Noble vs. Nobel

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Oxford Dictionary
Webster Dictionary
  • Noble (noun)

    a titled peer of the realm

  • Noble (adjective)

    having high moral qualities;

    "a noble spirit"

    "a solid citizen"

    "an upstanding man"

    "a worthy successor"

  • Noble (adjective)

    impressive in appearance;

    "a baronial mansion"

    "an imposing residence"

    "a noble tree"

    "severe-looking policemen sat astride noble horses"

    "stately columns"

  • Noble (adjective)

    of or belonging to or constituting the hereditary aristocracy especially as derived from feudal times;

    "of noble birth"

  • Noble (adjective)

    having or showing or indicative of high or elevated character;

    "a noble spirit"

    "noble deeds"

  • Noble (adjective)

    inert especially toward oxygen;

    "a noble gas such as helium or neon"

    "noble metals include gold and silver and platinum"

  • Nobel (noun)

    Swedish chemist remembered for his invention of dynamite and for the bequest that created the Nobel prizes (1833-1896)

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