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IMAX vs. INOX — What's the Difference?

By Tayyaba Rehman — Published on October 30, 2023
IMAX is a proprietary system of high-resolution cameras, film formats, and theaters; INOX is a cinema multiplex chain in India.
IMAX vs. INOX — What's the Difference?

Difference Between IMAX and INOX


Key Differences

IMAX and INOX are both names that moviegoers might come across, but they represent vastly different aspects of the film industry. IMAX, standing for "Image Maximum," is a unique film format and projection system. It is known for its larger screens and more immersive viewing experience. INOX, on the other hand, is a cinema chain based in India, known for its multiplex theaters that show a variety of films, not limited to those in IMAX format.
Delving deeper into IMAX, it's not just about larger screens. The IMAX system includes a specific method of filming, projecting, and even audio delivery that sets it apart from traditional cinema formats. This technology allows films to be viewed with greater clarity, sharpness, and a more immersive feel. INOX, as a cinema chain, might have theaters that are equipped with IMAX projection systems, but they also show standard movies, and not all their theaters are IMAX.
The distinction between IMAX and INOX also extends to their global presence. While IMAX theaters can be found worldwide and are synonymous with a premium cinematic experience, INOX is predominantly an Indian brand. Moviegoers in India might choose to watch a film at an INOX theater and further select whether they want to view it in IMAX format, if available.
It's also worth noting the target audience for each. IMAX aims to provide viewers with an unmatched cinematic experience, often associated with big blockbuster movies or educational documentaries. INOX's primary goal, like other cinema chains, is to provide a pleasant venue for moviegoers, with amenities and services enhancing the film-watching experience.
Lastly, the inception of both entities occurred for different reasons. IMAX was born out of a desire to revolutionize the cinema experience with better technology, while INOX was established as part of the entertainment sector's growth, capitalizing on India's burgeoning film industry.

Comparison Chart


Film format and projection system
Cinema multiplex chain



Screen Size

Typically larger and curved
Varies, may include IMAX theaters


Enhance cinematic experience with superior tech
Provide moviegoers with a venue to watch films


Globally in select theaters
Predominantly in India

Compare with Definitions


A high-resolution film format and theater system.
The latest blockbuster is best viewed in an IMAX theater.


A venue providing moviegoers with a blend of amenities and services.
The INOX lounge offers premium services for its patrons.


A proprietary projection standard known for its clarity.
The sharpness of the visuals in the IMAX screening was astonishing.


A leading cinema multiplex chain in India.
We booked tickets for the evening show at INOX.


A brand synonymous with superior film-watching experiences.
Many blockbuster films are specially formatted for IMAX.


A brand associated with modern cinema experiences in India.
INOX theaters often have comfortable seating and premium sound systems.


A theater system providing both visual and auditory enhancements.
The sound in the IMAX theater made the audience feel like they were part of the scene.


A chain known for its widespread presence in Indian cities.
Almost every major city in India has an INOX theater.


A cinema experience with larger, more immersive screens.
Watching nature documentaries in IMAX brings a more lifelike feel.


An entertainment venue offering multiple screens for film viewing.
The INOX near our place has seven screens showcasing various movies.


(attributive) stainless steel
Inox steel

Common Curiosities

What's the main difference between IMAX and INOX?

IMAX is a high-resolution film format and theater system, while INOX is a cinema chain in India.

Which is better, IMAX or standard screening at INOX?

IMAX offers a more immersive experience, but the choice depends on viewer preference.

Is watching a movie in IMAX more expensive?

Typically, yes. IMAX tickets are often priced higher due to the enhanced experience.

Is IMAX only about larger screens?

No, IMAX encompasses filming, projecting, and audio delivery methods for an enhanced experience.

Are INOX theaters exclusive to India?

Predominantly, yes. INOX is an Indian cinema multiplex chain.

Are all movies released in IMAX format?

No, only select movies are formatted for and released in IMAX.

Can I watch IMAX movies at INOX theaters?

Yes, some INOX theaters are equipped with IMAX projection systems.

How many screens do INOX multiplexes typically have?

It varies, but they can range from a few to over a dozen screens.

Can I find IMAX theaters outside of INOX in India?

Yes, IMAX theaters can be found in various cinema chains globally, including in India.

Why are IMAX screens curved?

The curve enhances peripheral vision, making the viewing experience more immersive.

Does INOX have other premium viewing formats besides IMAX?

Yes, INOX may offer other premium formats and viewing experiences.

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