Anachronistic vs. Archaic

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  • Anachronistic (adjective)

    Erroneous in date; containing an anachronism; in a wrong time; not applicable to or not appropriate for the time.

    "If you know where to look in the movie, you can spot an anachronistic wrist watch on one of the Roman soldiers."

  • Anachronistic (adjective)

    Having opinions from the past; preferring things or values of the past; behind the times; overly conservative.

  • Archaic (noun)

    A general term for the prehistoric period intermediate between the earliest period (‘[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paleo-Indian Paleo-Indian]’, ‘Paleo-American’, ‘American‐paleolithic’, &c.) of human presence in the Western Hemisphere, and the most recent prehistoric period (‘Woodland’, etc.).

  • Archaic (noun)

    (A member of) an archaic variety of Homo sapiens.

  • Archaic (adjective)

    Of or characterized by antiquity; old-fashioned, quaint, antiquated.

  • Archaic (adjective)

    No longer in ordinary use, though still used occasionally to give a sense of antiquity.

  • Archaic (adjective)

    Belonging to the archaic period

  • Anachronistic (adjective)

    Erroneous in date; containing an anachronism.

  • Archaic (adjective)

    Of or characterized by antiquity or archaism; antiquated; obsolescent.

Webster Dictionary
  • Anachronistic (adjective)

    chronologically misplaced;

    "English public schools are anachronistic"

  • Archaic (adjective)

    so extremely old as seeming to belong to an earlier period;

    "a ramshackle antediluvian tenement"

    "antediluvian ideas"

    "archaic laws"

  • Archaic (adjective)

    little evolved from or characteristic of an earlier ancestral type;

    "archaic forms of life"

    "primitive mammals"

    "the okapi is a short-necked primitive cousin of the giraffe"

Princeton's WordNet

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