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Slazenger Logo vs. Puma Logo — What's the Difference?

By Tayyaba Rehman — Published on January 17, 2024
The Slazenger logo features a panther, symbolizing agility and strength, while the Puma logo depicts a leaping puma, representing speed and power.
Slazenger Logo vs. Puma Logo — What's the Difference?

Difference Between Slazenger Logo and Puma Logo


Key Differences

The Slazenger logo, often referred to as the "panther logo," represents a panther in a passive, poised stance, reflecting the brand's heritage and association with traditional sports. The Puma logo, in contrast, showcases a dynamic puma mid-leap, embodying energy and athleticism, aligning with the brand's focus on high-performance sportswear.
Slazenger's logo design is simple yet iconic, capturing the essence of the brand's long-standing history in sports such as tennis and cricket. Puma’s logo, with its striking depiction of movement, appeals to a younger, more dynamic audience interested in a variety of sports and active lifestyles.
The color scheme of the Slazenger logo is typically monochromatic, emphasizing elegance and timelessness. Puma's logo often appears in bold colors, aligning with the brand’s modern and vibrant image.
Slazenger’s panther is usually depicted in a side profile, conveying stability and reliability. The Puma logo, with the animal leaping to the right, represents forward motion and continuous progress.
While the Slazenger logo tends to be associated with classic sports equipment and apparel, Puma's logo is more versatile, appearing on a wide range of products from casual wear to high-performance athletic gear.

Comparison Chart

Animal Depiction

Panther in a poised stance
Puma in a dynamic leaping pose

Brand Association

Traditional sports like tennis and cricket
Diverse sports and modern active lifestyle

Color Scheme

Typically monochromatic
Often bold and vibrant


Stability, heritage, elegance
Energy, athleticism, progress

Product Range

Classic sports equipment and apparel
Wide range from casual to performance gear

Compare with Definitions

Slazenger Logo

Monochromatic design
The Slazenger logo's simple black design stands out.

Puma Logo

Bold colors
The vibrant Puma logo on my jacket is eye-catching.

Slazenger Logo

Heritage emblem
The Slazenger logo represents the brand’s long-standing sports heritage.

Puma Logo

Leaping puma symbol
The Puma logo on my shoes represents speed and agility.

Slazenger Logo

Panther symbol
The Slazenger logo on my tennis racket is a mark of quality.

Puma Logo

Progress and forward motion
Wearing the Puma logo makes me feel part of a forward-moving culture.

Slazenger Logo

Traditional sports icon
The cricket bats with the Slazenger logo are renowned worldwide.

Puma Logo

Dynamic sports icon
Puma's logo on athletic gear is synonymous with high performance.

Slazenger Logo

Stability and reliability
The Slazenger logo on my golf clubs symbolizes enduring quality.

Puma Logo

Modern and energetic
The Puma logo embodies the brand’s energetic spirit.

Common Curiosities

What is the significance of the Puma logo?

The Puma logo embodies speed, power, and a commitment to modern athleticism.

Are both logos used in professional sports?

Yes, both Slazenger and Puma are widely recognized in various professional sports.

Which logo has a longer history?

The Slazenger logo, associated with a brand established in the 19th century, has a longer history.

Is the Slazenger logo always black and white?

Typically, yes, reflecting the brand’s classic and elegant image.

Can the Puma logo be found on casual wear?

Yes, the Puma logo is featured on a range of products, including casual wear.

Which logo is more associated with traditional sports?

The Slazenger logo is more closely associated with traditional sports like tennis and cricket.

What does the Slazenger logo represent?

The Slazenger logo symbolizes agility, strength, and the brand's rich sporting heritage.

Does the Puma logo represent the brand’s focus on innovation?

Yes, the dynamic nature of the Puma logo aligns with the brand's focus on innovation and modern design.

Do both brands offer athletic footwear?

Yes, both Slazenger and Puma offer a range of athletic footwear.

Does the Puma logo vary in color?

Yes, the Puma logo can appear in various colors depending on the product and style.

What kind of image does the Slazenger logo project?

It projects an image of tradition, quality, and elegance in sports.

Is the Slazenger logo seen as a symbol of stability?

Yes, the Slazenger logo conveys stability and reliability, key qualities of the brand.

Are Slazenger products primarily for athletes?

Slazenger caters to both professional athletes and sports enthusiasts.

Is the Puma logo recognized globally?

Yes, the Puma logo is globally recognized across diverse demographics.

Has the Puma logo changed over the years?

The Puma logo has evolved, but the iconic leaping puma has remained a constant symbol of the brand.

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