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Corn Syrup vs. Liquid Glucose — What's the Difference?

By Tayyaba Rehman — Published on October 26, 2023
Corn Syrup is a sweetener derived from cornstarch, while Liquid Glucose can be derived from various starch sources and isn't necessarily as sweet.
Corn Syrup vs. Liquid Glucose — What's the Difference?

Difference Between Corn Syrup and Liquid Glucose


Key Differences

Corn Syrup is a type of syrup primarily derived from the processing of cornstarch. On the other hand, Liquid Glucose, while similar in appearance and consistency, can be obtained from multiple sources, not just corn.
Corn Syrup is commonly used in American culinary applications due to its sweet taste and ability to inhibit crystallization. Liquid Glucose, while also used in food preparation, might not offer the same level of sweetness as Corn Syrup.
In the food industry, Corn Syrup often acts as a replacement for sucrose because of its beneficial properties and cost-effectiveness. Conversely, Liquid Glucose is frequently employed in the confectionery industry to provide texture and consistency rather than primarily for its sweetness.
While many might use Corn Syrup and Liquid Glucose interchangeably in some recipes, they do have distinctive characteristics. Corn Syrup tends to be more readily available in American households, whereas Liquid Glucose might be more common in professional baking environments.

Comparison Chart

Primary Source

Derived from cornstarch
Derived from various starch sources

Sweetness Level

Generally sweeter
Not necessarily as sweet

Common Use

Replacement for sucrose in foods
Provides texture and consistency in confections


Common in American households
More common in professional baking

Primary Role in Foods

Sweetener and inhibitor of crystallization
Texture enhancer

Compare with Definitions

Corn Syrup

A syrup derived from cornstarch.
Corn Syrup is a staple in many American desserts.

Liquid Glucose

Not as sweet as many other syrups.
Liquid Glucose is added to this candy, not for sweetness but for its consistency.

Corn Syrup

A liquid sweetener often used in candies and baked goods.
Corn Syrup helps prevent sugar from crystallizing in my caramel sauce.

Liquid Glucose

Can be made from a variety of starch sources.
Depending on the region, Liquid Glucose might be made from tapioca or barley.

Corn Syrup

An alternative to cane sugar in food preparation.
This pecan pie recipe calls for Corn Syrup for added sweetness.

Liquid Glucose

A common ingredient in professional baking.
The bakery uses Liquid Glucose in many of its pastries for optimal texture.

Corn Syrup

A viscous liquid that can provide texture in foods.
Corn Syrup gives this fudge its smooth consistency.

Liquid Glucose

Often used to enhance the texture of confectioneries.
This chocolate ganache uses Liquid Glucose for a silky finish.

Corn Syrup

Often used for its anti-crystallization properties.
When making hard candy, Corn Syrup ensures a clear and smooth texture.

Liquid Glucose

A clear syrup derived from starches.
Liquid Glucose can be sourced from wheat, rice, or potatoes.

Common Curiosities

Why is Liquid Glucose used in baking?

Liquid Glucose provides texture and prevents crystallization in many baked goods and candies.

How does Corn Syrup differ from Liquid Glucose?

While Corn Syrup is specifically derived from corn and is sweeter, Liquid Glucose can come from various starch sources and might not be as sweet.

Can I use Corn Syrup and Liquid Glucose interchangeably?

While sometimes possible, they have different sweetness levels and properties, so results might vary.

What's the primary use of Corn Syrup in foods?

Corn Syrup is used for its sweetness and to inhibit sugar crystallization in foods.

Is Corn Syrup the same as high fructose corn syrup?

No, while both originate from corn, high fructose corn syrup has undergone additional processing to increase its fructose content.

Which is more natural, Corn Syrup or Liquid Glucose?

Both undergo processing, but their "naturalness" depends on production methods and additives.

What is Corn Syrup?

Corn Syrup is a sweet syrup derived primarily from cornstarch.

Which is sweeter, Corn Syrup or Liquid Glucose?

Corn Syrup is generally sweeter than Liquid Glucose.

Is Liquid Glucose always made from corn?

No, Liquid Glucose can be derived from a variety of starch sources like wheat, rice, or potatoes.

Why is Corn Syrup common in American foods?

Corn Syrup is cost-effective, sweet, and offers beneficial properties like preventing crystallization.

Can I replace sugar with Corn Syrup in recipes?

Yes, but adjustments might be needed due to sweetness differences and liquid content.

Is Liquid Glucose the same as glucose syrup?

Yes, "Liquid Glucose" is often another term for glucose syrup.

Why is Liquid Glucose used in confectionery?

Liquid Glucose provides a desirable texture and prevents sugar crystallization in confectioneries.

Can I make Corn Syrup at home?

While homemade versions exist, they might not have the exact properties of commercial Corn Syrup.

Where can I buy Liquid Glucose?

Liquid Glucose is often available at baking supply stores or online retailers.

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