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SunPass vs. E-Pass — What's the Difference?

By Maham Liaqat & Fiza Rafique — Published on February 25, 2024
SunPass is Florida's prepaid toll program, widely accepted on state toll roads, while E-Pass offers similar services but with additional discounts and local perks in Central Florida.
SunPass vs. E-Pass — What's the Difference?

Difference Between SunPass and E-Pass


Key Differences

SunPass is a prepaid toll collection system used throughout Florida, allowing drivers to pay tolls electronically without stopping. It's recognized on all toll roads and most bridges in the state, facilitating seamless travel across a vast network. This system aims to streamline toll payments, reduce traffic congestion, and provide convenience for frequent travelers.
E-Pass, operated by the Central Florida Expressway Authority, offers a similar electronic toll payment solution but is specifically designed for the Central Florida region. While E-Pass is also accepted on all Florida toll roads, it provides additional benefits such as local discounts on tolls and exclusive offers for Central Florida residents, making it an attractive option for those living or frequently traveling within the area.
Both systems utilize transponders that attach to the vehicle's windshield, automatically deducting toll charges from a prepaid account. However, E-Pass offers a wider variety of transponder options, including a portable option that can be moved between vehicles, offering flexibility for families or businesses with multiple vehicles.
SunPass is widely used and accepted in Florida and some toll roads in Georgia and North Carolina, whereas E-Pass focuses on providing value to Central Florida residents. This regional focus includes customer service centers located within Central Florida, making it easier for E-Pass users to manage their accounts in person.
Choosing between SunPass and E-Pass largely depends on where you live and travel. SunPass is ideal for those who travel broadly within Florida and beyond, while E-Pass may be more beneficial for Central Florida residents looking for additional savings and conveniences.

Comparison Chart

Geographic Coverage

All Florida toll roads and bridges, plus some roads in Georgia and North Carolina
Primarily Central Florida, but accepted on all Florida toll roads

Discounts and Perks

Standard toll rates across Florida
Local discounts and exclusive offers in Central Florida

Transponder Options

Limited variety, mainly fixed to one vehicle
Multiple options, including portable transponders

Regional Focus

Statewide in Florida and some parts of Georgia and North Carolina
Central Florida region

Account Management

Online, via app, and customer service centers
Online, via app, and localized customer service centers in Central Florida

Compare with Definitions


Offers ease of use and convenience for Florida drivers.
With SunPass, they never worried about carrying change for tolls.


Central Florida's own electronic toll collection system.
Her E-Pass offered discounts every time she drove through local toll booths.


Automatically deducts toll fees from a prepaid account.
Her SunPass account automatically reloaded funds when the balance was low.


Offers a variety of transponder options, including portable ones.
Their E-Pass portable transponder easily switched between cars in the family.


Accepted on numerous toll roads and bridges.
SunPass made her journey across various Florida toll roads seamless.


Provides local discounts and special offers for its users.
Thanks to E-Pass, he saved money on his daily commute in Orlando.


A statewide electronic toll payment system in Florida.
Using SunPass, he bypassed the toll booths, making his trip faster and more convenient.


Specifically designed to cater to the needs of Central Florida residents.
E-Pass customer service was conveniently located, making account management easy for her.


Streamlines travel and reduces congestion.
Thanks to SunPass, traffic moved smoothly through toll areas without delays.


Accepted on all Florida toll roads, with extra benefits in Central Florida.
Even though he traveled across Florida, his E-Pass was most beneficial in Central Florida.

Common Curiosities

Can I use SunPass outside of Florida?

Yes, SunPass is accepted on some toll roads in Georgia and North Carolina, in addition to all Florida toll roads.

Can I use my E-Pass in a rental car?

Yes, but you should inform the rental company and ensure the transponder is properly mounted and registered to the vehicle to avoid double charges.

Are SunPass and E-Pass interchangeable?

Yes, both SunPass and E-Pass are accepted on all Florida toll roads, but E-Pass offers additional local discounts in Central Florida.

How can I obtain an E-Pass or SunPass transponder?

Transponders can be purchased online, at customer service centers, and at select retail locations.

Can I transfer my E-Pass to another vehicle?

Yes, especially if you have a portable transponder. Make sure to update your account with the new vehicle's information.

Is there a fee to get a SunPass or E-Pass transponder?

Yes, there is a nominal fee for the transponder, but the cost and terms may vary between SunPass and E-Pass.

Are there any discounts available for frequent travelers?

E-Pass offers local discounts and promotional offers in Central Florida, while SunPass provides convenient, streamlined toll payments without specific discounts.

What happens if I drive through a toll with an insufficient balance on my SunPass or E-Pass?

You may incur additional fees, and your account could be suspended if the balance is not promptly restored.

How do I reload my SunPass or E-Pass account?

You can reload your account online, via the mobile app, or at authorized retail locations.

Are there any special programs for businesses using SunPass or E-Pass?

Both systems offer commercial accounts with features tailored to businesses that manage multiple vehicles.

What do I do if my SunPass or E-Pass transponder is lost or stolen?

Report it immediately to the respective customer service to deactivate the transponder and avoid unauthorized charges.

What should I choose if I live in Central Florida but travel statewide?

E-Pass might be the better choice due to its local discounts and the flexibility of its transponder options, but it's also compatible statewide, similar to SunPass.

How long does it take for toll transactions to appear on my account?

Transactions typically appear within 24-48 hours, but this can vary depending on the tolling agency.

How does using SunPass or E-Pass affect my travel time?

Both systems allow for quicker travel through toll points by eliminating the need to stop and pay cash, thus reducing overall travel time.

Can I manage my SunPass or E-Pass account from my phone?

Yes, both systems offer mobile apps for account management, including balance checks and reloading funds.

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