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Dell G3 vs. Lenovo Y540 — What's the Difference?

By Tayyaba Rehman — Published on January 18, 2024
The Dell G3 is an entry-level gaming laptop known for its affordability and solid performance, while the Lenovo Y540 is a mid-range gaming laptop with higher-end features and build quality.
Dell G3 vs. Lenovo Y540 — What's the Difference?

Difference Between Dell G3 and Lenovo Y540


Key Differences

Performance and Hardware: Dell G3 offers decent performance for entry-level gaming with a range of processor and graphics options. The Lenovo Y540 steps up with higher-tier processors and GPUs, providing better performance for more demanding games.
Design and Build: The Dell G3 has a more subdued, minimalistic design, appealing to users who want a gaming laptop without flashy aesthetics. The Y540 has a more aggressive gaming look, with a robust build and gaming-centric design elements.
Display and Graphics: The Dell G3's display is competent for gaming, but the Y540 offers superior display options with higher refresh rates and better color accuracy, enhancing the gaming experience.
Cooling and Thermal Management: Lenovo Y540 has a more advanced cooling system, which is crucial for maintaining performance under load. The G3's cooling is sufficient for its hardware but may struggle under intense gaming sessions.
Price and Value: Dell G3 is priced more affordably, making it accessible for budget-conscious gamers. The Y540, while more expensive, offers enhanced features justifying its higher price point.

Comparison Chart

Performance Level

Entry-level gaming performance
Higher-end gaming performance


Minimalistic and subdued
Aggressive gaming aesthetics

Display Quality

Standard display options
Superior display with higher refresh rates

Cooling System

Basic cooling capabilities
Advanced cooling for better performance

Price Range

More affordable
Mid-range, offers more features

Compare with Definitions

Dell G3

Portable Gaming: Relatively portable for a gaming laptop.
The Dell G3 is easy to carry to LAN parties.

Lenovo Y540

High-Performance Hardware: Equipped with advanced processors and GPUs.
My Lenovo Y540's graphics performance is outstanding.

Dell G3

Affordable Gaming Laptop: Offers gaming capabilities at a budget price.
The Dell G3 is my first gaming laptop, and it fits my budget perfectly.

Lenovo Y540

Advanced Cooling System: Keeps performance stable under load.
The Y540's cooling system efficiently manages heat during intense gaming sessions.

Dell G3

Minimalistic Design: Appeals to those who prefer a less flashy look.
I chose the Dell G3 for its understated design.

Lenovo Y540

Gaming-Centric Design: Features a design tailored for gamers.
The aggressive look of the Y540 really stands out.

Dell G3

Solid Performance: Suitable for entry-level gaming.
I play most of my favorite games on the Dell G3 without issues.

Lenovo Y540

Quality Display: Offers a high refresh rate and color accuracy.
The display of the Y540 makes my games look incredibly vibrant.

Dell G3

Versatile Use: Not just for gaming, also suitable for everyday tasks.
Besides gaming, I use my Dell G3 for college work.

Lenovo Y540

Mid-Range Gaming Laptop: Provides enhanced gaming experience.
The Lenovo Y540 handles high-end games smoothly.

Common Curiosities

Who should buy the Dell G3?

Budget-conscious gamers and those new to gaming laptops.

Can I use the Y540 for professional tasks?

Yes, it's powerful enough for most professional applications.

Is the Lenovo Y540 good for high-end gaming?

Yes, it's designed for more demanding gaming requirements.

Does the Dell G3 have good graphics performance?

It's adequate for entry-level gaming needs.

Is the G3 suitable for gaming and work?

Yes, it balances gaming performance with everyday functionality.

Is the Dell G3 heavy?

It's relatively portable for a gaming laptop.

Does the Lenovo Y540 have good cooling?

Yes, it has an advanced cooling system for sustained performance.

Is the Y540 heavy?

It's a bit heavier, typical of mid-range gaming laptops.

What's the display quality like on the Y540?

It offers superior quality with higher refresh rates and better color accuracy.

Which is more affordable?

The Dell G3 is generally more affordable than the Y540.

Can I upgrade the Y540?

Yes, it offers options for upgrades.

What type of games can I play on the G3?

It's suitable for most modern games at medium settings.

Are both laptops good for multitasking?

Yes, both handle multitasking well, with the Y540 having a performance edge.

How is the build quality of the Y540?

It has a robust build quality suitable for gaming.

Is the design of the G3 flashy?

No, it has a more subdued and minimalistic design.

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