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Aural vs. Oral — What's the Difference?

By Tayyaba Rehman — Updated on October 3, 2023
Aural pertains to the ear or sense of hearing, while Oral relates to the mouth or spoken expression.
Aural vs. Oral — What's the Difference?

Difference Between Aural and Oral


Key Differences

Aural and Oral might sound similar, but they address different human faculties. Aural is concerned with the ears and the sense of hearing. On the other hand, Oral involves the mouth, especially in the context of speech or verbal communication.
In daily interactions, when someone talks about Aural skills, they're referencing abilities associated with hearing. Meanwhile, Oral skills generally revolve around speaking abilities, articulation, or matters directly linked with the mouth.
From a medical perspective, Aural checks or treatments involve the ears, such as tests for hearing. Conversely, Oral examinations or treatments involve the mouth, teeth, gums, and related areas.
In the realm of education, students might engage in Aural comprehension exercises where they listen and understand spoken content. In contrast, Oral presentations or assessments focus on students conveying information verbally.
Lastly, when you hear music or sounds, you're having an Aural experience. When you engage in a conversation, express ideas, or use your mouth for any activity, that's an Oral experience.

Comparison Chart


Pertains to the ear or hearing
Relates to the mouth or speech

Body Part


Related Activities

Listening, hearing
Speaking, articulating

Common Context

Audio, music
Conversation, presentation


Latin "auris" (ear)
Latin "os" (mouth)

Compare with Definitions


Concerned with listening.
Aural skills are vital for musicians.


Related to speaking.
His Oral presentation skills were commendable.


Of or about sound perception.
The movie had a rich Aural landscape.


Delivered by word of mouth.
Ancient tales were often passed down through Oral traditions.


Pertaining to hearing.
She had a keen Aural sensitivity to musical tones.


Pertaining to the mouth.
She maintained excellent Oral hygiene.


Related to the ear.
His Aural health was excellent, with no hearing issues.


Involving verbal communication.
The teacher assessed the students' Oral proficiency.


Connected with audio experiences.
The podcast offered a unique Aural journey.


Spoken rather than written; verbal
They had reached an oral agreement


Relating to the ear or the sense of hearing
Information held in written, aural, or visual form
Aural anatomy


Relating to the mouth
Oral hygiene


Of, relating to, or perceived by the ear.


A spoken examination or test
A French oral


Characterized by or relating to an aura.


Spoken rather than written.


Of or pertaining to the ear.


Of or relating to the mouth
Oral surgery.


Of or pertaining to sound.


Used in or taken through the mouth
An oral thermometer.
An oral vaccine.


Of or pertaining to an aura.


Consisting of or using speech
Oral instruction.


Of or pertaining to the air, or to an aura.


(Linguistics) Articulated through the mouth only, with the nasal passages closed.


Of or pertaining to the ear; as, aural medicine and surgery.


Often orals An academic examination in which questions and answers are spoken rather than written.


Of or pertaining to hearing or the ear;
An animal with a very sensitive aural apparatus


(pharmacology) Done or taken by the mouth.


Relating to or characterized by an aura;
Various aural effects that precede a migraine headache


Pronounced by the voice resonating in the mouth, as the vowels in English.


Of, relating to, or characterized by personality traits of passive dependency and aggressiveness.


(relational) Spoken rather than written.


Relating to the transmission of information or literature by word of mouth.


Using speech or the lips especially in teaching the deaf.


Not having reached the stage of literacy.


(countable) A spoken test or examination, particularly in a language class.
We've got our Spanish oral tomorrow.


A physical examination of the mouth.


Uttered by the mouth, or in words; spoken, not written; verbal; as, oral traditions; oral testimony; oral law.


Of or pertaining to the mouth; surrounding or lining the mouth; as, the oral cavity; oral cilia or cirri.


An examination conducted by word of mouth


Using speech rather than writing;
An oral tradition
An oral agreement


Of or relating to or affecting or for use in the mouth;
Oral hygiene
An oral thermometer
An oral vaccine


Of or involving the mouth or mouth region or the surface on which the mouth is located;
The oral cavity
The oral mucous membrane
The oral surface of a starfish

Common Curiosities

Is an Oral test always spoken?

Yes, an Oral test involves speaking and verbal responses.

Are there Oral traditions in cultures?

Yes, many cultures have stories and knowledge passed down verbally, known as Oral traditions.

Can music be considered an Aural experience?

Absolutely, listening to music involves Aural perception.

Does Aural always relate to hearing?

Yes, Aural primarily pertains to the ears or sense of hearing.

Which body parts are associated with Aural and Oral?

Aural is associated with the ear, while Oral is linked to the mouth.

Can Oral also mean taken through the mouth, like medicine?

Yes, medicines taken through the mouth are termed as Oral medications.

What's an example of an Oral activity?

Speaking, singing, or any activity using the mouth and voice.

How can I remember the difference between Aural and Oral?

Think of Aural as "audio" (hearing) and Oral as "oration" (speaking).

Are Aural and Oral pronounced the same?

They sound similar, but have distinct pronunciations and meanings.

Is Aural learning about listening?

Yes, Aural learners prefer to hear information to understand and learn.

Which word is more related to sound: Aural or Oral?

Aural, as it pertains to hearing and sound perception.

Can Oral also refer to dental matters?

Yes, matters concerning teeth and gums are also considered Oral topics.

Does an Aural examination involve the ears?

Yes, it's a check-up related to hearing or ear health.

Do audiologists deal with Aural matters?

Yes, audiologists specialize in Aural health and hearing.

Is an Oral agreement legally binding?

While Oral agreements can be legally binding, they're harder to prove than written contracts.

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