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Fit vs. Fit Sport — What's the Difference?

Edited by Tayyaba Rehman — By Urooj Arif — Published on February 19, 2024
The Honda Fit is a compact hatchback known for its efficiency and versatility, while the Fit Sport is a trim level of the Fit that includes sportier design elements and additional features.
Fit vs. Fit Sport — What's the Difference?

Difference Between Fit and Fit Sport


Key Differences

The Honda Fit and Fit Sport represent two offerings within the same car model lineup, with the latter being a more feature-rich and sporty version of the former. The base Honda Fit is celebrated for its compact size, fuel efficiency, and surprisingly spacious interior, making it a popular choice among city dwellers and those seeking a practical, reliable vehicle. The Fit Sport, on the other hand, builds on the base model's strengths by adding sporty design cues, enhanced performance features, and upgraded interior elements, appealing to those who desire a more dynamic driving experience without sacrificing the practicality the Fit is known for.
Both the Fit and Fit Sport share the same fundamental design and Honda's "Magic Seat" system that allows for versatile cargo and passenger configurations, but the Fit Sport typically includes additional exterior styling such as a more aggressive front and rear bumper, side skirts, and sometimes exclusive wheel designs. These aesthetic enhancements distinguish the Fit Sport from the more conservatively styled base Fit model, making it stand out for those who prioritize style alongside functionality.
In terms of performance, the Fit Sport may offer a slightly more engaging drive than the base Fit, thanks to sport-tuned suspension components, better tires, and sometimes, though not always, a modest increase in power. However, it's important to note that the primary differences lie in handling and aesthetics rather than outright acceleration, as both models typically share the same engine and powertrain options.
The interior of the Fit Sport often features unique trim elements, such as a leather-wrapped steering wheel, sport seats, and special fabric patterns or colors that are not available in the base model. Additionally, the Fit Sport might come equipped with a more advanced infotainment system, including features like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, a larger touchscreen, and an upgraded audio system, further enhancing the driving experience and overall value.
Choosing between the Fit and Fit Sport ultimately depends on individual preferences for style, driving dynamics, and available features. While the base Fit offers great value and versatility, the Fit Sport caters to those looking for a more distinctive and engaging version of this popular compact hatchback.

Comparison Chart

Exterior Styling

Standard design with basic features.
Sportier design with aggressive bumpers, side skirts, and exclusive wheels.


Tuned for comfort and efficiency.
Sport-tuned for improved handling.

Interior Trim

Basic materials and design.
Upgraded with sport seats and exclusive trim options.

Infotainment System

Standard system adequate for basic needs.
Often upgraded with larger screen and advanced features like smartphone integration.


Generally lower than Fit Sport.
Higher due to additional features and styling elements.

Compare with Definitions


Known for its spacious and versatile interior.
I'm amazed by how much cargo the Fit can hold.

Fit Sport

Includes upgraded features for a more engaging drive.
Driving the Fit Sport is more fun with its sport-tuned suspension.


Offers excellent fuel economy.
Driving the Fit has significantly lowered my fuel expenses.

Fit Sport

Offers exclusive interior trim and sport seats.
The Fit Sport's interior feels more premium with its sporty seats and trim.


A compact and efficient Honda hatchback.
The Honda Fit is perfect for my daily city commutes.

Fit Sport

Appeals to those seeking a blend of efficiency and sportiness.
The Fit Sport is the perfect car for anyone who wants efficiency without sacrificing style and fun.


Features Honda's innovative Magic Seat system.
The Fit's Magic Seats make it incredibly versatile for carrying different types of cargo.

Fit Sport

A sportier version of the Honda Fit with enhanced styling.
The Fit Sport stands out with its unique bumper design and sporty accents.


Provides a comfortable and practical driving experience.
The Fit's smooth ride makes it an ideal car for both city and highway driving.

Fit Sport

Often comes with advanced infotainment options.
I love the larger touchscreen and smartphone connectivity in my Fit Sport.

Common Curiosities

Can I get advanced safety features in both the Fit and Fit Sport?

Advanced safety features are often available across both models, but availability can vary by year and market.

What distinguishes the Fit Sport from the standard Fit?

The Fit Sport includes sportier exterior styling, potentially improved handling features, and upgraded interior elements compared to the standard Fit.

What is the Honda Fit?

The Honda Fit is a compact hatchback known for its efficient use of space, fuel efficiency, and versatility.

Is the Fit Sport worth the extra cost over the standard Fit?

If you value sportier styling, enhanced handling, and upgraded interior features, the Fit Sport might be worth the additional cost.

Do both models offer the Magic Seat system?

Yes, Honda's Magic Seat system is a feature in both the Fit and Fit Sport, enhancing their versatility.

Is the fuel efficiency different between the Fit and Fit Sport?

Fuel efficiency can be slightly different due to the Fit Sport's tuning and tires, but any difference is typically minimal.

Which model is better for city driving?

Both models are well-suited for city driving, with the choice depending on your preference for styling and features.

Is the infotainment system the same in both models?

The Fit Sport may come with an upgraded infotainment system compared to the base model, depending on the year and trim level.

Can I upgrade a standard Fit to have Sport features?

While you can add some accessories, replicating all Fit Sport features on a standard Fit may not be feasible.

Does the Fit Sport have more power than the standard Fit?

Typically, the Fit and Fit Sport share the same engine and power output, with differences more focused on styling and handling.

Are there any exclusive colors for the Fit Sport?

The Fit Sport sometimes offers exclusive colors or trims not available on the standard Fit.

Which model should I choose for long-distance driving?

Both are suitable, but the Fit Sport's enhanced features might provide a more enjoyable driving experience on long trips.

Are there any handling differences between the two models?

The Fit Sport's sport-tuned suspension can offer a slightly more responsive driving experience compared to the standard Fit.

Is maintenance more expensive for the Fit Sport?

Maintenance costs are generally similar, though any sport-specific components in the Fit Sport might be slightly more costly to replace.

Do both the Fit and Fit Sport have the same cargo capacity?

Yes, both models typically offer the same cargo capacity due to their similar dimensions.

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