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Nitro vs. Nitro Classic — What's the Difference?

By Tayyaba Rehman & Urooj Arif — Published on February 21, 2024
Nitro is Discord's premium subscription offering full-service enhancements including HD video, server boosts, and more, while Nitro Classic provides basic improvements like higher quality screen sharing without the server boost feature.
Nitro vs. Nitro Classic — What's the Difference?

Difference Between Nitro and Nitro Classic


Key Differences

Nitro enhances the Discord experience by offering features like HD video for streaming, larger file uploads, and server boosts, which improve server visibility and perks. Nitro Classic, targeting users who seek enhancements without the need for server boosts, offers increased upload limits and HD video, but lacks the server boosting benefits. This makes Nitro Classic a more affordable option for users focused on personal use rather than community enhancement.
The pricing structure differentiates the two, with Nitro being the more expensive option due to its additional features, especially the server boosts. Nitro Classic caters to users who prefer the core enhancements of Discord's service without the higher price tag. The decision between Nitro and Nitro Classic often comes down to the user's engagement with Discord communities and their desire for server-related perks.
Both subscriptions offer personalized user experiences, such as custom tags and animated emojis. However, Nitro's additional server boost feature enhances the overall community experience by providing benefits like better audio quality and more emoji slots to the servers of choice, which is not available with Nitro Classic.
Nitro aims to cater to users deeply involved in their Discord communities, offering tools to enhance both personal and server experiences, while Nitro Classic focuses on personal user experience enhancements. This distinction is crucial for users deciding based on their usage patterns and community involvement.

Comparison Chart

HD Video


File Upload Limit

Larger (e.g., 100MB)
Moderate (e.g., 50MB)

Server Boosts

Not included



Target User

Community-focused users
Individual users seeking basic improvements

Animated Emojis


Custom Tags


Screen Sharing Quality

Higher, but without server perks

Community Enhancement Features


Compare with Definitions


Higher pricing for more features.
I opted for Nitro to maximize my Discord experience, despite its higher cost.

Nitro Classic

Basic Discord enhancements.
Nitro Classic enhances my personal Discord use with HD screen sharing and larger file uploads.


Includes server boosts.
Using Nitro, I boosted my server, which unlocked new perks for all members.

Nitro Classic

Ideal for basic users.
As someone who uses Discord mainly for chatting and gaming with friends, Nitro Classic meets all my needs.


Premium Discord experience.
With Discord Nitro, I can upload files up to 100MB and enjoy HD video calls.

Nitro Classic

Affordable pricin.
Nitro Classic offers the key features I want from Discord without the higher price tag.


Aimed at active community members.
As a server admin, Nitro gives me the tools to improve our community's Discord server.

Nitro Classic

No server boosts included.
I chose Nitro Classic because I don't need server boosting features.


Enhances community engagement.
Nitro allows me to use animated emojis and custom tags across all servers.

Nitro Classic

Focus on individual experienc.
For personal use, Nitro Classic's benefits like custom tags and animated emojis are perfect.

Common Curiosities

Can I switch from Nitro to Nitro Classic?

Yes, users can switch their subscription from Nitro to Nitro Classic if they prefer the features and pricing of Nitro Classic.

How does Nitro Classic differ from Nitro?

Nitro Classic offers basic improvements such as higher quality screen sharing and larger file upload limits but lacks the server boost feature available in Nitro.

Who should choose Nitro Classic over Nitro?

Users who want to improve their individual Discord experience without the need for server boosts should choose Nitro Classic.

What is the file upload limit with Nitro and Nitro Classic?

Nitro typically offers a larger file upload limit (e.g., 100MB) compared to Nitro Classic (e.g., 50MB).

What are server boosts and why are they important?

Server boosts improve a Discord server's visibility and unlock additional perks like better audio quality and more emoji slots, enhancing the community experience.

How does Nitro enhance the Discord community experience?

Nitro enhances the community experience by providing server boosts, which offer various perks to improve server quality and engagement.

What is Discord Nitro?

Discord Nitro is a premium subscription service on Discord that offers enhanced features like HD video, increased file upload limits, server boosts, and more.

Do both Nitro and Nitro Classic offer animated emojis?

Yes, both subscriptions allow the use of animated emojis across servers.

Is Nitro worth the extra cost?

For users actively involved in Discord communities who want to maximize their and their community's experience, Nitro's extra cost can be worth it.

Why choose Nitro Classic if it lacks server boosts?

Users who prioritize personal enhancements like better screen sharing and file uploads, without the need for community-focused features, may find Nitro Classic to be the better option.

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