Saviour vs. Savior - What's the difference?

Saviour vs. Savior


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1. Noun


1. Noun

saviour (plural saviours)

  1. Britain and Canada spelling of savior

2. Anagrams

  • various


1. Alternative forms

  • saviour (UK)

2. Etymology

First attested in 1300. From Middle English saviour, from Old French sauveour, from Late Latin salvātor, from salvāre.

3. Pronunciation

  • Rhymes: -eɪviə(ɹ)

4. Noun

savior (plural saviors)

  1. (US) A person who saves someone, rescues another from harm.
  2. (US, medicine) A child who is born to provide an organ or cell transplant to a sibling who has an otherwise fatal disease (used in combination, with "sibling", "baby", "child", "brother", "sister", etc.)

4.1. Derived terms

  • saviouress
  • saviourhood
  • saviourship
  • El Salvador
  • Salvador
  • Salvatore

5. See also

  • Savior, Saviour

6. Anagrams

  • Arviso

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