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Uncategorised vs. Uncategorized — What's the Difference?

By Maham Liaqat & Urooj Arif — Updated on April 30, 2024
Uncategorised and Uncategorized both refer to items not sorted into categories; the former is preferred in British English, while the latter is common in American English.
Uncategorised vs. Uncategorized — What's the Difference?

Difference Between Uncategorised and Uncategorized


Key Differences

Uncategorised is typically used in British English to describe items or topics that have not been placed into any specific categories. Whereas, Uncategorized is the term more frequently used in American English for the same concept. Both terms are often found in contexts like blogs, content management systems, and databases where items are yet to be assigned to predefined categories.
In terms of spelling and usage, "uncategorised" follows the British convention of using 's' instead of 'z', which is a common difference in American versus British English spellings. On the other hand, "uncategorized" conforms to American spelling norms by including a 'z', making it more common in American publications and online platforms.
When it comes to digital platforms like WordPress or content management systems, both terms are used to automatically label posts or items that haven't been assigned to a specific category by the user. While British platforms may display 'uncategorised', American systems will likely show 'uncategorized'.
In academic and organizational settings, the choice between uncategorised and uncategorized can reflect the formality and regional language practices of the institution. While a British university might use "uncategorised" in its database classifications, an American institution would use "uncategorized".
Despite the regional differences in spelling, the function and meaning of uncategorised and uncategorized remain the same across contexts. They both play a crucial role in organizing and managing content, especially in digital and archival systems where categorization is essential for navigation and retrieval.

Comparison Chart

Regional Preference

Preferred in British English
Preferred in American English


Uses 's'
Uses 'z'

Usage Contexts

Blogs, databases, content management in the UK
Blogs, databases, content management in the US

Digital Platforms

Labels items as uncategorised in British systems
Labels items as uncategorized in American systems

Academic and Organizational Use

Used in UK institutions
Used in US institutions

Compare with Definitions


Not sorted into a category.
The document remained uncategorised in the archive.


Without a specific group or class.
He submitted the report as uncategorized.


Lacking labels or tags.
Many articles on the website are still uncategorised.


Not placed in any category.
The blog post was left uncategorized.


Not classified into a predefined group.
Uncategorised expenses can complicate budget analysis.


Free from classification tags.
Uncategorized items can be hard to find.


Exempt from categorization.
The uncategorised section contains a variety of topics.


Not arranged by category.
You’ll find the file in the uncategorized folder.


Remaining without a specific classification.
Uncategorised data require careful review.


Not classified officially.
Several uncategorized photographs were included in the exhibit.


Alternative spelling of uncategorized


Not having been sorted into a category.
We have all the uncategorized error reports to go through, figure out who they go to and fix.


Not categorized or sorted


Not categorized or sorted

Common Curiosities

Why is the spelling different between uncategorised and uncategorized?

The spelling difference reflects the general American English preference for 'z' and British preference for 's'.

What does uncategorised mean?

Uncategorised refers to items not sorted into any specific categories, commonly used in British English.

What does uncategorized mean?

Uncategorized is the American English equivalent of uncategorised, meaning items not sorted into categories.

Are uncategorised and uncategorized interchangeable?

Yes, they are interchangeable in meaning but vary by regional spelling preferences.

Where would I likely see the term uncategorised used?

In British English contexts, such as UK websites, academic institutions, and publications.

Is uncategorised considered incorrect in American English?

It is not incorrect but is less common and may be marked as a spelling error by American spellcheck tools.

Where is the term uncategorized more commonly used?

In American English settings, including websites, software, and academic contexts in the USA.

Can I use uncategorized in a British English text?

It is not recommended as it may be considered a spelling error in British English contexts.

Do the terms have any differences in usage in software systems?

No, both terms function similarly in software systems but are labeled according to the regional language setting.

What impact does categorization have in digital systems?

Categorization helps in organizing content, making it easier to navigate and retrieve information in digital systems.

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