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Grandad vs. Granddad — What's the Difference?

By Tayyaba Rehman — Updated on December 30, 2023
"Grandad" and "Granddad" are both terms referring to a grandfather. The difference is only in spelling, with no difference in meaning or usage.
Grandad vs. Granddad — What's the Difference?

Difference Between Grandad and Granddad


Key Differences

"Grandad" and "Granddad" are alternative spellings used to refer to the father of one's parent. Both terms are commonly used in English-speaking countries to denote a male grandparent.
The spelling "Grandad" is often seen as a slightly more informal or affectionate term. "Granddad," with the double 'd,' might be perceived as a more traditional or formal spelling of the word.
In usage, both "Grandad" and "Granddad" carry the same connotations of respect and familial affection. The choice between the two often comes down to personal preference or regional spelling norms.
In literature and media, both spellings are equally accepted and understood. Whether a writer chooses "Grandad" or "Granddad" does not change the meaning or the emotional weight of the term.
Pronunciation-wise, there is no difference between "Grandad" and "Granddad." The difference in spelling does not affect how the word is spoken.

Comparison Chart


Father of one's parent
Father of one's parent

Spelling Variation

Single 'd'
Double 'd'


Informal, affectionate
Traditional, formal


Personal preference
Regional spelling norms


Same as Granddad
Same as Grandad

Compare with Definitions


The father of a person's mother or father.
My Grandad tells the best stories.


A term for one's grandfather.
My Granddad has a collection of antique clocks.


A term for one's grandfather.
I spent the weekend fishing with my Grandad.


The father of one’s parent.
Granddad used to be a pilot.


A familial term of respect and affection for an elder male relative.
Grandad always makes us laugh at family gatherings.


A respectful term for an elder male family member.
We’re baking a cake for Granddad’s birthday.


An endearing term for a senior male family member.
My Grandad taught me how to play chess.


A term denoting an older male relative, usually affectionate.
Granddad's stories about his childhood are fascinating.


A term used to refer to a male grandparent.
Every summer, we visit our Grandad at his farm.


A familial term used to refer to a grandfather.
I learned a lot of life lessons from my Granddad.


The father of your father or mother


A grandfather.


(informal) grandfather


A familiar or disparaging term of address to an old man.
Hey! Get out of my way, granddad!


The father of your father or mother

Common Curiosities

Which is more commonly used, Grandad or Granddad?

Usage varies by region and personal preference.

Is one spelling more correct than the other?

No, both spellings are correct and acceptable.

Are Grandad and Granddad the same?

Yes, they are two spellings of the same word.

Can Grandad and Granddad be used interchangeably?

Yes, they can be used interchangeably.

Can Grandad or Granddad be used as a first name?

It's uncommon, but there's no rule against it.

Do Grandad and Granddad have the same pronunciation?

Yes, they are pronounced the same way.

Is there a regional preference for these spellings?

Yes, some regions may prefer one spelling over the other.

Do these terms appear in literature?

Yes, both terms are used in literature.

Is Grandad more informal than Granddad?

Some might perceive it as more informal, but this is subjective.

Can Grandad or Granddad be pluralized?

Yes, as "Grandads" or "Granddads."

Are these terms used in other languages?

Variants of these terms are used in many languages.

Can Grandad or Granddad be used for step-grandfathers?

Yes, they can be used for any grandfatherly figure.

Are there cultural differences in the use of these terms?

Yes, cultural backgrounds can influence the choice of spelling.

Is one spelling more modern than the other?

No, both are modern and equally relevant.

Are there diminutives or nicknames for Grandad or Granddad?

Yes, nicknames like "Gramps" or "Grandpa" are common.

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