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Family Name vs. Given Name — What's the Difference?

Edited by Tayyaba Rehman — By Fiza Rafique — Published on November 26, 2023
Family Name, also known as a surname, is common to members of a family, while Given Name, also known as a first name, is unique to an individual within the family.
Family Name vs. Given Name — What's the Difference?

Difference Between Family Name and Given Name


Key Differences

Family Name and Given Name functionally differentiate individuals within a broader social and familial context. The Family Name is universally shared among individuals born into or adopted by a family, signifying kinship and lineage. Contrarily, a Given Name is assigned to distinguish an individual and is often chosen based on cultural, religious, or familial significance.
In various cultural contexts, the positioning of Family Name and Given Name is not universal. In most Western societies, the Given Name usually precedes the Family Name, offering an immediate personal identification. Conversely, in many East Asian societies, the Family Name is traditionally placed before the Given Name, emphasizing familial bonds and collective identity.
Family Name and Given Name also facilitate legal and official identification. The Family Name serves as a tool to link individuals to their ancestral and familial ties, frequently appearing on official documents and records to establish identity. In parallel, the Given Name also serves as a principal identifier in legal contexts, but primarily serves to differentiate individuals within family units or groups.
Exploring the etymology and meaning of Family Name and Given Name presents a rich historical and cultural tapestry. Family Names often originate from occupations, geographical locations, or patriarchal lineage. In contrast, Given Names may be chosen based on cultural, religious, or philosophical symbols and meanings, offering a distinctive identity to an individual.
Socially and professionally, Family Name and Given Name interact to create identifiable labels. In formal and professional settings, the Family Name often takes precedence, being used with titles like Mr., Mrs., or Dr. However, the Given Name might be used in more intimate or informal settings, providing a casual and personable mode of address.

Comparison Chart


Common to a family
Unique to an individual


Derived from occupation,
Chosen for personal,


Can be first or last
Usually precedes surname


Used in formal and
Utilized in informal and

Legal Relevance

Links to familial lineage
Differentiates individuals

Compare with Definitions

Family Name

Family Name is used formally with titles.
Mr. Lee utilizes the Family Name with a formal title.

Given Name

Given Name is assigned, usually by parents.
Parents may select a Given Name for a newborn.

Family Name

Family Name can be hyphenated to combine lineages.
The Family Name 'Johnson-Smith' combines two family lines.

Given Name

Given Name is an individual's personal name.
'Emily' is a popular Given Name.

Family Name

Family Name is shared among family members.
The Family Name 'Smith' is common in the United States.

Given Name

Given Name is used to differentiate family members.
Siblings will have different Given Names for distinction.

Family Name

Family Name can originate from professions.
The Family Name 'Baker' originated from the baking profession.

Given Name

Given Name is often used informally.
Friends might call each other by their Given Name.

Family Name

Family Name can denote geographical origins.
The Family Name 'Hill' might suggest topographical ancestry.

Given Name

Given Name might be chosen for its meaning.
The Given Name 'Grace' is often associated with elegance and virtue.

Common Curiosities

Is the Given Name the same as a first name?

Yes, the Given Name is typically referred to as the first name.

Do all siblings share the same Family Name?

Generally, siblings from the same parents share the same Family Name.

Can a person have more than one Given Name?

Yes, some individuals have multiple Given Names, often called middle names.

Why do some cultures place the Family Name before the Given Name?

In some cultures, the emphasis is on familial lineage and respect for ancestors.

How important is the sequence of Family Name and Given Name on official documents?

It's essential to follow the cultural or specified format on official documents.

What's another term for Family Name?

Another term for Family Name is "surname" or "last name".

Can a person change their Family Name?

Yes, people often change their Family Name due to marriage, adoption, or personal reasons.

Are Given Names always given at birth?

Most often, yes, but some are given during naming ceremonies or religious rites.

Why do some people have hyphenated Family Names?

Hyphenated Family Names can result from marriage or combining both parents' names.

Can the Given Name have cultural significance?

Absolutely. Many Given Names have roots in cultural, historical, or religious traditions.

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