Ventile vs. Vigintile



(statistics) Any of the nineteen points that divide an ordered distribution into twenty parts, each containing one twentieth of the population.


(statistics) Any of the values in a series that divides the distribution of individuals in that series into twenty groups of equal frequency.


(statistics) Any one of the twenty groups so divided.


Any one of the twenty groups so divided.


Ventile, is a registered trademark used to brand a special high-quality woven cotton fabric first developed by scientists at the Shirley Institute in Manchester, England. Originally created to overcome a shortage of flax used for fire hoses and water buckets, its properties were also found to be ideal for pilots' immersion suits.Extra-long-staple (ELS) cotton fibres are used to form a low-twist yarn, which is then woven into a tight high-density textile to create a 100% cotton fabric, capable of providing an effective barrier against inclement weather.


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