Thermopile vs. Bolometer

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Main Difference

The main difference between Thermopile and Bolometer is that the Thermopile is a device that converts thermal energy into electrical energy and Bolometer is a device for measuring the power of incident electromagnetic radiation via the heating of a material with a temperature-dependent electrical resistance

  • Thermopile (noun)

    An electronic device that converts thermal energy into electrical energy. Usually constructed using a series-combination of thermocouples.

  • Bolometer (noun)

    A sensitive device for detecting and measuring the energy of electromagnetic radiation.

Oxford Dictionary
  • Thermopile (noun)

    An instrument of extreme sensibility, used to determine slight differences and degrees of heat. It is composed of alternate bars of antimony and bismuth, or any two metals having different capacities for the conduction of heat, connected with an astatic galvanometer, which is very sensibly affected by the electric current induced in the system of bars when exposed even to the feeblest degrees of heat.

  • Bolometer (noun)

    An instrument for measuring minute quantities of radiant heat, especially in different parts of the spectrum; - called also actinic balance, thermic balance.

Webster Dictionary
  • Thermopile (noun)

    a kind of thermometer for measuring heat radiation; consists of several thermocouple junctions in series

  • Bolometer (noun)

    an instrument that measures heat radiation; extremely sensitive

Princeton's WordNet

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