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Face Primer vs. Eye Primer — What's the Difference?

By Tayyaba Rehman — Published on November 8, 2023
Face Primer is a base for foundation on the face, ensuring makeup lasts longer, while Eye Primer preps the eyelids, enhancing eyeshadow vibrancy and longevity.
Face Primer vs. Eye Primer — What's the Difference?

Difference Between Face Primer and Eye Primer


Key Differences

Face Primer vs. Eye Primer: Face Primer is typically applied over the entire face to smoothen the skin and prepare it for foundation. Eye Primer, on the other hand, is specifically designed for the eyelids, preparing them for eyeshadow application.
Understanding Face Primer and Eye Primer: Face Primer can help to minimize pores, even out skin tone, and provide a smooth canvas. Eye Primer addresses the unique challenges of the eyelid, such as its tendency to produce oils that can cause eyeshadow to crease.
Purpose of Face Primer and Eye Primer: While both types of primers enhance makeup's staying power, Face Primer can also offer hydration, sun protection, or mattifying effects. Eye Primer often has a slightly tacky texture to grab onto eyeshadow pigments, intensifying their colors.
Composition of Face Primer and Eye Primer: Face Primers might contain silicones for a smooth feel or salicylic acid for acne-prone skin. Eye Primers may be formulated with binding agents to prevent eyeshadow fallout.
Application Techniques for Face Primer and Eye Primer: Face Primer is generally applied using fingers or a brush, spread evenly on the face. Eye Primer is dabbed onto the eyelid and often blended using a fingertip.

Comparison Chart

Main Purpose

Prepare face for foundation.
Prep eyelids for eyeshadow.

Typical Ingredients

Silicones, SPF, hydrating agents.
Binding agents, tacky substances.

Application Area

Entire face.
Eyelids only.


Smoothens skin, minimizes pores, longevity.
Intensifies eyeshadow, prevents creasing, longevity.

Texture Variations

Can be matte, hydrating, or luminous.
Often slightly tacky.

Compare with Definitions

Face Primer

A product enhancing makeup's longevity on the face.
With a good face primer, her foundation resisted fading.

Eye Primer

A product intensifying eyeshadow pigments.
The eye primer made her blue eyeshadow look even more vibrant.

Face Primer

A cosmetic base applied before foundation.
She applied face primer to ensure her makeup remained flawless all day.

Eye Primer

A preparatory coat ensuring eyelid makeup's longevity.
With eye primer, her eye makeup looked fresh for hours.

Face Primer

A preparatory coat for the face's makeup application.
She always used a face primer for a smooth canvas.

Eye Primer

A cosmetic prep preventing eyelid makeup from creasing.
She used an eye primer to stop her eyeshadow from settling into lines.

Face Primer

A base layer minimizing skin imperfections pre-makeup.
Thanks to her face primer, her pores were less visible.

Eye Primer

A substance aiding in eyeshadow adherence on eyelids.
Thanks to the eye primer, there was no eyeshadow fallout.

Face Primer

A substance ensuring foundation adheres better.
Her face primer made the foundation glide seamlessly.

Eye Primer

A base for eyeshadow enhancing its vibrancy.
Her eyeshadow popped beautifully, thanks to the eye primer.

Common Curiosities

Can you use face primer on the eyelids?

While you can, it's better to use eye primer for the specific needs of eyelid skin.

Can face primer minimize the appearance of pores?

Yes, many face primers are designed to blur and minimize pores.

Can face primer help with skin hydration?

Some face primers offer hydrating benefits, but it varies by product.

Is there a color to eye primers?

Some are transparent, while others might have a neutral tint to even out eyelid color.

Why does eye primer often feel tackier than face primer?

The tackiness in eye primer helps to grab and intensify eyeshadow pigments.

Is eye primer necessary for all eyeshadow types?

It's not mandatory, but eye primer helps with the longevity and vibrancy of most eyeshadows.

How do I choose the right face primer for my skin type?

Consider your needs: mattifying for oily skin, hydrating for dry skin, or pore-minimizing for textured skin.

Can eye primer prevent mascara from smudging?

While it's primarily for eyeshadows, a good eye primer can help reduce mascara smudging by controlling eyelid oils.

Should I apply face primer before or after moisturizer?

Apply face primer after your moisturizer and sunscreen but before foundation.

Can face primer offer sun protection?

Some face primers have SPF, providing added sun protection.

Does eye primer work for glitter eyeshadows?

Yes, eye primer can help bind glitter particles, reducing fallout.

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