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Epimerization vs. Racemization — What's the Difference?

Epimerization vs. Racemization — What's the Difference?

Difference Between Epimerization and Racemization


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(chemistry) The process of forming an epimer by changing one asymmetric centre in a compound that has more than one
Jun 02, 2022


In chemistry, racemization is a conversion, by heat or by chemical reaction, of an optically active compound into a racemic (optically inactive) form. Half of the optically active substance becomes its mirror image (enantiomer) referred as racemic mixtures (i.e.
Jun 02, 2022


Conversion of an optically active substance to a racemic form.
Jun 02, 2022


(chemistry) The formation of a racemate from a pure enantiomer.
Jun 02, 2022

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