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Adidas Superstars 1 vs. Adidas Superstars 2 — What's the Difference?

By Tayyaba Rehman — Published on January 18, 2024
Adidas Superstars 1 is the original version of the iconic shoe, while Adidas Superstars 2 features slight design modifications and updated materials.
Adidas Superstars 1 vs. Adidas Superstars 2 — What's the Difference?

Difference Between Adidas Superstars 1 and Adidas Superstars 2


Key Differences

Adidas Superstars 1, introduced in the 1960s, became an iconic shoe known for its distinctive shell toe and stylish design. It gained popularity in the basketball world and later in street fashion. Adidas Superstars 2, released as an update to the original, maintains the classic look but with subtle changes and improvements.
The Adidas Superstars 1 is renowned for its classic design, featuring the original three stripes and a full-grain leather upper. In contrast, the Superstars 2 often incorporates updated materials and may include additional padding for improved comfort.
While the overall silhouette of the shoe remains largely unchanged, Adidas Superstars 2 may offer a wider range of colorways and patterns, appealing to a more diverse audience and fitting into contemporary fashion trends more seamlessly.
Adidas Superstars 1 is often sought after by purists and collectors who value the authenticity and history of the original design. The Superstars 2, however, caters to consumers looking for a modern twist on a classic, without straying too far from the original aesthetic.
Both versions symbolize the enduring appeal of the Adidas brand, but the Superstars 1 represents a more vintage and original essence, while the Superstars 2 reflects an evolution in terms of materials and slight design variations.

Comparison Chart


Updated version of the original


Classic three stripes, shell toe, leather upper
Similar design with updated materials

Target Audience

Purists, collectors
Modern consumers, fashion-forward audience

Comfort and Fit

Traditional comfort and fit
Enhanced comfort with additional padding

Colorways and Patterns

Classic colorways
Expanded range of colors and patterns

Compare with Definitions

Adidas Superstars 1

Known for its classic shell toe and leather upper.
The Adidas Superstars 1 maintained its popularity for decades.

Adidas Superstars 2

Incorporates modern materials and design tweaks.
The Adidas Superstars 2 offers more color options than its predecessor.

Adidas Superstars 1

A symbol of 70s basketball and street fashion.
Adidas Superstars 1 became a staple in streetwear culture.

Adidas Superstars 2

Maintains the iconic design with enhanced comfort features.
The Adidas Superstars 2 has improved padding for better comfort.

Adidas Superstars 1

Features the iconic three stripes and original design.
The Adidas Superstars 1 has remained true to its roots.

Adidas Superstars 2

An updated version of the classic Adidas Superstars.
She bought the latest Adidas Superstars 2 for their updated style.

Adidas Superstars 1

The original model of Adidas' iconic basketball shoe.
He wore a pair of vintage Adidas Superstars 1 to the event.

Adidas Superstars 2

Appeals to a fashion-forward and contemporary audience.
Adidas Superstars 2 has become popular among modern sneaker enthusiasts.

Adidas Superstars 1

Valued for its authenticity and historical significance.
Collectors prize the Adidas Superstars 1 for its original design.

Adidas Superstars 2

Blends the original aesthetic with modern fashion trends.
The Adidas Superstars 2 bridges the gap between classic and contemporary.

Common Curiosities

When were Adidas Superstars 1 first released?

They were first introduced in the 1960s.

Can I find limited edition designs in both Superstars 1 and 2?

Limited edition and special collaborations exist for both models, often featuring unique designs and colorways.

Do both models come in high-top versions?

The Adidas Superstars are traditionally low-tops, but there have been various adaptations over the years.

What are the main updates in Adidas Superstars 2?

Updated materials, additional padding, and a wider range of colors.

Has the sizing changed between Adidas Superstars 1 and 2?

The sizing generally remains consistent, though fit may vary slightly due to material changes.

Is the shell toe design present in both Adidas Superstars 1 and 2?

Yes, the shell toe design is a defining feature of both models.

Are the materials used in Adidas Superstars 2 different from the original?

Yes, the Superstars 2 often uses updated materials for enhanced comfort and durability.

Can collectors find original Adidas Superstars 1 easily?

Original pairs can be harder to find and are often valued by collectors.

Is the wear and tear durability similar in both models?

The durability can vary, with some users finding the updated materials in Superstars 2 to offer better longevity.

Are Adidas Superstars 1 and 2 available in children's sizes?

Yes, both models are available in sizes for children, making them popular choices for all ages.

Is there a significant price difference between the two models?

This can vary based on availability, but original Superstars 1 may be priced higher, especially for collectors.

Are Adidas Superstars 2 considered more comfortable than the original?

Many users find the Superstars 2 more comfortable due to added padding and modern materials.

Is the three-stripe design identical in both versions?

Yes, the iconic three-stripe design is a staple of both the Superstars 1 and 2.

Have any celebrities endorsed Adidas Superstars 2 like the original?

Adidas Superstars continue to be popular among celebrities, though the original has a more iconic status in pop culture.

Are both versions suitable for athletic use?

Originally designed for basketball, both are suitable for casual athletic use, but there are more specialized athletic shoes available now.

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