properties, or obligations.

Position in a Transaction

Seller or provider.
Buyer or recipient.

Grammatical Usage

Subject when something is being given.
Object or beneficiary when something is being received.

Common Contexts

Selling property, relinquishing shares, passing on a duty.
Purchasing property, acquiring shares, taking on a duty.

Legal Implications

May have legal responsibilities until transfer is complete.
Assumes responsibilities or rights once transfer is complete.

Compare with Definitions


An individual or entity that relinquishes ownership or rights.
The transferor handed over the property deeds to the new owner.


An individual or entity that gains or acquires ownership or rights.
The transferee took possession of the apartment after completing the payment.


The party in a transaction who gives or sells something.
In the stock exchange, the transferor sold his shares to a willing buyer.


The party in a transaction who receives or buys something.
The transferee, eager to expand his portfolio, acquired more company stocks.


The originator of a transfer in legal or business contexts.
The transferor ensured all legal formalities were completed before the sale.


(Law) One to whom a conveyance of title or property is made.


Someone who passes on duties or responsibilities.
As a transferor, he ensured that the tasks were seamlessly passed to his successor.


The beneficiary in a legal or business transfer.
The transferee carefully reviewed the contract before accepting the transfer.


A person or body who shifts something from their possession to another's.
The transferor of the vehicle made sure to provide all necessary documents.


A person who is transferred.


Someone who transfers his property to another.


(legal) A person to whom title or ownership is conveyed.


A person who makes a transfer or conveyance of property
The transferor will have to pay transfer charges


The person to whom a transfer in made.


One who conveys a title or property.


(law) someone to whom a title or property is conveyed


(law) someone who conveys a title or property to another


Someone who transfers or is transferred from one position to another;
The best student was a transfer from LSU


One who is transferred.


Someone who takes on new duties or responsibilities.
The new department head, as the transferee, was briefed on his roles.


A person or body who receives something into their possession.
The transferee of the artwork was thrilled to add it to her collection.

Common Curiosities

: What role does a transferor play in a transaction?

A transferor gives or transfers rights, properties, or obligations in a transaction.

Is the transferee the seller or the buyer?

The transferee is typically the buyer or the recipient in a transaction.

Can a company be a transferee?

Yes, both individuals and entities, including companies, can act as transferees.

Who assumes responsibilities or rights once a transfer is complete?

The transferee assumes responsibilities or rights after the transfer is complete.

Are these terms used internationally?

Yes, while they might be translated, the concepts of transferor and transferee are recognized in international business and law.

Can the roles of transferor and transferee change in a continuing transaction?

Yes, in multi-step transactions, a party can start as a transferee and later become a transferor.

Is the transferor always the one initiating the transfer?

Typically, the transferor initiates or agrees to the transfer, relinquishing their rights or property.

Do transferor and transferee only pertain to physical properties?

No, they can refer to physical properties, rights, shares, responsibilities, or any transferable item or concept.

In what contexts might we come across the term "transferor"?

The term "transferor" can be found in contexts like property sales, business transactions, and legal documents.

Are these terms interchangeable?

No, a transferor gives, and a transferee receives; they represent opposite roles in a transaction.

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