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Footy vs. Footie — What's the Difference?

By Tayyaba Rehman & Fiza Rafique — Updated on September 17, 2023
"Footy" and "Footie" are colloquial terms for football, but they can refer to different types of football depending on the country. The words are virtually identical in meaning; the difference mainly lies in the spelling preference based on regional diale
Footy vs. Footie — What's the Difference?

Difference Between Footy and Footie


Key Differences

"Footy" is a slang term primarily used in Australia and refers to Australian rules football. In the UK, it's also used to describe soccer, known as football in many other countries. The term has gained popularity for its casual, endearing nature and is widely accepted in both informal and formal contexts. "Footie," on the other hand, is more common in British slang, and it is synonymous with what Americans call soccer.
"Footy" is also a term that you might come across in news headlines, sports reporting, or casual conversation in Australia. It's often used to describe matches, teams, or even sports-related activities. "Footie," meanwhile, can be found in British tabloids, sports commentary, and daily conversation in the UK. Both terms are meant to create a sense of camaraderie among fans.
In terms of spelling, "Footy" ends with a "y," while "Footie" ends with an "ie." This doesn't significantly alter the pronunciation or meaning of the word, but it does indicate regional preferences. "Footy" aligns with American and Australian spelling conventions, while "Footie" is more in line with British spelling conventions.
"Footy" may sometimes also refer to rugby league or rugby union in Australia, adding a layer of complexity to its meaning. "Footie," in the UK, is more strictly associated with soccer. Although the words may seem interchangeable, understanding the cultural context is crucial for accurate use.

Comparison Chart

Country of Origin

United Kingdom

Commonly Refers To

Australian Rules Football, Soccer


Ends with "y"
Ends with "ie"

Regional Preference

Australia, U.S.
United Kingdom

Alternative Meanings

Can refer to rugby in Australia
Strictly soccer in the UK

Compare with Definitions


Australian rules football
I'm watching the Footy game tonight.


British slang for soccer
Are you playing Footie this weekend?


Sports-related activities
Footy practice starts at 5.


Informal term for football
Footie fans are ecstatic about the win.


Soccer in the UK
Are you coming to the Footy match?


Part of British culture
Footie is a big deal here.


Casual term for football
Footy is more than just a sport; it's a culture.


Refers only to soccer
Footie doesn't include rugby in the UK.


Refers to rugby in Australia
Footy season is upon us!


Soccer in the UK
Footie is on TV tonight.


The game or sport of football, usually Australian rules football or rugby league, but not soccer


Alternative spelling of footy


The ball used in a game of footy.


(especially in plural) a blanket sleeper or similar covering that covers the foot.


A short sock.


Having foots or settlings.
Footy oil or molasses


Of bad quality; mean, poor.


Having foots, or settlings; as, footy oil, molasses, etc.


Poor; mean.

Common Curiosities

What does "Footy" commonly refer to?

Footy commonly refers to Australian rules football or soccer in the UK.

What does "Footie" refer to?

Footie primarily refers to soccer in the UK.

Is the pronunciation of Footy and Footie the same?

Generally, yes.

Does "Footie" ever refer to rugby?

No, it’s more strictly associated with soccer in the UK.

Is "Footie" used in Australia?

Less commonly, the term is more British.

What's the spelling difference between Footy and Footie?

Footy ends with a "y," Footie ends with "ie."

Where did "Footy" originate?

The term originated in Australia.

Is "Footy" used in the UK?

Yes, Footy is used in the UK to refer to soccer.

Is "Footy" ever used for rugby?

In Australia, it can also refer to rugby.

Is "Footy" a formal term?

It's generally informal but accepted in many settings.

Is "Footie" a formal term?

It's mostly informal and used in casual settings.

Where did "Footie" originate?

The term originated in the United Kingdom.

Is "Footy" used in sports reporting?

Yes, in both Australian and UK contexts.

Is "Footie" used in sports reporting?

Yes, mainly in the UK.

Can I use "Footy" and "Footie" interchangeably?

It's best to use them in their respective regional contexts.

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