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DL Battery vs. CR Battery — What's the Difference?

By Tayyaba Rehman & Urooj Arif — Published on February 8, 2024
DL and CR batteries refer to lithium coin batteries, where 'DL' signifies Duracell's naming convention and 'CR' is a generic designation, often differing only in brand.
DL Battery vs. CR Battery — What's the Difference?

Difference Between DL Battery and CR Battery


Key Differences

DL Batteries are specific to the Duracell brand, indicating their line of lithium coin batteries. These batteries are commonly used in small electronic devices. CR Batteries, on the other hand, are a more general designation for lithium coin batteries made by various manufacturers.
The naming convention of DL Batteries often includes a numerical code, such as DL2032, where 'DL' stands for Duracell Lithium. Similarly, CR Batteries have a code like CR2032, where 'CR' denotes the type (lithium manganese dioxide) and form (coin).
DL Batteries are known for their long shelf life and reliability, a hallmark of the Duracell brand. CR Batteries also offer long shelf life and reliability but can vary slightly based on the manufacturer.
In terms of compatibility, a DL Battery like the DL2032 can often be directly substituted by a CR Battery of the same specification, like the CR2032. This interchangeability is due to their similar size and voltage.
Both DL Batteries and CR Batteries are typically 3 volts, but their performance might vary slightly based on the brand and quality. Duracell's DL Batteries are often praised for consistent performance, while CR Batteries may vary more between brands.

Comparison Chart


Specific to Duracell
Generic, used by multiple brands

Naming Convention

DL followed by numerical code
CR followed by numerical code


Lithium coin battery
Lithium coin battery

Common Uses

Watches, calculators, small electronics
Watches, calculators, small electronics


Often interchangeable with CR
Often interchangeable with DL

Compare with Definitions

DL Battery

Characterized by a numerical code indicating size and type.
The DL2032 battery is perfect for my glucose meter.

CR Battery

A generic lithium coin battery made by various brands.
I bought a CR Battery for my kitchen scale.

DL Battery

Known for long shelf life and reliability.
I prefer DL Batteries for their lasting power.

CR Battery

Suitable for a wide range of small electronic devices.
I need a CR Battery for my car's key fob.

DL Battery

A trustworthy option for consistent performance.
For critical devices, I always use a DL Battery.

CR Battery

Identified by a code like CR2032.
The electronic thermometer requires a CR2032 battery.

DL Battery

A Duracell-branded lithium coin battery.
I replaced my watch's dead battery with a DL Battery.

CR Battery

Performance may vary between different manufacturers.
This brand's CR Battery lasts longer than others I've tried.

DL Battery

Used in small electronic devices.
My remote control requires a DL Battery.

CR Battery

Offers long shelf life similar to DL Batteries.
CR Batteries are reliable for long-term use.

Common Curiosities

What does 'DL' in DL Battery stand for?

'DL' in DL Battery stands for Duracell Lithium.

Are DL batteries more expensive than CR batteries?

DL batteries may be slightly more expensive due to brand recognition, but prices vary.

Can I find CR batteries from different manufacturers?

Yes, many manufacturers produce CR batteries.

What is the voltage of a typical DL or CR battery?

Both DL and CR batteries are typically 3 volts.

Is there a quality difference between DL and CR batteries?

Quality can vary, especially among different CR battery brands, while DL batteries maintain Duracell's standards.

Do DL and CR batteries contain harmful substances?

They contain chemicals like lithium, so handling according to safety guidelines is important.

What does 'CR' in CR Battery signify?

'CR' in CR Battery signifies the battery type, typically lithium manganese dioxide, and its coin shape.

Are DL and CR batteries interchangeable?

Yes, DL and CR batteries are often interchangeable if they have the same size code, like DL2032 and CR2032.

Can I use a CR battery in a device that recommends a DL battery?

Yes, if the size and voltage match (e.g., CR2032 for DL2032).

Are DL and CR batteries available in different sizes?

Yes, both are available in various sizes indicated by their numerical codes.

How should I dispose of used DL or CR batteries?

They should be recycled or disposed of according to local regulations due to their chemical components.

How long do DL and CR batteries last?

Both types can last several years, depending on usage and device requirements.

Can DL and CR batteries be recharged?

No, they are typically not rechargeable.

What devices typically use DL or CR batteries?

They are used in watches, calculators, key fobs, and other small electronics.

How can I store DL and CR batteries safely?

Store them in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight and heat sources.

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