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Realist vs. Realest — What's the Difference?

By Maham Liaqat & Fiza Rafique — Updated on March 6, 2024
Realist focuses on practicality and viewing situations as they are, without idealization. Realest, often slang, emphasizes being the most genuine or authentic version of something or someone.
Realist vs. Realest — What's the Difference?

Difference Between Realist and Realest


Key Differences

Realist individuals or perspectives prioritize practical and pragmatic approaches to life, emphasizing the importance of dealing with situations based on their actual state. They tend to assess the world and its challenges with a focus on factual and practical considerations, steering clear of idealized or overly optimistic viewpoints. On the other hand, the term "realest" is frequently used in informal contexts or slang to describe someone or something as being the most genuine, authentic, or true to their nature. It’s often associated with integrity and authenticity in personal expression or artistic endeavors.
While realists are often associated with a certain philosophical or psychological outlook that emphasizes the acceptance of the world as it is, including its limitations and the need to make decisions based on this reality, the concept of being the "realest" goes beyond mere acceptance of reality. It involves a commitment to authenticity and truthfulness in one's actions and expressions, often in defiance of societal norms or expectations.
In literature and art, a realist approach is characterized by the detailed, unembellished depiction of everyday life and its practicalities, avoiding romanticization. This approach aims to represent subjects truthfully, without artificiality. Conversely, works or individuals described as the "realest" might focus on the raw, unfiltered expression of human emotions or situations, prioritizing honesty and genuine representation over adherence to traditional or classical standards.
The adoption of a realist perspective can influence decision-making processes, encouraging choices that are grounded in practicality and feasibility rather than wishful thinking. This often results in more achievable outcomes and solutions that are firmly rooted in the realities of a situation. In contrast, being the "realest" in a given context might involve making choices that are true to one’s self or to the core truth of a situation, even if those choices go against conventional wisdom or practical considerations.
Realism as a philosophical and artistic movement has had a significant impact on various domains, including literature, painting, and social sciences, promoting an understanding of the world that is based on direct observation and experience. The emphasis on being the "realest," however, is a more contemporary phenomenon, often found in popular culture and social media, where it celebrates authenticity and individuality as paramount virtues.

Comparison Chart


Emphasizes practicality and reality.
Emphasizes utmost authenticity.


Philosophical, psychological.
Informal, slang.


Practicality, feasibility.
Authenticity, genuineness.


Accurate depiction of life.
Raw, unfiltered expression.


Based on reality, practicality.
Based on personal truth, authenticity.

Philosophical Influence

Realism in art, literature.
Contemporary values of individuality.


Formal discussions, academic.
Informal, cultural expressions.

Compare with Definitions


A person who accepts a situation as it is and is prepared to deal with it accordingly.
As a realist, she didn't expect the project to be completed without any challenges.


Emphasizing the quality of being true to one’s own personality, spirit, or character.
She's known as the realest person in her circle for her honesty.


Pertaining to the attitude or practice of accepting a situation as it is.
His realist perspective helped him navigate the complexities of the business world.


Informal for being the most genuine or authentic.
His lyrics are considered the realest in the music industry.


Someone who advocates or adheres to realism in political policy.
As a political realist, he focuses on practical and achievable goals.


A term used in popular culture to denote authenticity and sincerity.
The documentary was praised for its realest portrayal of urban life.


A person who accepts the world as it literally is and deals with it accordingly


Associating with being genuine and not compromising on one’s values.
In a world full of pretense, being the realest is a rare virtue.


Relating to realism in arts or philosophy, which aims to represent subject matter truthfully.
The novel's realist narrative captures the essence of urban life.


Reflecting a commitment to truthfulness and authenticity in one's actions or expressions.
His speech was powerful because it was the realest expression of his experiences.


Believing that decisions and actions should be based on practical rather than idealistic considerations.
Her realist approach to budgeting saved the company during the recession.


One who believes in seeing things the way they really are, as opposed to how they would like them to be.


A person who avoids unrealistic or impractical beliefs or efforts. Contrasted to idealist or visionary.


One who is inclined to literal truth and pragmatism.


One who believes in realism; esp., one who maintains that generals, or the terms used to denote the genera and species of things, represent real existences, and are not mere names, as maintained by the nominalists.

Common Curiosities

How is the term "realest" commonly used?

The term "realest" is commonly used in informal contexts to describe someone or something as being the most genuine or authentic, often in relation to personal expression or artistic integrity.

Can a person be both a realist and the realest?

Yes, a person can be both a realist in their approach to situations, emphasizing practicality, and the realest in terms of maintaining authenticity and integrity in their personal or artistic expressions.

Do realists avoid taking risks?

Not necessarily; realists may take calculated risks based on realistic assessments of situations and potential outcomes, rather than on overly optimistic or idealistic expectations.

What does being a realist mean?

Being a realist means recognizing and accepting the reality of situations without idealizing them, focusing on practical and feasible solutions.

Are realist viewpoints pessimistic?

Realist viewpoints are not inherently pessimistic; they aim to see situations clearly and objectively, which includes recognizing both positive and negative aspects.

How is realism portrayed in literature and art?

In literature and art, realism is portrayed through detailed, unembellished depiction of everyday life, focusing on truthful representation without idealization.

How do realists view challenges and obstacles?

Realists view challenges and obstacles as inherent parts of life to be addressed with practical solutions and realistic expectations.

Why is being the "realest" valued in popular culture?

Being the "realest" is valued in popular culture for its association with authenticity, honesty, and integrity, qualities that are often seen as refreshing and genuine in contrast to superficiality.

How does a realist perspective influence decision-making?

A realist perspective influences decision-making by prioritizing practicality, feasibility, and the realistic assessment of situations, leading to more grounded and achievable outcomes.

What makes someone the "realest" in their field or among peers?

Someone may be considered the "realest" in their field or among peers for their unwavering commitment to authenticity, honesty, and integrity in their work or personal interactions.

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