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Dell IPS vs. Dell WVA — What's the Difference?

By Tayyaba Rehman — Published on January 19, 2024
Dell IPS (In-Plane Switching) displays are known for excellent color accuracy and wide viewing angles, while Dell WVA (Wide Viewing Angle) is Dell's version of VA (Vertical Alignment) technology, offering good contrast and color representation.
Dell IPS vs. Dell WVA — What's the Difference?

Difference Between Dell IPS and Dell WVA


Key Differences

Dell IPS monitors utilize In-Plane Switching technology, which is renowned for its superior color accuracy and consistency, as well as its wide viewing angles. Dell WVA, or Wide Viewing Angle, is Dell's branding for monitors using VA panel technology, which emphasizes high contrast ratios and better color depth compared to traditional TN panels.
IPS screens are preferred for tasks where color accuracy is critical, such as graphic design and photo editing. WVA screens, while also offering good color reproduction, are known for their deeper blacks and higher contrast, making them suitable for general use and multimedia applications.
Viewing angles on Dell IPS displays are wider, maintaining color consistency and clarity even at extreme angles. Dell WVA panels also provide wide viewing angles but can experience slight color shifts when viewed from certain angles.
In terms of response time and refresh rates, Dell IPS monitors typically offer competitive performance, suitable for casual gaming and everyday use. Dell WVA monitors may have different performance characteristics in this regard, with some models optimized for faster response times.
Both Dell IPS and Dell WVA monitors are designed to cater to different user preferences and applications, offering a balance between image quality, performance, and price.

Comparison Chart


In-Plane Switching
Wide Viewing Angle (VA technology)

Color Accuracy

Superior color accuracy
Good color depth and representation

Viewing Angles

Wider viewing angles
Wide but may have color shifts


Lower contrast than WVA
Higher contrast, deeper blacks

Ideal Usage

Graphic design, photo editing
General use, multimedia applications

Compare with Definitions

Dell IPS

Graphic design suitability
Dell IPS monitors are perfect for graphic designers due to color accuracy.

Dell WVA

Wide Viewing Angle performance
Even at wide angles, this Dell WVA monitor maintains good image quality.

Dell IPS

Wide viewing angles
The viewing angles on this Dell IPS screen are impressive, with no color shift.

Dell WVA

VA panel technology
Dell's WVA technology is based on Vertical Alignment panels.

Dell IPS

In-Plane Switching technology
The In-Plane Switching technology in Dell IPS monitors enhances my viewing experience.

Dell WVA

Suitable for multimedia
The Dell WVA monitor is great for watching movies and gaming.

Dell IPS

Consistent color clarity
Dell IPS panels maintain color clarity from all viewing angles.

Dell WVA

High contrast ratios
This Dell WVA monitor's high contrast ratio makes images pop.

Dell IPS

Superior color accuracy
My Dell IPS monitor displays colors accurately, ideal for my design work.

Dell WVA

Good color reproduction
Dell WVA screens offer vibrant color reproduction for videos and games.

Common Curiosities

What is Dell IPS?

Dell IPS refers to Dell's range of monitors using In-Plane Switching technology for improved color accuracy.

Can Dell WVA monitors be used for gaming?

Yes, they're suitable for gaming, offering high contrast and good color depth.

Do Dell IPS monitors have good viewing angles?

Yes, Dell IPS monitors offer wide viewing angles with consistent color clarity.

How do Dell WVA monitors compare to Dell IPS in terms of contrast?

Dell WVA monitors typically have higher contrast ratios compared to Dell IPS monitors.

Are Dell IPS monitors more expensive than Dell WVA?

Pricing can vary, but Dell IPS monitors can be more expensive due to their color accuracy technology.

What does Dell WVA stand for?

Dell WVA stands for Dell's Wide Viewing Angle monitors, using VA panel technology.

Is color shift a problem with Dell WVA monitors?

Dell WVA monitors have wide viewing angles but may experience slight color shifts at extreme angles.

Do Dell IPS and Dell WVA monitors differ in response time?

Yes, their response times can differ, with some WVA models optimized for faster response.

Does Dell WVA offer good color reproduction?

Yes, Dell WVA screens provide vibrant color reproduction.

Which is better for professional photo editing, Dell IPS or WVA?

Dell IPS is generally better for professional photo editing due to superior color accuracy.

Are Dell IPS monitors good for graphic design?

Yes, their color accuracy makes them ideal for graphic design and photo editing.

What are the typical uses for Dell WVA monitors?

They are well-suited for general use, multimedia consumption, and gaming.

Can I use a Dell IPS monitor for casual gaming?

Yes, Dell IPS monitors are suitable for casual gaming.

How do I choose between a Dell IPS and a Dell WVA monitor?

Your choice should depend on your specific needs, such as color accuracy for design work (IPS) or contrast for multimedia (WVA).

Are there Dell monitors that combine IPS and WVA features?

Dell monitors typically use either IPS or WVA technology, catering to different user needs.

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