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Cardigans vs. Sweaters — What's the Difference?

By Tayyaba Rehman — Published on December 1, 2023
Cardigans are open-front, often buttoned sweaters. Sweaters are knit garments worn for warmth, usually pullover style.
Cardigans vs. Sweaters — What's the Difference?

Difference Between Cardigans and Sweaters


Key Differences

Cardigans are distinct knitwear that typically come with an open front, which can be buttoned or zipped. Sweaters, on the other hand, are a broader category of knit garments designed to provide warmth and are often pullover in style.
When considering functionality, Cardigans offer the flexibility of adjustment. One can easily button up or leave it open based on the weather or style preference. Sweaters, especially pullovers, do not provide this adaptability since they are a single piece without an open front.
In the realm of fashion, Cardigans are versatile, often used for layering, and can be paired with various outfits, adding a touch of sophistication or casual flair. Sweaters, however, stand as a statement on their own and act as the main attire when worn.
Aesthetically, Cardigans can come in various designs, from the classic buttoned to modern asymmetric styles with belts or zippers. Sweaters encompass a vast range of designs from turtlenecks to crewnecks and can be plain or patterned.
While both Cardigans and Sweaters serve to provide warmth, their design elements, functionality, and style attributes make them unique in the wide spectrum of knitwear.

Comparison Chart

Front Design

Open, often with buttons or zippers
Closed, typically pullover


Used for layering
Standalone garment


Can be buttoned/unbuttoned or zipped/unzipped
No open front

Common Styles

Buttoned, belted, zipped, draped
Turtleneck, crewneck, v-neck

Main Purpose

Provides warmth and can be used for fashion layering
Primarily for warmth

Compare with Definitions


Cardigans are knit garments with an open front.
She wore a blue Cardigans over her white tee.


Sweaters are knit garments designed for warmth.
As winter approached, he bought several Sweaters.


Cardigans often come with buttons or zippers for closure.
The intricate buttons on the Cardigans caught my attention.


Sweaters are usually heavier than regular shirts and tops.
She preferred light Sweaters for the fall season.


Cardigans can be draped, belted, or asymmetric in style.
The draped Cardigans looked elegant on her.


Sweaters can have various neck designs like crewneck, v-neck, or turtleneck.
Turtleneck Sweaters were her go-to for extremely cold days.


Cardigans are versatile pieces used for layering in fashion.
For the chilly evening, a light Cardigans was the perfect choice.


Sweaters can be pullover style or cardigan type.
Most of her Sweaters were pullovers with interesting patterns.


Cardigans are a subtype of sweaters with distinct features.
Among all her sweaters, Cardigans were her favorite for their flexibility.


Sweaters can be made of wool, cotton, or synthetic materials.
His collection included both woolen and cotton Sweaters.


A knitted garment, such as a sweater or jacket, that opens down the full length of the front.


A garment for the upper body of wool, cotton, or synthetic yarn, typically knitted, having long sleeves, and worn in cold weather.


Plural of cardigan


One that sweats, especially profusely.


Something that induces sweating; a sudorific.


Plural of sweater


Infl of sweater

Common Curiosities

Do all Cardigans come with buttons?

No, while many Cardigans have buttons, some come with zippers or no closure.

Are Sweaters only for winter?

No, Sweaters can be worn in various seasons depending on their material and thickness.

Which is more versatile, Cardigans or Sweaters?

Cardigans are often considered more versatile due to their open front and layering capability.

Are Cardigans suitable for formal occasions?

Yes, some Cardigans are designed in a way that they can be worn on formal occasions.

Can Cardigans be considered Sweaters?

Yes, Cardigans are a subtype of Sweaters with specific features.

Can men wear Cardigans?

Absolutely! Cardigans are versatile and can be worn by both men and women.

How do I choose between Cardigans and Sweaters?

It depends on your style preference, desired warmth, and functionality.

How should I store my Sweaters?

Sweaters should be stored flat to retain their shape, preferably in a cool, dry place.

What's the primary difference between Cardigans and Sweaters?

Cardigans have an open front, often with buttons, while Sweaters are usually pullovers.

Are Sweaters always made of wool?

No, Sweaters can be made of wool, cotton, synthetic materials, and more.

Can Sweaters shrink after washing?

Yes, especially woolen Sweaters can shrink if not washed according to care instructions.

Do Cardigans only come in knit patterns?

While Cardigans are commonly knit, they can come in various patterns and materials.

Which is warmer, Cardigans or Sweaters?

It depends on the material and design, but generally, thick Sweaters provide more warmth.

Can Cardigans be worn in summer?

Lightweight Cardigans can be worn in summer for style or against chilly breezes.

Are Cardigans lighter than Sweaters?

Not necessarily. The weight depends on the material and design.

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