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Barber vs. Stylist — What's the Difference?

By Maham Liaqat & Urooj Arif — Published on March 3, 2024
A barber specializes in cutting, styling, and grooming men's hair and facial hair, often providing shaves. A stylist, or hairdresser, focuses on cutting, coloring, and styling hair for any gender, often with a broader focus on fashion and aesthetics.
Barber vs. Stylist — What's the Difference?

Difference Between Barber and Stylist


Key Differences

Barbers are professionals trained specifically in the art of men's grooming, including haircutting, facial hair trimming, and offering services like shaves. Their establishments, known as barber shops, traditionally cater to male clients, providing a space not only for grooming but also for social interaction.
Stylists, or hairdressers, on the other hand, are educated in a wide range of hair services, including cutting, coloring, and styling for clients regardless of gender. Salons, where stylists typically work, offer a broader spectrum of hair and beauty services and cater to a more diverse clientele.
The training for barbers and stylists differs, with barbers focusing on techniques specific to men's grooming, including the use of clippers and straight razors, while stylists receive a broader education that includes color theory, chemical hair treatments, and a variety of cutting and styling techniques for different hair types. This difference in training reflects the services offered; barbers may provide more traditional cuts and shaves, whereas stylists may offer more trend-focused and customizable services.
In terms of the atmosphere and client experience, barber shops often have a more masculine vibe, with a focus on traditional grooming in a relaxed environment. Salons offer a wider range of beauty services in an environment that can range from casual to luxurious, often emphasizing personal pampering and fashion-forward styling.
There is some overlap in the services barbers and stylists provide, but their tools and techniques can differ. Barbers are adept at using clippers for shorter, more precise cuts and are skilled in facial hair grooming. Stylists are more likely to use scissors for haircuts, focusing on layers, textures, and styling, and they are proficient in color and chemical treatments.
The choice between a barber and a stylist may come down to personal preference, the type of service needed, and the desired salon or shop atmosphere. Those looking for a classic cut, shave, or beard trim may prefer a barber, while individuals seeking a specific hair color, style, or more comprehensive hair care might opt for a stylist.

Comparison Chart


Men’s haircuts, facial hair, shaves
Haircuts, coloring, styling for all genders


Haircuts, shaves, beard trims
Cutting, coloring, chemical treatments


Men’s grooming, clipper and razor skills
Broad, includes color, cuts, styling


Masculine, traditional
Diverse, can range from casual to luxurious


Clippers, straight razors
Scissors, coloring tools

Compare with Definitions


A professional specializing in men's haircuts and grooming.
The barber gave him a traditional shave and a haircut.


Utilizes a variety of tools for hair care, including scissors and dyes.
The stylist used foils and dye for highlights.


Often works in a barber shop, a space for male grooming.
His local barber shop is a hub for community and conversation.


Works in salons that provide diverse beauty services.
The salon where the stylist works offers everything from haircuts to manicures.


Provides a masculine environment for grooming.
The barber shop offered a classic, masculine atmosphere.


A hair professional skilled in cutting, coloring, and styling.
The stylist transformed her look with a new color and cut.


Focuses on traditional styles and facial hair management.
Barbers are experts in crafting and maintaining beards.


Trained in a wide range of hair services for all genders.
Stylists offer trendy cuts and custom hair treatments.


Uses tools like clippers and straight razors.
The barber used a straight razor for a close shave.


Focuses on fashion-forward and customizable hair solutions.
Her stylist is always informed about the latest hair trends.


One whose business is to cut hair, usually of men and boys, and shave or trim beards.


A designer of or consultant on styles in decorating, dress, or beauty.


To cut (the hair of someone).


A hairdresser.


To shave or trim (the beard of someone).


An artist who has a particular distinctive style.


A person whose profession is cutting (usually male) customers' hair and beards.


One who is a master or a model of style, especially in writing or speaking; a critic of style.
Distinguished as a stylist, for ease.


To cut the hair or beard of (a person).


An artist who is a master of a particular style


One whose occupation it is to shave or trim the beard, and to cut and dress the hair of his patrons.


Someone who cuts or beautifies hair


To shave and dress the beard or hair of.


A hairdresser who cuts hair and shaves beards as a trade

Common Curiosities

Can a barber provide hair coloring services?

While some barbers may offer basic coloring services, stylists are generally more trained and equipped for comprehensive color and chemical treatments.

Do stylists offer beard trims?

Some stylists are skilled in beard trims, but barbers are typically more experienced with facial hair grooming.

Is the training for barbers and stylists very different?

Yes, barber training focuses more on men’s grooming, including the use of clippers and razors, while stylist training covers a broader range of hair services, including coloring and chemical treatments.

Can a woman go to a barber?

Yes, women can go to a barber, especially if they prefer shorter hairstyles or specific cuts that barbers specialize in.

Do barbers offer hair washing services?

Some barbers do offer hair washing as part of the grooming experience, but it's more commonly a service associated with stylists.

Should I choose a barber or a stylist for a trendy haircut?

If you’re seeking a trendy haircut that may involve complex styling or coloring, a stylist might be more equipped to meet your needs.

Can I request a specific barber or stylist when booking an appointment?

Yes, most establishments allow you to request a specific professional if you have a preference, based on their expertise and your personal rapport with them.

Can barbers and stylists work in the same place?

Yes, many modern grooming establishments combine barber and stylist services, catering to a wide range of grooming needs under one roof.

Are stylist services available for men as well?

Absolutely, stylist services are not gender-specific and are available for men, offering haircuts, coloring, and styling suited to individual tastes and trends.

What should I do if I'm unhappy with my haircut or service?

Communicate your concerns politely but clearly to the barber or stylist. Many are willing to make adjustments or offer solutions to ensure your satisfaction.

What's the main difference between a barber and a stylist?

The main difference lies in their focus; barbers specialize in men’s grooming, while stylists offer a wide range of hair services for all genders.

Are barber services cheaper than stylist services?

The cost can vary depending on the location and the complexity of the service, but barber services are often perceived as more budget-friendly due to the nature of the services provided.

What kind of training do barbers receive?

Barbers receive specialized training in men's grooming, including haircutting techniques with clippers and razors, facial hair maintenance, and sometimes, non-chemical hair treatments.

How often should I visit a barber or stylist?

The frequency depends on your hairstyle, hair growth rate, and personal preference. Some visit every 3-4 weeks for maintenance, while others may go longer.

How do I know whether to choose a barber or a stylist for my hair needs?

Consider the type of service you need: traditional men's cuts, shaves, or beard trims from a barber; or more complex hair services like coloring, extensive styling, or treatments from a stylist.

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