Unsee vs. Unseen

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  • Unsee (verb)

    erase the memory of or no longer register (something unpleasant or distasteful that one has seen or noticed)

    "when you realize that she bleached her eyebrows, you really can't unsee it"

    "there's a certain photo of him in a shiny tux with green suede loafers that sadly I can't unsee"

  • Unseen (adjective)

    not seen or noticed

    "it seemed she might escape unseen"

  • Unseen (adjective)

    not foreseen or predicted

    "unseen problems"

  • Unseen (adjective)

    (of a passage for translation in a test or examination) not previously read or prepared.

  • Unseen (noun)

    an unseen passage for translation

    "Latin unseens"

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