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Club Soda vs. Seltzer Water — What's the Difference?

By Tayyaba Rehman & Urooj Arif — Published on February 12, 2024
Club Soda is carbonated water with added minerals or salts, while Seltzer Water is simply carbonated water with no additives. Both are popular non-alcoholic mixers in beverages.
Club Soda vs. Seltzer Water — What's the Difference?

Difference Between Club Soda and Seltzer Water


Key Differences

Club Soda is carbonated water infused with minerals like sodium bicarbonate or potassium sulfate to enhance flavor. It often contains added salts for a slightly tangy taste. Seltzer Water, on the other hand, is carbonated water without additional minerals, offering a clean and pure effervescence.
Club Soda is commonly used as a mixer in cocktails due to its subtle flavor profile and effervescence. Its mineral content can complement the taste of various alcoholic beverages. Seltzer Water, being a blank canvas, is a versatile mixer suitable for those who prefer a pure, bubbly addition without additional flavors.

Comparison Chart


Minerals and salts
No additives

Flavor Profile

Slightly tangy

Common Use

Cocktail mixer
Versatile mixer for various drinks


Can be flavored or unflavored
Typically unflavored

Carbonation Source

Manufactured carbonation
Naturally occurring carbonation

Compare with Definitions

Club Soda

Carbonated water with added minerals for a subtle flavor.
The bartender used club soda to enhance the effervescence of the cocktail.

Seltzer Water

Pure carbonated water with no added minerals.
Seltzer water is a straightforward choice for those who prefer plain carbonation.

Club Soda

Can be flavored or unflavored, depending on the brand.
Some prefer flavored club soda for an extra burst of taste in their drinks.

Seltzer Water

Carbonation in seltzer occurs naturally or is added during production.
The refreshing fizz in seltzer water comes from carefully controlled carbonation.

Club Soda

Manufactured carbonation gives it consistent fizziness.
The bubbles in club soda come from the controlled addition of carbonation.

Seltzer Water

Typically unflavored, allowing other ingredients to shine.
Seltzer water is great for letting the natural flavors of fruit infusions come through.

Club Soda

Contains salts like sodium bicarbonate for a hint of tanginess.
Club soda's mineral content adds a unique twist to mixed drinks.

Seltzer Water

Preferred when a clean, bubbly taste is desired.
The bartender used seltzer water to maintain the purity of the mocktail.

Club Soda

A popular mixer in cocktails due to its versatility.
Club soda is commonly used to create fizzy and refreshing mixed beverages.

Seltzer Water

A neutral mixer suitable for various beverage combinations.
Seltzer water is a versatile base for creating custom non-alcoholic drinks.

Common Curiosities

Why is club soda a popular choice in cocktails?

Club soda's subtle flavor and effervescence make it a versatile mixer that complements various alcoholic beverages.

How is seltzer water commonly used in beverages?

Seltzer water is a versatile mixer suitable for creating a wide range of non-alcoholic drinks due to its neutral taste.

What distinguishes club soda from plain carbonated water?

Club soda contains added minerals and salts, giving it a subtle flavor distinct from plain carbonated water.

What minerals are commonly found in club soda?

Club soda may contain minerals like sodium bicarbonate or potassium sulfate, contributing to its unique taste.

How is carbonation achieved in seltzer water?

Carbonation in seltzer water can occur naturally from minerals or be added during the production process.

Does the carbonation in club soda occur naturally?

No, the carbonation in club soda is usually manufactured, providing a consistent level of fizziness.

Does seltzer water contain any additives?

No, seltzer water is simply carbonated water with no added minerals or salts, making it a pure and neutral option.

Can club soda be flavored?

Yes, some brands offer flavored club sodas, but traditional club soda is often unflavored or lightly flavored.

Is seltzer water suitable for those who prefer a pure bubbly taste?

Yes, seltzer water's neutral flavor makes it an ideal choice for those who want a clean and straightforward carbonated beverage.

What makes seltzer water a popular choice for custom drinks?

Seltzer water's neutrality makes it an excellent base for creating custom non-alcoholic drinks, allowing for diverse flavor combinations.

Can club soda be used in non-alcoholic drinks?

Yes, club soda is versatile and can be used in a variety of non-alcoholic beverages, adding fizz and a hint of flavor.

Is seltzer water always unflavored?

Yes, seltzer water is typically unflavored, allowing it to act as a blank canvas for other ingredients.

How does seltzer water enhance mocktails?

Seltzer water acts as a neutral base in mocktails, allowing other ingredients to shine while providing effervescence.

Are there variations in the flavor of club sodas from different brands?

Yes, some brands offer flavored club sodas, providing options beyond the traditional unflavored variety.

How can one distinguish between plain carbonated water and club soda?

The addition of minerals and salts, giving club soda a subtle flavor, distinguishes it from plain carbonated water.

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