Farewell vs. Goodbye

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  • Farewell (noun)

    A wish of happiness or safety at parting, especially a permanent departure


  • Farewell (noun)

    A departure; the act of leaving

  • Farewell (adjective)

    Parting, valedictory, final.

    "a farewell discourse;"

    "the band's farewell tour"

  • Farewell (interjection)


    "He said "Farewell!" and left."

  • Farewell (verb)

    To bid farewell or say goodbye.

  • Goodbye (interjection)

    ; a formula used to another person or persons when the speaker, writer, or person addressed is departing.

  • Goodbye (noun)

    An utterance of goodbye, the wishing of farewell to someone.

    "John gave Rebecca a goodbye to wish her luck on her holiday."

  • Goodbye (verb)

    To say goodbye; to wish somebody farewell on parting.

Webster Dictionary
  • Farewell (noun)

    an acknowledgment or expression of goodwill at parting

  • Farewell (noun)

    the act of departing politely;

    "he disliked long farewells"

    "he took his leave"

    "parting is such sweet sorrow"

  • Goodbye (noun)

    a farewell remark;

    "they said their good-byes"

Princeton's WordNet

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