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Narrative Essay vs. Descriptive Essay — What's the Difference?

By Tayyaba Rehman — Published on November 8, 2023
A Narrative Essay tells a story with a clear sequence of events, while a Descriptive Essay paints a detailed picture of a person, place, or thing using sensory details.
Narrative Essay vs. Descriptive Essay — What's the Difference?

Difference Between Narrative Essay and Descriptive Essay


Key Differences

A Narrative Essay is fundamentally a storytelling medium. In its structure, it often begins with an introduction, sets the scene, introduces characters, presents a climax, and concludes with an ending. Contrarily, a Descriptive Essay focuses on providing a detailed account of its subject. It zeroes in on the sensory details—what something looks like, sounds like, feels like—to create a vivid mental picture.
When engaging with a Narrative Essay, readers anticipate a chronological progression. It’s about an event, an experience, or a series of events. The primary objective of a Narrative Essay is not just to inform but also to engage the reader and perhaps evoke an emotional response. Meanwhile, a Descriptive Essay dives deep into the specifics, utilizing adjectives and adverbs to accentuate the details. The intent of a Descriptive Essay is to make the reader "see" what the writer is describing.
In terms of construction, a Narrative Essay often employs dialogues, flashbacks, and sometimes even forward leaps in time. It encapsulates a plot. On the flip side, a Descriptive Essay delves into figurative language, metaphors, similes, and symbolism. It's more about painting a picture than about moving through a timeline.
The experiences of reading a Narrative Essay versus a Descriptive Essay differ. The former offers a journey through a storyline, often leaving readers with a lesson or an emotional resonance. In contrast, the latter provides a stationary, in-depth exploration of its subject, aiming to immerse the reader in rich details.
Both essays, while distinct in their approach and purpose, share the common aim of engaging the reader. The Narrative Essay captivates with its plot, while the Descriptive Essay fascinates through its vivid imagery.

Comparison Chart


To tell a story with a sequence of events.
To paint a detailed image of a subject using sensory details.


Chronological progression, might include dialogues.
Focused on details, uses figurative language, metaphors, and similes.

Engagement Style

Engages readers through plot and characters.
Engages readers through vivid descriptions and imagery.

Primary Elements

Introduction, setting, characters, climax, and conclusion.
Sensory details, adjectives, adverbs, and illustrative language.

Outcome for the Reader

Often evokes an emotional response or provides a lesson.
Offers a deep understanding and visual of the subject.

Compare with Definitions

Narrative Essay

A piece that recounts a personal experience or story.
In her Narrative Essay, she detailed her journey hiking through the Appalachian Trail.

Descriptive Essay

An essay that employs sensory details to paint a picture.
The Descriptive Essay on the carnival captured the sights, sounds, and smells brilliantly.

Narrative Essay

An essay emphasizing personal experiences and emotions.
Her Narrative Essay about the first day at school was relatable to many.

Descriptive Essay

A written account aiming to create a detailed image in the reader's mind.
Her Descriptive Essay on the old mansion made its grandeur and decay palpable.

Narrative Essay

A written account capturing a sequence of events or an event.
The Narrative Essay about the city's founding was both informative and captivating.

Descriptive Essay

An essay focusing on the intricate details and characteristics of its subject.
The Descriptive Essay on the vintage car highlighted every curve and chrome accent.

Narrative Essay

A storytelling piece often having characters, a setting, and a climax.
The Narrative Essay depicted the challenges and triumphs of the protagonist beautifully.

Descriptive Essay

A piece utilizing figurative language to describe its focus deeply.
The Descriptive Essay on winter mornings made the frosty air almost tangible.

Narrative Essay

An essay that conveys a story with a clear beginning, middle, and end.
His Narrative Essay about his grandmother's tales was deeply moving.

Descriptive Essay

A piece that delves into detailed descriptions of a subject.
His Descriptive Essay about the rainforest was so vivid, I could almost feel the humidity.

Common Curiosities

How is a Descriptive Essay different?

A Descriptive Essay provides detailed descriptions to create a vivid picture of its subject.

Can a Descriptive Essay describe abstract concepts?

Yes, it can use vivid imagery and figurative language to describe abstract ideas.

Is a Narrative Essay always in chronological order?

While often chronological, a Narrative Essay can use flashbacks or forward leaps.

Does a Narrative Essay always reflect true events?

Not necessarily; it can be based on real events or be entirely fictional.

Do Descriptive Essays always focus on positive descriptions?

No, they can describe subjects in any light, be it positive, negative, or neutral.

What is a Narrative Essay?

A Narrative Essay tells a story with a clear sequence of events.

What elements are primarily used in a Descriptive Essay?

A Descriptive Essay uses sensory details, figurative language, and illustrative descriptions.

Can a Narrative Essay include dialogues?

Yes, a Narrative Essay often employs dialogues to enhance its storytelling.

Can a Narrative Essay be written in the third person?

Yes, it can be written in the first, second, or third person, depending on the story and its intent.

What is the main aim of a Descriptive Essay?

Its primary aim is to immerse readers in rich details, making them "see" the described subject.

How detailed should a Descriptive Essay be?

It should be detailed enough to create a clear and vivid picture in the reader's mind.

Can a Descriptive Essay be subjective?

Yes, it can contain the writer's personal perceptions and emotions about the subject.

Narrative or Descriptive?

While both can evoke emotions, a Narrative Essay often leans more into emotional storytelling.

Is a climax essential for a Narrative Essay?

While not always necessary, a climax often enhances the engagement and emotional impact of a Narrative Essay.

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