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Nike Tanjun vs. Nike Revolution 5 — What's the Difference?

Edited by Tayyaba Rehman — By Maham Liaqat — Published on February 25, 2024
The Nike Tanjun and Nike Revolution 5 are two popular running shoe models from Nike. The Tanjun is renowned for its simplicity and ultra-comfortable design. The Revolution 5 is designed with more technical features which enhances running performance.
Nike Tanjun vs. Nike Revolution 5 — What's the Difference?

Difference Between Nike Tanjun and Nike Revolution 5


Key Differences

Nike Tanjun takes its name from the Japanese word for "simplicity," which perfectly describes its minimalist design. It features a breathable mesh upper for lightweight comfort, a cushioned insole, and a padded collar, making it ideal for all-day wear. Its outsole is designed for flexibility and a smooth stride, but with less emphasis on technical running features.
The Tanjun's sleek, fashionable look combined with its comfort makes it a popular choice for casual wear rather than competitive running. Nike Revolution 5 is built for runners who seek a balance between comfort and performance. It boasts a soft foam midsole that absorbs impact and a lightweight knit material for the upper, ensuring breathability and a secure fit.
The textured outer sole provides excellent traction and durability, suitable for a variety of surfaces. With more emphasis on running-specific support, such as reinforced heel and forefoot padding, the Revolution 5 is tailored for those who want a versatile running shoe that can handle both short and long distances.
Both models share Nike's commitment to quality and comfort, whereas their design intentions set them apart. The Tanjun is more suited for casual or lifestyle wear, emphasizing simplicity and style. The Revolution 5, with its performance-oriented features, is aimed at the active runner looking for a reliable, comfortable, and durable running shoe.

Comparison Chart

Design Philosophy

Simplicity and comfort for everyday wear
Balanced running shoe for comfort and performance


Breathable mesh for lightweight comfort
Lightweight knit for breathability and support


Cushioned for comfort
Soft foam for impact absorption


Flexible and smooth stride
Textured for traction and durability


Basic, for day-to-day comfort
Enhanced, for running support


Casual wear, light physical activities
Running, training, and varied physical activities


Minimalist and fashionable
Sporty and functional

Support Features

General comfort and minimal support
Reinforced heel and forefoot, designed for runners

Price Range

Generally less expensive
Slightly higher, reflecting technical features

Target Audience

Those seeking style and basic athletic functionality
Active runners looking for performance and comfort

Compare with Definitions

Nike Tanjun

Casual lifestyle choice.
The Tanjun is my go-to shoe for everyday comfort and style.

Nike Revolution 5

Focus on performance.
With its soft foam midsole, the Revolution 5 absorbs the impact of each stride, protecting my joints.

Nike Tanjun

The epitome of simplicity.
The Nike Tanjun offers a minimalist design that complements any casual outfit.

Nike Revolution 5

A runner's ally.
The Revolution 5 supports my feet whether I'm sprinting or on a long-distance run.

Nike Tanjun

Designed for comfort.
Wearing the Tanjun feels like walking on clouds, perfect for day-long outings.

Nike Revolution 5

Versatile and durable.
From track to trail, the Revolution 5's traction outsole keeps me grounded on any surface.

Common Curiosities

Is there a significant price difference between the Tanjun and Revolution 5?

The Revolution 5 might be slightly more expensive due to its technical features aimed at running performance, but prices can vary based on retailer and special editions.

Are both models suitable for people with wide feet?

Both models are designed to accommodate a range of foot widths, but it's always best to try them on, as the knit upper of the Revolution 5 may offer a more adaptive fit.

How do I care for these Nike shoes to ensure they last?

Both shoes should be cleaned with a mild soap and cold water, avoiding harsh chemicals. Allow them to air dry and avoid direct heat to maintain the integrity of the materials.

Which shoe offers better breathability?

Both the Nike Tanjun and Revolution 5 feature breathable uppers, but the Tanjun's mesh design is particularly focused on maximizing airflow, making it slightly more breathable for everyday wear.

Can either shoe be customized through Nike By You?

Availability for customization through Nike By You varies over time and by region. Typically, more popular or performance-oriented models like the Revolution 5 may be offered for customization.

Which shoe is better for long-distance running?

The Nike Revolution 5, with its enhanced cushioning and support features, is better suited for long-distance running.

Which model is preferred for standing all day?

The Nike Tanjun, with its emphasis on simplicity and comfort, is generally preferred for standing all day due to its cushioned sole and lightweight design, offering sustained comfort over long periods.

Can the Nike Tanjun be used for gym workouts?

Yes, the Tanjun can be used for light gym workouts thanks to its comfort and flexibility, but it may not offer enough support for high-intensity training.

How do the aesthetics of the Tanjun and Revolution 5 differ for casual wear?

The Tanjun's minimalist and sleek design makes it a versatile option for various casual settings, blending easily with different outfits. The Revolution 5, while also suitable for casual wear, has a more athletic look that hints at its performance capabilities.

Are there color options that suit both men and women?

Yes, both the Nike Tanjun and Revolution 5 come in a variety of colorways that cater to both men and women, offering universal appeal with neutral to vibrant options.

Which model offers better arch support for runners?

The Nike Revolution 5 provides better arch support compared to the Tanjun, catering to the needs of runners who require more structured support during their activities.

Which model is newer, and does it matter?

The Nike Revolution 5 is a more recent model compared to the Tanjun. While newer models can offer updated technologies and materials, the choice should depend on personal needs and preferences rather than solely on release date.

Are these shoes vegan-friendly?

Nike does not specifically market the Tanjun or Revolution 5 as vegan. While they may not contain traditional leather, it's important to check the specific materials used in each shoe model for those seeking vegan-friendly options.

How do the soles compare in terms of durability?

The Revolution 5's sole is designed with running and higher impact activities in mind, featuring durable rubber sections in high-wear areas for extended longevity. The Tanjun's sole is flexible and comfortable for casual wear but may not withstand the same level of wear and tear as the Revolution 5.

Is the weight of the shoe significantly different between the two models?

The Tanjun is slightly lighter due to its minimalist design and materials focused on casual wear, while the Revolution 5, with its additional performance features, is a bit heavier but still designed for comfort during runs.

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