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Steakhouse vs. Chophouse — What's the Difference?

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A steakhouse specializes in serving various steak cuts, while a chophouse offers a broader menu including chops like pork and lamb.
Steakhouse vs. Chophouse — What's the Difference?

Difference Between Steakhouse and Chophouse


Key Differences

Steakhouses are restaurants dedicated primarily to steak, focusing on different cuts of beef like sirloin, ribeye, and filet mignon. On the other hand, a chophouse, while similar in many ways, traditionally offers a wider variety of meats, including steaks and chops such as pork, lamb, and veal.
Steakhouses often emphasize the quality of their beef, sourcing premium grades and aging methods to enhance flavor and tenderness. Whereas chophouses might also highlight the preparation and seasoning of various types of chops, not limiting themselves to beef.
The ambiance in steakhouses is typically upscale, aiming to offer a refined dining experience that complements their high-end beef selections. In contrast, chophouses can vary more widely in atmosphere, ranging from casual to formal, depending on the establishment.
While both types of restaurants may offer similar side dishes and alcoholic beverages, a steakhouse is more likely to have a menu crafted specifically to pair with beef.

Comparison Chart

Main Offerings

Various cuts of beef
Variety of meats including beef, pork, and lamb


Quality and types of beef
Variety and preparation of meats

Menu Variety

Primarily steaks
Steaks and chops


Typically upscale and refined
Varies from casual to formal

Side Dishes

Crafted to complement beef
May be more varied to match different meats

Compare with Definitions


A restaurant specializing in serving various cuts of beef.
We celebrated at a steakhouse known for its dry-aged ribeye.


May offer a broader range of meat preparations.
The chophouse had different seasoning options for each type of chop.


Ambiance aimed at a luxurious dining experience.
The steakhouse had leather booths and dim lighting for an elegant atmosphere.


A restaurant offering a variety of meat dishes, including chops.
The chophouse menu featured lamb chops and veal cutlets.


Menu primarily features steak and beef-related dishes.
The steakhouse menu offers a wide range of steak options.


Menu may include diverse side dishes to suit various meats.
The chophouse offered roasted root vegetables and creamy polenta as sides.


Typically offers a selection of fine wines to pair with steaks.
The steakhouse had an extensive wine list to complement its dishes.


Serves both steaks and other types of meat chops.
In addition to beef, the chophouse also served spiced pork chops.


Often focuses on high-quality, premium beef.
The steakhouse prides itself on sourcing grass-fed beef.


Atmosphere can range from traditional to contemporary.
The downtown chophouse had a modern feel with an open kitchen.


A steakhouse, steak house, or chophouse refers to a restaurant that specializes in steaks and chops, found mainly in North America. Modern steakhouses may also carry other cuts of meat including poultry, roast prime rib, and veal, as well as fish and other seafood.


A restaurant that specializes in serving steaks and chops of meat.


A restaurant that specializes in beefsteak dishes.


An inexpensive restaurant that specializes in chops or steaks; a steakhouse.


A restaurant that specializes in good cuts of meat, particularly steak.


(Nigeria) Any restaurant.


A restaurant that specializes in steaks


A custom house in China where transit duties are levied.


A house where chops, etc., are sold; an eating house.
The freedom of a chophouse.


A customhouse where transit duties are levied.


A restaurant that specializes in steaks

Common Curiosities

How does a chophouse differ from a steakhouse in menu offerings?

A chophouse offers a broader variety of meats, including chops like pork and lamb, alongside steaks.

Are chophouses less formal than steakhouses?

Chophouses can vary widely in formality, from casual to very formal, unlike the typically upscale steakhouse.

Can you find seafood in a steakhouse or chophouse?

Both steakhouses and chophouses might offer seafood options, though it's more of a supplementary part of the menu.

What type of dining experience can you expect at a steakhouse?

Steakhouses typically provide an upscale dining experience, often with a focus on elegance and premium service.

What is the primary focus of a steakhouse?

The primary focus of a steakhouse is on serving various high-quality cuts of beef.

Do steakhouses only serve beef?

While beef is the primary focus, many steakhouses also include other dishes like chicken, fish, and sometimes pork.

Is there a difference in the quality of meat between a steakhouse and chophouse?

Steakhouses often emphasize the quality and sourcing of beef specifically, while chophouses focus on a variety of meats.

Is there a difference in ambiance between a steakhouse and chophouse?

Yes, steakhouses are generally more uniformly upscale, while chophouses can range from casual to formal.

How important is meat quality in a chophouse?

Meat quality is important in chophouses, but they also emphasize variety and preparation techniques.

What kind of side dishes might you find in a chophouse?

Chophouses may offer a variety of side dishes designed to complement different types of meats, from vegetables to grains.

Are the wine lists different between a steakhouse and chophouse?

Steakhouses typically curate wine lists that specifically complement beef, whereas chophouses might have a more varied selection suitable for different meats.

Can vegetarians find options in steakhouses or chophouses?

Both types of restaurants usually offer some vegetarian options, though they are primarily focused on meat dishes.

What makes a chophouse unique in terms of menu?

Chophouses are unique in their inclusion of a variety of meat chops, not limited to beef, and often feature diverse cooking styles.

What is a typical dessert offering in a steakhouse?

Classic desserts like cheesecake, crème brûlée, or chocolate lava cake are common in steakhouses.

What is one way to decide between dining at a steakhouse or chophouse?

Consider whether you prefer a menu focused on premium beef cuts (steakhouse) or a variety of meats including chops (chophouse).

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