Coverall vs. Overall

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Main Difference

The main difference between Coverall and Overall is that the Coverall is a loose-fitting protective suit and Overall is a trousers with attached bib and shoulder straps.

  • Coverall (noun)

    A loose-fitting protective garment worn over other clothing.

  • Overall (adjective)

    All-encompassing, all around.

  • Overall (adverb)

    Generally; with everything considered.

  • Overall (noun)

    A garment worn over other clothing to protect it; a coverall or boiler suit. A garment, for manual labor or for casual wear, often made of a single piece of fabric, with long legs and a bib upper, supported from the shoulders with straps, and having several large pockets and loops for carrying tools.

  • Overall (noun)

    A garment, worn for manual labor, with an integral covering extending to the chest, supported by straps.

  • Coverall (adjective)


    "a coverall term"

  • Coverall (noun)

    a one-piece protective garment worn for heavy manual work; a boiler suit.

  • Overall (adjective)

    taking everything into account

    "the governors and head have overall responsibility for managing the school"

    "the overall effect is impressive"

  • Overall (adverb)

    taken as a whole; in all

    "overall, 10,000 jobs will go"

  • Overall (noun)

    a loose-fitting coat or one-piece garment worn over ordinary clothes for protection against dirt or heavy wear

    "a pair of overalls"

    "men in grubby blue overalls"

  • Overall (noun)

    close-fitting trousers formerly worn as part of an army uniform, now only on ceremonial or formal occasions.

  • Overall (noun)


Oxford Dictionary
  • Coverall (noun)

    a loose-fitting one-piece garment that is worn over other clothing, especially one with trouser-like pants legs.

  • Overall (adverb)


Webster Dictionary
  • Coverall (noun)

    a loose-fitting protective garment that is worn over other clothing

  • Overall (noun)

    work clothing consisting of denim trousers (usually with a bib and shoulder straps)

  • Overall (noun)

    a loose protective coverall or smock worn over ordinary clothing for dirty work

  • Overall (adjective)

    involving only main features;

    "the overall pattern of his life"

  • Overall (adjective)

    including everything;

    "the overall cost"

    "the total amount owed"

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