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Gigabyte Aorus Pro vs. Gigabyte Aorus Elite — What's the Difference?

By Tayyaba Rehman — Published on January 18, 2024
Gigabyte Aorus Pro and Gigabyte Aorus Elite are models of motherboards by Gigabyte, with the Pro variant typically offering more advanced features and higher specifications than the Elite.
Gigabyte Aorus Pro vs. Gigabyte Aorus Elite — What's the Difference?

Difference Between Gigabyte Aorus Pro and Gigabyte Aorus Elite


Key Differences

Gigabyte Aorus Pro motherboards are designed for enthusiasts and professionals, offering high-end performance, better overclocking support, and more robust connectivity options. Gigabyte Aorus Elite, while still powerful, caters to more mainstream users with adequate performance for general gaming and computing needs.
The Aorus Pro often includes additional features like enhanced VRM (Voltage Regulator Module) for stable power delivery, especially for overclocking. The Aorus Elite has a simpler VRM setup, sufficient for standard usage but less suited for extreme overclocking.
In terms of connectivity, the Aorus Pro typically offers more USB ports, faster networking options, and multiple M.2 slots for SSDs. The Aorus Elite provides essential connectivity but may have fewer ports and less advanced networking features.
Aesthetically, the Aorus Pro often includes more RGB lighting and customizable options, appealing to users looking for a stylish build. The Aorus Elite has a more subdued design, focusing on functionality over style.
Price-wise, the Aorus Pro is positioned as a premium offering, reflecting its advanced features. The Aorus Elite is more budget-friendly, offering good value for essential features without the premium cost.

Comparison Chart

Target Audience

Enthusiasts and professionals
Mainstream users, general gamers

Performance & Features

High-end performance, better overclocking
Adequate performance for general use

VRM & Power Delivery

Enhanced for stability and overclocking
Sufficient for standard use

Connectivity & Ports

More USB ports, faster networking
Essential connectivity with fewer ports

Design & Aesthetics

More RGB lighting, customizable
Subdued design, functional focus


Higher, premium segment
More budget-friendly

Compare with Definitions

Gigabyte Aorus Pro

Designed for enthusiasts and professionals.
As a professional gamer, I prefer the Gigabyte Aorus Pro for its overclocking capabilities.

Gigabyte Aorus Elite

Sufficient VRM setup for standard usage.
The VRM of the Gigabyte Aorus Elite meets my regular computing needs efficiently.

Gigabyte Aorus Pro

Features enhanced VRM for stable power delivery.
The enhanced VRM of the Gigabyte Aorus Pro ensures stable performance even under heavy load.

Gigabyte Aorus Elite

Budget-friendly with a more subdued design.
I chose the Gigabyte Aorus Elite for its affordability and functional design.

Gigabyte Aorus Pro

Includes RGB lighting and customizable design.
I love the customizable RGB lighting on my Gigabyte Aorus Pro motherboard.

Gigabyte Aorus Elite

Essential connectivity with a focus on functionality.
The Gigabyte Aorus Elite has all the necessary ports for my peripherals.

Gigabyte Aorus Pro

Offers more connectivity options and ports.
The multiple USB ports on the Gigabyte Aorus Pro make it a versatile choice for my setup.

Gigabyte Aorus Elite

Provides adequate performance for general computing.
For everyday gaming, the Gigabyte Aorus Elite offers enough power without breaking the bank.

Gigabyte Aorus Pro

A high-end motherboard offering advanced performance.
The Gigabyte Aorus Pro is ideal for my gaming rig due to its superior performance.

Gigabyte Aorus Elite

A motherboard catering to mainstream users.
The Gigabyte Aorus Elite is a great choice for my home office setup.

Common Curiosities

What is the price range of the Gigabyte Aorus Pro?

It's in the premium segment, reflecting its advanced features.

Who should choose the Gigabyte Aorus Pro?

It's best for enthusiasts and professionals needing high-end performance.

Does the Aorus Pro have good connectivity options?

Yes, it offers a range of ports and fast networking options.

Is the Aorus Pro good for overclocking?

Yes, it has enhanced VRM and features for stable overclocking.

Can I upgrade my Aorus Elite to an Aorus Pro?

You can replace the Elite with a Pro, but it's not an upgrade in the traditional sense.

Who is the Gigabyte Aorus Elite suitable for?

It's ideal for mainstream users and general gamers.

Does the Aorus Elite support high-end gaming?

It supports general gaming but may not be ideal for extreme gaming demands.

Is the Gigabyte Aorus Elite budget-friendly?

Yes, it offers good value at a more budget-friendly price.

Can the Gigabyte Aorus Pro be customized aesthetically?

Yes, it includes customizable RGB lighting.

Do both motherboards come with a warranty?

Yes, Gigabyte provides warranties for both models.

Can the Aorus Elite handle regular office work?

Yes, it's sufficient for standard office tasks and computing.

How does the design of the Aorus Elite compare to the Pro?

The Elite has a more subdued, functional design compared to the Pro's stylish look.

Are these motherboards compatible with multiple types of RAM?

Yes, they support various types of RAM, but check specific model specifications for details.

Are both motherboards suitable for custom PC builds?

Yes, both are popular choices for custom PC builds.

Do these motherboards support the latest processors?

Both support the latest processors, but compatibility should be checked for specific models.

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