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Mac vs. PC — What's the Difference?

By Tayyaba Rehman — Published on February 12, 2024
Mac refers to computers made by Apple, known for sleek design and macOS. PC, or personal computer, encompasses a wide range of devices, often running Windows, Linux, or other operating systems.
Mac vs. PC — What's the Difference?

Difference Between Mac and PC


Key Differences

Mac, short for Macintosh, is a brand of computers designed and manufactured by Apple. They are known for their sleek design, integration of hardware and software, and use of the macOS operating system. PCs, or personal computers, on the other hand, encompass a broad category of devices from various manufacturers, offering a range of designs and operating systems.
Mac computers are built exclusively by Apple, ensuring tight control over both hardware and software. This integration often results in a seamless user experience but comes with a premium price. PCs, being more diverse, are built by various manufacturers like Dell, HP, and Lenovo, providing a wider price range and customization options.
The macOS operating system is exclusive to Mac computers, offering a user-friendly interface, optimized performance, and a strong focus on creative applications. PCs, running operating systems like Windows, Linux, or others, provide a more varied software ecosystem, accommodating diverse user needs from gaming to professional software development.
While Macs are often associated with a sleek and minimalist design, PCs offer a wider variety of designs, catering to different preferences and functionalities. Macs tend to prioritize aesthetics, with a focus on aluminum unibody designs, while PCs can range from ultrabooks to gaming towers with diverse materials and form factors.

Comparison Chart


Various manufacturers

Operating System

Windows, Linux, and others

Hardware Control

Apple-exclusive, tight integration
Diverse, built by various manufacturers

Design Philosophy

Sleek and minimalist
Diverse, catering to varied preferences

Price Range

Generally premium
Wider range, from budget to high-end

Compare with Definitions


MacOS: Macs run the macOS operating system.
MacOS provides a seamless experience with features like Continuity and a robust app ecosystem.


Windows OS: PCs commonly run the Windows operating system.
Windows OS provides a familiar environment with a wide range of software compatibility.


Design Aesthetics: Macs are known for their sleek design.
The aluminum unibody design is a signature feature of Mac computers.


Personal Computers: PCs encompass a wide range of personal computers.
PCs offer diverse options, from budget-friendly laptops to high-performance desktops.


Integration: Macs have tight integration of hardware and software.
The seamless integration of hardware and software makes Macs reliable and efficient.


Price Range: PCs offer a wider price range.
The diversity in price range makes PCs accessible to a broad audience with different budget considerations.


Premium Price: Macs often come with a premium price tag.
The premium price of Macs is justified by their build quality and performance.


Manufacturers: PCs are built by various manufacturers.
Dell, HP, and Lenovo are among the many manufacturers offering a variety of PC options.


Apple Computers: Mac refers to computers made by Apple.
I prefer using a Mac for its sleek design and user-friendly interface.


Customization: PCs provide customization options.
PC users can customize their systems with different components to meet specific performance needs.


A personal computer; a computer{2} designed for use by one person at a time; - contrasted with shared-time computers such as mainframes and minicomputers, which may be accessed by multiple users each operating from a different input device (in the 1990's, usually a terminal). A personal computer typically uses a microprocessor for its CPU.


A small digital computer based on a microprocessor and designed to be used by one person at a time

Common Curiosities

What is the price range for Macs?

Macs generally come with a premium price range.

What is the key feature of Mac design?

Mac design is known for its sleek and minimalist aesthetics, often featuring aluminum unibody designs.

What does PC stand for?

PC stands for Personal Computer, encompassing a wide range of devices.

What does Mac stand for?

Mac is short for Macintosh, referring to computers made by Apple.

Who manufactures PCs?

PCs are manufactured by various companies, including Dell, HP, Lenovo, and others.

Who manufactures Mac computers?

Mac computers are exclusively manufactured by Apple.

What is the advantage of a PC's diverse design?

PCs offer a wider variety of designs, catering to different preferences and functionalities.

What is the macOS operating system?

macOS is the operating system exclusive to Mac computers, known for its user-friendly interface.

Which operating system do most PCs run?

Most PCs commonly run the Windows operating system.

Can I customize a Mac computer?

Mac computers have limited customization options compared to PCs.

Is Windows exclusive to PCs?

Windows is commonly used on PCs but is not exclusive; it can run on some Macs as well.

Why are PCs known for customization?

PCs provide customization options, allowing users to choose components based on their preferences and needs.

Can a PC run macOS?

Officially, macOS is exclusive to Mac computers, but some enthusiasts attempt to run it on compatible PCs.

What makes Macs reliable?

Macs are known for their reliability due to tight integration of hardware and software, ensuring a seamless user experience.

Are all Macs expensive?

While Macs generally have a premium price, Apple offers different models with varying price points.

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