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Polo Ralph Lauren vs. U.S. Polo Association — What's the Difference?

By Maham Liaqat & Urooj Arif — Published on March 3, 2024
Polo Ralph Lauren is a premium fashion brand known for its sophisticated style, while U.S. Polo Association represents the official brand of the United States Polo Association, focusing on affordable casual wear with a sporty edge.
Polo Ralph Lauren vs. U.S. Polo Association — What's the Difference?

Difference Between Polo Ralph Lauren and U.S. Polo Association


Key Differences

Polo Ralph Lauren, established by designer Ralph Lauren, is a symbol of luxury and high-end fashion, renowned for its classic American style, quality craftsmanship, and iconic polo player logo. It caters to a market seeking upscale apparel, accessories, and fragrances, and is associated with an aspirational lifestyle. Its product lines extend from formalwear to casual and sportswear, maintaining a distinctive sophisticated aesthetic.
The U.S. Polo Association, on the other hand, is the official brand of the United States Polo Association (USPA), the governing body of the sport of polo in the United States. It offers a range of more accessible, sport-inspired apparel and accessories that reflect the active, dynamic nature of polo. While it also features a polo player logo, its designs are generally more casual and sporty, aimed at a broader audience seeking a connection to the sport of polo without the premium price tag of luxury brands.
The primary distinction lies in the brands' positioning: Polo Ralph Lauren represents luxury and exclusivity, often commanding higher prices due to its brand prestige and quality. In contrast, U.S. Polo Association emphasizes its sporty heritage and offers a more affordable range of products, making it accessible to a wider audience.
Both brands utilize the imagery and terminology of polo, whereas their target markets, product offerings, and brand messages differ significantly. Polo Ralph Lauren focuses on crafting an image of timeless elegance and refined lifestyle, whereas U.S. Polo Association aligns itself closely with the sport's heritage and accessibility.
The confusion between the two often arises due to the similar use of polo terminology and logos, but the brands' affiliations, market positioning, and product lines reveal clear distinctions. Consumers choose between them based on their personal preferences for style, brand identity, and price point, with each brand catering to different segments of the fashion market.

Comparison Chart

Brand Identity

Luxury fashion brand with a sophisticated style
Official brand of the USPA with a sporty edge

Target Market

Upscale consumers seeking premium apparel
Broader audience looking for affordable, casual wear

Product Offerings

Wide range, including formalwear, casualwear, and accessories
Primarily casual and sport-inspired apparel and accessories

Price Point

Higher, reflecting brand prestige and quality
More affordable, reflecting its accessibility

Brand Image

Associated with luxury, exclusivity, and an aspirational lifestyle
Emphasizes connection to the sport of polo and active lifestyle


Iconic polo player
Polo player, often seen as more explicitly sporty

Market Positioning

High-end fashion and lifestyle brand
Accessible, sport-inspired lifestyle brand

Compare with Definitions

Polo Ralph Lauren

Associated with an aspirational lifestyle.
Wearing Polo Ralph Lauren symbolizes a status of sophistication and success.

U.S. Polo Association

Features a sporty polo player logo.
The polo player logo on her cap was a nod to the U.S. Polo Association's heritage.

Polo Ralph Lauren

Represents exclusivity and refined taste.
The Polo Ralph Lauren collection at the gala showcased the brand's exclusivity.

U.S. Polo Association

Accessible fashion with a sporty edge.
The U.S. Polo Association offers sporty chic accessible to all.

Polo Ralph Lauren

Known for its iconic polo player logo.
The polo player logo on his shirt was unmistakably Polo Ralph Lauren.

U.S. Polo Association

Emphasizes a connection to the sport of polo.
Wearing U.S. Polo Association apparel connects you to the dynamic world of polo.

Polo Ralph Lauren

A luxury fashion brand known for its classic American aesthetic.
The Polo Ralph Lauren blazer exuded timeless elegance at the event.

U.S. Polo Association

The official brand of the United States Polo Association.
His U.S. Polo Association shirt highlighted his love for the sport.

Polo Ralph Lauren

Offers high-end apparel and accessories.
Her Polo Ralph Lauren handbag was the epitome of luxury craftsmanship.

U.S. Polo Association

Offers affordable, sport-inspired casual wear.
The U.S. Polo Association tracksuit was perfect for her casual weekend outing.

Common Curiosities

Can U.S. Polo Association products be considered luxury items?

U.S. Polo Association products are more focused on affordability and sporty style, and are not typically categorized as luxury.

Why do both brands use a polo player in their logos?

Both brands draw inspiration from the sport of polo, which is associated with a certain prestige and lifestyle, though their affiliations and brand messages differ.

Is there a significant price difference between the two brands?

Yes, Polo Ralph Lauren generally commands higher prices due to its luxury positioning, while U.S. Polo Association offers more affordable options.

Is Polo Ralph Lauren associated with the sport of polo?

While Polo Ralph Lauren draws inspiration from the style and elegance of the sport, it is not officially affiliated with the sport's governing bodies.

Do both brands offer products for the same target audience?

While there might be some overlap, Polo Ralph Lauren targets a more upscale market, whereas U.S. Polo Association appeals to a broader audience seeking casual, sporty apparel.

How do the styles of the two brands differ?

Polo Ralph Lauren often features more sophisticated, timeless designs, while U.S. Polo Association leans towards a more casual, sporty aesthetic.

Can wearing U.S. Polo Association products imply an affiliation with the sport of polo?

Wearing U.S. Polo Association can reflect an appreciation for the sport, but it doesn't imply official participation or endorsement.

Are the products of these brands available worldwide?

Both brands have a global presence, but Polo Ralph Lauren's distribution might be more selective in line with its luxury image.

Is it common for consumers to confuse the two brands?

Yes, due to the similar naming and use of polo imagery, consumers may confuse the two, but they cater to different market segments with distinct brand identities.

How important is brand recognition in differentiating these brands?

Brand recognition plays a significant role, as Polo Ralph Lauren is widely recognized as a luxury brand, while U.S. Polo Association is known for its sporty, accessible apparel.

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