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Miss America vs. Miss USA — What's the Difference?

Edited by Tayyaba Rehman — By Fiza Rafique — Published on November 15, 2023
Miss America is a scholarship competition focusing on talent and community service, while Miss USA is a beauty pageant emphasizing physical appearance, with the winner competing in Miss Universe.
Miss America vs. Miss USA — What's the Difference?

Difference Between Miss America and Miss USA


Key Differences

Miss America and Miss USA are both iconic pageants with significant histories in the United States. Miss America, established in 1921, started as a "bathing beauty" competition but has evolved over the decades. It's now better recognized as a scholarship competition that emphasizes talent, academics, and community service. On the other hand, Miss USA, founded in 1952, is primarily a beauty pageant where the winner goes on to represent the U.S. in the Miss Universe competition.
The criteria and segments in both pageants are distinctive. In Miss America, participants undergo an interview, showcase a talent, and engage in on-stage questioning. Talent, in particular, is a notable segment where contestants can display a range of skills from singing to dancing to playing an instrument. Miss USA, in contrast, revolves more around physical beauty, with segments that include evening wear, swimsuit, and interview portions.
The goals and rewards of winning either title vary significantly. For Miss America, the titleholder often champions a social impact initiative or platform during her reign, making appearances to advocate for her chosen cause. Moreover, she receives scholarship money for furthering her education. The winner of Miss USA, meanwhile, gets the opportunity to compete on a global stage in the Miss Universe competition. Her year often involves public appearances, charitable endeavors, and the chance to be an ambassador for various sponsors.
From an organizational standpoint, Miss America and Miss USA are governed by separate entities. The Miss America Organization (MAO) oversees the Miss America pageant, emphasizing its role in providing scholarships to young women. Conversely, the Miss Universe Organization, owned by Endeavor Group Holdings, operates Miss USA, linking it to the broader global network of Miss Universe pageants.

Comparison Chart




Talent, academics, community service
Beauty, interview skills, overall impression

Major Segments

Talent, interview, on-stage questioning
Evening wear, swimsuit, interview

Organizational Body

Miss America Organization (MAO)
Miss Universe Organization (owned by Endeavor Group Holdings)

Subsequent Competition

None (focused on advocacy)
Winner competes in Miss Universe

Compare with Definitions

Miss America

A scholarship competition emphasizing talent, community involvement, and education.
She aimed to win Miss America to further her educational goals with the scholarship money.

Miss USA

An American pageant that serves as a precursor to the global Miss Universe competition.
Victory at Miss USA is just the beginning, with Miss Universe on the horizon.

Miss America

An event where participants champion a social cause during their reign.
The reigning Miss America focused on mental health awareness.

Miss USA

An event established in 1952, focusing on physical beauty and interview skills.
Miss USA has been a staple in American pop culture for decades.

Miss America

A competition managed by the Miss America Organization.
The Miss America Organization revamped the pageant's format in recent years.

Miss USA

A beauty pageant where the winner represents the U.S. in the Miss Universe competition.
After winning Miss USA, she began preparing for the Miss Universe pageant.

Miss America

A pageant started in 1921, evolving from a "bathing beauty" contest to a talent showcase.
Miss America has a rich history, adapting to the times since its inception.

Miss USA

A competition that includes segments like evening wear, swimsuit, and interview.
She dazzled in the evening wear segment of Miss USA.

Miss America

An iconic American tradition awarding scholarships to contestants.
Many young women view Miss America as a platform to further their education.

Miss USA

Managed by the Miss Universe Organization and owned by Endeavor Group Holdings.
The Miss Universe Organization introduced new partners for the Miss USA pageant.

Common Curiosities

Which pageant is older, Miss America or Miss USA?

Miss America is older, established in 1921, whereas Miss USA began in 1952.

Are the Miss America and Miss USA organizations related?

No, they're governed by separate entities: the Miss America Organization and the Miss Universe Organization.

Is there scholarship money associated with Miss USA?

While Miss America is known for its scholarship awards, Miss USA might offer prizes, but it's primarily a beauty pageant.

Do Miss America contestants showcase a talent?

Yes, talent is a significant segment in the Miss America competition.

What happens after one wins Miss USA?

The winner of Miss USA competes in the Miss Universe pageant.

Are the swimsuit segments present in both competitions?

As of my last update, Miss USA includes a swimsuit segment, but Miss America eliminated it.

Which pageant focuses more on community service and advocacy?

Miss America emphasizes community service, advocacy, and a social impact initiative.

Which pageant has a talent round?

Miss America has a talent round, whereas Miss USA does not.

What's the main focus of Miss USA?

Miss USA emphasizes beauty, interview skills, and overall impression.

How do the competitions benefit the winners?

Miss America winners get scholarships and advocate for a cause, while Miss USA winners compete in Miss Universe and engage in various public appearances.

What caused the inception of Miss USA?

Miss USA began when Miss America 1951, Yolande Betbeze, refused to pose in swimwear, leading Catalina Swimwear to start their pageant.

Who can participate in these pageants?

Both pageants have specific eligibility criteria, often related to age, residency, and marital status.

Who oversees Miss America?

The Miss America Organization (MAO) oversees the Miss America pageant.

Are there state-level competitions for both pageants?

Yes, both have state-level competitions that lead to the national event.

How have the pageants adapted over time?

Both have seen format changes, with Miss America notably removing its swimsuit segment, reflecting societal changes and values.

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