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ICSE Syllabus vs. ISC Syllabus — What's the Difference?

By Tayyaba Rehman — Published on December 9, 2023
ICSE Syllabus is for 10th grade with a balanced focus on language, arts, and science. ISC Syllabus is for 11th-12th, with detailed studies in chosen subjects.
ICSE Syllabus vs. ISC Syllabus — What's the Difference?

Difference Between ICSE Syllabus and ISC Syllabus


Key Differences

The ICSE Syllabus, catering to the 10th-grade level, is comprehensive, giving balanced emphasis to languages, science, mathematics, and art. The ISC Syllabus, designed for the 11th and 12th grades, dives deeper, allowing students to specialize in their chosen stream of study, be it science, commerce, or humanities.
ICSE Syllabus is recognized for its extensive content that fosters analytical skills and practical knowledge with a global perspective. Conversely, the ISC Syllabus is more focused, preparing students for university education by going in-depth in specific subjects.
While the ICSE Syllabus requires students to study subjects from diverse fields, ensuring a holistic educational foundation, the ISC Syllabus demands a strong understanding of chosen subjects, encouraging a more specialized academic pursuit.
The ICSE Syllabus emphasizes internal assessments, with a portion of marks allocated to project work and lab work in respective subjects. The ISC Syllabus, while also incorporating project work, leans more heavily on the final examination performance for grading.
In terms of assessment, the ICSE Syllabus includes a more varied mix of formative and summative evaluation, promoting continuous learning. The ISC Syllabus, however, places a stronger emphasis on board examinations, testing in-depth knowledge and understanding in the final years of secondary education.

Comparison Chart

Grade Levels

10th grade
11th and 12th grades

Curriculum Breadth

Broad, balanced across disciplines
Specialized in chosen streams

Assessment Focus

Formative and summative, with internal assessments
Heavy emphasis on board exams

Depth of Study

Comprehensive understanding of all subjects
In-depth knowledge of specialized subjects

Preparation For

Holistic foundational education
University-level studies and specializations

Compare with Definitions

ICSE Syllabus

ICSE Syllabus emphasizes analytical skills and practical knowledge.
Her critical thinking abilities were honed through the rigorous ICSE Syllabus.

ISC Syllabus

The ISC Syllabus is known for its rigorous standards and in-depth content.
The complexity of the ISC Syllabus demands dedication and hard work from students.

ICSE Syllabus

The ICSE Syllabus encompasses a broad educational curriculum for 10th-grade students.
The ICSE Syllabus is designed to provide students with a well-rounded education.

ISC Syllabus

ISC Syllabus assesses students' in-depth understanding through board examinations.
Her thorough preparation for the ISC Syllabus exams paid off with excellent grades.

ICSE Syllabus

ICSE Syllabus integrates internal assessments for a comprehensive evaluation.
Continuous assessment in the ICSE Syllabus ensures consistent academic engagement.

ISC Syllabus

The ISC Syllabus is an advanced curriculum for 11th and 12th-grade students.
The ISC Syllabus prepares students for the challenges of university academics.

ICSE Syllabus

The ICSE Syllabus includes a balanced focus on languages, science, and art.
Students studying under the ICSE Syllabus enjoy a diverse range of subjects.

ISC Syllabus

ISC Syllabus delves into detailed studies of chosen subjects.
Focusing on biology in his ISC Syllabus, he prepared for a career in medicine.

ICSE Syllabus

The ICSE Syllabus encourages global perspectives and understanding.
The inclusivity of the ICSE Syllabus prepares students to be global citizens.

ISC Syllabus

The ISC Syllabus is tailored for specialization in science, commerce, or humanities streams.
Choosing commerce in his ISC Syllabus, he laid a strong foundation for his business career.

Common Curiosities

What is the ICSE Syllabus known for?

The ICSE Syllabus is known for its comprehensive and balanced curriculum across various disciplines.

Can students choose their subjects in the ICSE Syllabus?

ICSE students have some elective options, but core subjects are mandatory for a balanced education.

How does the ISC Syllabus prepare students for future education?

The ISC Syllabus offers in-depth study in chosen subjects, preparing students for specialization in university.

Is the ISC Syllabus more challenging than other boards?

The ISC Syllabus is rigorous, with a detailed study that can be challenging but is excellent for higher education preparation.

Are ISC Syllabus examinations tougher than ICSE?

ISC exams can be considered tougher due to the higher level of specialization and in-depth study required.

Does the ICSE Syllabus include project work?

Yes, project work is an integral part of the ICSE curriculum for continuous assessment.

How is the assessment methodology in the ICSE Syllabus?

The ICSE includes both internal assessments and final exams for a holistic evaluation.

What subjects are compulsory in the ICSE Syllabus?

English, a second language, and social studies are among the compulsory subjects in the ICSE Syllabus.

What streams are available under the ISC Syllabus?

ISC offers science, commerce, and humanities streams for specialization.

Is the ICSE Syllabus recognized globally?

Yes, the ICSE Syllabus is globally acknowledged due to its comprehensive nature and high standards.

Can ISC Syllabus students change their stream after the 11th grade?

Stream changes in ISC are possible but might depend on the school's policies and student's performance.

Does the ISC Syllabus prepare students for competitive exams?

Yes, the detailed nature of the ISC Syllabus provides a strong base for competitive exams.

What is the medium of instruction in the ICSE Syllabus?

English is the mandatory medium of instruction in the ICSE Syllabus.

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