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Technologically vs. Technically — What's the Difference?

By Fiza Rafique & Urooj Arif — Updated on April 8, 2024
Technologically refers to advancements or applications of technology, while technically emphasizes the specifics or details within a technical context.
Technologically vs. Technically — What's the Difference?

Difference Between Technologically and Technically


Key Differences

Technologically focuses on the use, development, and impact of technology in various fields, highlighting innovations and improvements. On the other hand, technically deals with the specific aspects of processes, systems, or tasks, often relating to the practical implementation or understanding of technical details.
While technologically driven solutions aim to enhance efficiency, innovation, and progress, technically accurate information or methods ensure correctness, precision, and adherence to specific standards or protocols.
Technological advancements often lead to significant changes in how industries operate, introducing new possibilities and reshaping societal norms. In contrast, technical expertise is crucial for navigating the complexities and challenges of implementing these technological advancements effectively.
Technologically, an initiative might seek to integrate the latest digital tools to transform business operations, emphasizing the role of new technologies in driving growth. Conversely, technically, the focus would be on the meticulous configuration and optimization of these tools to meet specific operational needs.
The distinction also plays a role in education and skill development, with technologically focused curricula aimed at equipping students with knowledge of cutting-edge technologies. Meanwhile, technically oriented programs concentrate on developing precise skills and understanding of the technicalities involved in specific fields or technologies.

Comparison Chart


Application and impact of technology
Specific details and precision


Innovation and progress
Correctness and adherence to standards


Broad, affecting industries and societies
Narrow, focusing on specific tasks or processes


Understanding and integrating new technologies
Detailed knowledge of processes and standards


Emphasizes knowledge of emerging technologies
Concentrates on technical skills and precision

Compare with Definitions


Pertaining to the development and application of technology.
The company is technologically advanced, using AI for automation.


According to exact definitions or specifications.
Technically, the software is still in beta, but it's already widely used.


Concerning the technological aspects of a field or industry.
The film is technologically impressive, with groundbreaking visual effects.


Based on precise technicalities.
Technically, the contract is void due to a minor clerical error.


Involving technological innovations.
Their approach is technologically innovative, disrupting traditional markets.


Relating to practical skills in a specific field.
She is technically proficient, excelling in software development.


Reflecting the impact of technology on society.
We live in a technologically driven era where digital literacy is essential.


Involving or concerning technical details.
The device is technically complex, requiring specialized knowledge to repair.


Relating to the use of technology in solving problems.
Technologically, the project is feasible with current tools.


With reference to technical aspects or considerations.
Technically, the solution is sound, but it may not be practical.


Relating to or involving technology, especially scientific technology.


Of or relating to technique
A technical procedure.
Great technical skill in playing the violin.


Affected by or resulting from scientific and industrial progress.


Having or demonstrating special skill or practical knowledge especially in a mechanical or scientific field
A technical adviser.
Technical expertise in digital photography.


In a technological manner.


Used in or peculiar to a specific field or profession; specialized
Technical jargon.


Using technology.


Requiring advanced skills or specialized equipment
Technical mountain climbing.


By means of technology;
Technologically impossible


Of or relating to the practical, mechanical, or industrial arts or to the applied sciences
A technical institute.


Of or relating to technology or technological studies
A technical breakthrough in the manufacture of solar panels.
A technical journal.


Of or involving electronic or mechanical equipment
A broadcast interrupted by technical difficulties.


Of or relating to information technology
Called technical support when the computers broke down.


Of, relating to, or employing the methodology of science; scientific
Technical data.
A technical analysis.


In strict conformance to a law, regulation, or procedure
Was held on a technical charge of vagrancy.


Strictly or narrowly defined
“It was a Federal victory only in the technical sense that the Army of the Potomac was left in possession of the field” (Edwin C. Fishel).


Based on analysis or principle; theoretical rather than practical
A technical advantage.


Relating to or based on market indicators, such as trading volume and fluctuations in securities prices, rather than underlying economic factors such as corporate earnings, inflation, and unemployment
A technical analysis of market conditions.


(Sports) A technical foul.


Based on precise facts, which, however, may be contrary to common misbelief or to a traditional name.
Technically, he was Canadian, but everyone assumed he was American.
Technically, a guinea pig is not a pig, nor is it from Guinea.


Based on formal (de jure) arguments, which, however, may be misleading.
Due to an omission in the peace treaty of the Russo-Japanese War, Montenegro was technically at war with Japan for 102 years.
Stalin was not technically the Head of State.


Having or using the skills or talent required for a certain job or profession.
Although she is technically gifted, her piano playing lacks passion.


According to the current state of technology.
For now, it is technically impossible to have a manned flight to Mercury.


In a technical manner; according to the signification of terms as used in any art, business, or profession.


With regard to technique;
Technically lagging behind the Japanese


With regard to technical skill;
A technically brilliant solution

Common Curiosities

Why is technical accuracy important?

Technical accuracy ensures that tasks are performed correctly and standards are met, avoiding errors and inefficiencies.

How do technologically focused curricula differ from technically oriented ones?

Technologically focused curricula aim to equip students with knowledge of emerging technologies, whereas technically oriented curricula focus on developing specific technical skills.

How do businesses benefit from being technologically advanced?

Technologically advanced businesses can gain a competitive edge, improve efficiency, and better meet customer needs through innovative solutions.

What does technically mean?

Technically involves the specific details, precision, and technical aspects of a process, system, or task.

Can something be technologically advanced but technically flawed?

Yes, a product can be advanced in terms of technology yet have technical flaws in its implementation or functionality.

How do technological innovations affect society?

Technological innovations can lead to significant societal changes, including shifts in how we communicate, work, and solve problems.

Can technical skills be self-taught?

Yes, many technical skills can be self-taught, especially with the plethora of online resources and tutorials available today.

What does technologically mean?

Technologically refers to matters related to the development, application, and impact of technology.

How does technologically impact industries?

Technological advancements can transform industries by introducing new processes, products, and ways of working.

Are technological and technical skills the same?

No, technological skills relate to the understanding and application of technology, while technical skills are about the precision and detail-oriented aspects of specific tasks.

Why is the distinction between technologically and technically important?

Understanding the distinction helps in accurately discussing and analyzing the role of technology and the specifics of technical execution in various contexts.

What role does technical expertise play in technology implementation?

Technical expertise is crucial for the effective implementation and optimization of technology, ensuring that it meets specific operational requirements.

Is technical knowledge necessary for all professions?

While not all professions require deep technical knowledge, a basic understanding of technical aspects relevant to one's field is often beneficial.

How can one stay updated technologically and technically?

Staying updated involves continuous learning, attending workshops, following industry news, and experimenting with new tools and technologies.

Do technologically driven solutions always succeed?

Not always; success depends on various factors, including market readiness, technical execution, and user adoption.

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