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Sneakers vs. Tennis Shoes — What's the Difference?

By Tayyaba Rehman — Published on December 1, 2023
"Sneakers" are general athletic or casual shoes, while "Tennis Shoes" are specifically designed for playing tennis. Both terms are often used interchangeably.
Sneakers vs. Tennis Shoes — What's the Difference?

Difference Between Sneakers and Tennis Shoes


Key Differences

"Sneakers" is a broad term that encompasses various types of casual or athletic footwear, whereas "Tennis Shoes" denotes footwear specifically crafted for the sport of tennis.
Both "Sneakers" and "Tennis Shoes" have rubber soles, but the latter are designed for grip on tennis courts and provide support for lateral movements.
While "Sneakers" can be worn for a myriad of activities or purely for style, "Tennis Shoes" emphasize function, ensuring stability and comfort during tennis matches.
"Sneakers" come in a variety of designs, materials, and purposes, from running to high-fashion. "Tennis Shoes," while varying in style, maintain a focus on the demands of tennis.
In casual American English, many use "Sneakers" and "Tennis Shoes" interchangeably, although doing so can overlook the specialized design of actual tennis shoes.

Comparison Chart


General athletic or casual footwear
Specifically designed for tennis


Used for multiple activities or fashion
Primarily used for tennis

Design Variety

Wide range from high-tops to slip-ons
Mostly low-cut with designs focusing on tennis functionality


Can vary but generally made of rubber
Rubber with patterns for grip on tennis courts

Common Usage in Language

General term for athletic shoes in many regions
Often used interchangeably with sneakers, especially in the Midwest

Compare with Definitions


Casual footwear suitable for various activities.
These sneakers are perfect for a day out in the city.

Tennis Shoes

Footwear specifically designed for playing tennis.
My tennis shoes provide excellent grip on the court.


Athletic shoes with a flexible rubber sole.
I bought a new pair of sneakers for my morning runs.

Tennis Shoes

Often synonymous with sneakers in casual language.
She calls all her athletic shoes tennis shoes, even her running ones.


A general term for sports footwear.
The store has a sale on sneakers this weekend.

Tennis Shoes

Shoes with a flat sole suitable for tennis courts.
Make sure to wear tennis shoes if you're playing on the clay court.


Shoes often worn for comfort or style.
Her collection of sneakers is truly impressive.

Tennis Shoes

Athletic shoes emphasizing lateral support.
These tennis shoes protect my ankles during quick movements.


Footwear with a closed upper and laced design.
He prefers wearing sneakers over formal shoes.

Tennis Shoes

Sneakers with a design catering to the requirements of tennis players.
He invested in high-quality tennis shoes for his tournament.


One who sneaks.


A shoe designed for outdoor activity, usually made of canvas with a rubber sole. Also called tennis shoe.


Plural of sneaker

Common Curiosities

Why are sneakers called so?

The term "sneakers" originated because their rubber soles are quiet, allowing one to "sneak."

Are tennis shoes only for tennis?

While designed for tennis, they can be worn for other activities, but might not provide specific benefits.

Are all sneakers suitable for tennis?

No, only tennis shoes are specifically designed for tennis.

Can tennis shoes be worn casually?

Yes, many people wear tennis shoes as regular sneakers.

Do tennis shoes offer better ankle support?

Tennis shoes provide lateral support, crucial for movements in tennis.

Which is more versatile, sneakers or tennis shoes?

Sneakers are more versatile, suitable for various activities and styles.

Can I play other sports with tennis shoes?

It's possible, but sports-specific shoes might offer better performance and safety.

How often should I replace my tennis shoes?

Depending on usage, but when they show wear, loss of grip, or decreased support.

Why do tennis shoes have flat soles?

Flat soles provide better grip and stability on tennis courts.

Are high-tops considered sneakers?

Yes, high-tops are a type of sneaker, often used for basketball or fashion.

How do I care for my tennis shoes?

Keep them clean, dry them properly if wet, and avoid using them on unsuitable surfaces.

Why are some athletic shoes not suitable for tennis?

Tennis requires specific support and sole grip, which general sneakers might lack.

Are sneakers and tennis shoes priced similarly?

Prices vary by brand and design, but specialized tennis shoes might be more expensive.

Can I wear my sneakers to a formal event?

While traditionally not formal wear, fashion-forward events might accept stylish sneakers.

What's the main feature of tennis shoes?

A design optimized for tennis, including grip, comfort, and lateral support.

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