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Masstige vs. Prestige — What's the Difference?

By Fiza Rafique & Urooj Arif — Updated on April 5, 2024
Masstige offers quality and status at an accessible price, blending mass and prestige, whereas prestige denotes exclusivity, often with high prices and luxury appeal.
Masstige vs. Prestige — What's the Difference?

Difference Between Masstige and Prestige


Key Differences

Masstige (a blend of mass and prestige) refers to products that are designed to offer a feeling of luxury and exclusivity but at a more accessible price point than traditional luxury goods. These products are targeted at a broader audience that aspires to own high-status items without the steep price tag. Prestige, on the other hand, refers to high-end products that are typically associated with luxury, exclusivity, and often a high price. Prestige products cater to a more affluent customer base, offering top-quality materials, craftsmanship, and a sense of exclusivity due to their price and brand prestige.
While masstige products are marketed to appeal to a broad audience by offering a taste of luxury at a lower cost, prestige products emphasize their exclusivity and superiority in quality. This distinction plays a crucial role in how brands position themselves in the market and how they are perceived by consumers. Masstige brands often focus on marketing strategies that highlight luxury-like qualities at accessible prices, whereas prestige brands may limit distribution or create exclusive marketing campaigns to maintain their elite status.
In terms of accessibility, masstige products are more widely available and can be found in various retail channels, including online platforms, department stores, and sometimes mass-market retailers. Prestige products, however, are typically sold through exclusive channels such as high-end boutiques, luxury department stores, and brand-owned retail outlets. This selective distribution is part of what upholds the prestige brand's image of exclusivity and luxury.
The target audience for masstige brands includes middle to upper-middle-class consumers who desire luxury goods but are price-sensitive. These consumers are willing to pay a premium over mass-market products for the perceived value of higher quality and brand prestige. Conversely, the target audience for prestige brands includes the upper class and luxury consumers who prioritize exclusivity, craftsmanship, and brand heritage over price.
One of the key differences between masstige and prestige brands is their approach to product development and innovation. Masstige brands may quickly adopt and adapt trends from the luxury market to appeal to their target consumers, while prestige brands often focus on timeless design, heritage, and innovation within their niche, maintaining a long-term brand identity and value.

Comparison Chart

Price Point

More accessible, premium over mass-market
High, reflecting exclusivity and luxury


Broad distribution, including online and department stores
Exclusive channels, such as luxury boutiques

Target Audience

Middle to upper-middle-class consumers aspiring to luxury
Upper class and consumers prioritizing exclusivity

Product Focus

Quality and status at an accessible price
Exclusivity, craftsmanship, and brand heritage

Marketing Strategy

Highlight luxury-like qualities at accessible prices
Emphasize exclusivity and superior quality

Compare with Definitions


Products offering luxury and prestige at a more accessible price.
The skincare line was marketed as masstige, attracting consumers looking for luxury within a budget.


A marketing approach that focuses on exclusivity and luxury appeal.
The boutique hotel's prestige services cater to the most discerning travelers.


A strategy for brands to appeal to broader demographics by offering prestige-like quality.
Offering masstige products has allowed the company to tap into a wider consumer base.


High-end products known for their exclusivity and luxury.
The prestige watch brand is synonymous with opulence and craftsmanship.


A market segment blending mass-market accessibility with prestige appeal.
The fashion brand's latest collection falls into the masstige category, with high-quality materials at lower price points.


A segment that emphasizes superior quality, craftsmanship, and heritage.
Prestige cosmetics are preferred by those who seek unparalleled quality and exclusivity.


A concept that democratizes luxury for the mass market.
The masstige fragrance line proved that luxury scents could be made available to more people.


The aura of luxury and high status associated with certain brands.
Owning a piece from this prestige collection is a status symbol.


A balance between aspirational value and affordability.
Masstige brands have mastered the art of providing value without compromising on the sense of luxury.


Brands that cater to an affluent demographic through exclusive offerings.
The car manufacturer is positioned in the prestige segment of the market.


Masstige is a marketing term meaning downward brand extension. The word is a portmanteau of the words mass and prestige and has been described as "prestige for the masses".


The level of respect at which a person or thing is regarded by others; standing
An act that boosted his prestige.
A job with low prestige.


(marketing) A class of products that are affordable for the general consumer but positioned as luxury goods.


Good reputation; honor
Her accomplishments lent a lot of prestige to the college.


Great respect or importance
Doctors are usually treated with prestige.


The quality of how good the reputation of something or someone is, how favourably something or someone is regarded.
Oxford has a university of very high prestige.


Delusion; illusion; trick.


Regarded as relatively prestigious; often, considered the standard language or language variety, or a part of such a variety.


(video games) To start over at an earlier point in a video game with some type of bonus or reward.


Delusion; illusion; trick.
The sophisms of infidelity, and the prestiges of imposture.


Weight or influence derived from past success; expectation of future achievements founded on those already accomplished; force or charm derived from acknowledged character or reputation.


A high standing achieved through success or influence or wealth etc.;
He wanted to achieve power and prestige

Common Curiosities

Who is the target audience for masstige brands?

Masstige brands target middle to upper-middle-class consumers who aspire to own luxury goods but are price-sensitive.

What defines a masstige product?

A masstige product offers the allure of luxury and exclusivity at a more accessible price, aimed at a broader audience.

How does prestige differ from masstige in terms of price?

Prestige products are priced higher, reflecting their exclusivity and luxury, while masstige items are more affordable yet premium.

How do masstige brands compete in the market?

Masstige brands compete by offering quality and luxury-like experiences at more accessible prices, appealing to a broad demographic.

How important is brand heritage to prestige products?

Brand heritage is crucial for prestige products, as it underscores the brand's history, craftsmanship, and exclusivity.

What makes prestige products exclusive?

Prestige products' exclusivity comes from their superior quality, craftsmanship, brand heritage, and selective distribution channels.

What distribution channels are used for prestige products?

Prestige products are sold through exclusive channels such as high-end boutiques and luxury department stores to maintain exclusivity.

Can a brand be both masstige and prestige?

Brands typically position themselves as either masstige or prestige based on their target market, price point, and product offerings, though some may offer lines that blur these distinctions.

Why do consumers choose masstige over traditional luxury goods?

Consumers choose masstige for its balance of quality, prestige, and affordability, fulfilling their luxury aspirations within a budget.

What role does marketing play in defining masstige and prestige brands?

Marketing is key, with masstige brands highlighting accessible luxury and prestige brands focusing on exclusivity and superior quality.

What is the significance of product design in prestige brands?

Product design in prestige brands is significant for its emphasis on aesthetics, quality, and innovation, reflecting the brand's luxury status.

Are masstige products considered luxury?

Masstige products are considered accessible luxury, offering a luxury experience at a more accessible price point than traditional luxury goods.

How do consumer perceptions differ between masstige and prestige products?

Consumer perceptions of masstige are centered around value and aspirational luxury, while prestige products are seen as symbols of status and exclusivity.

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