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Taphouse vs. Tavern — What's the Difference?

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A taphouse focuses primarily on serving a wide variety of beers, often with an emphasis on craft brews and local selections; a tavern is a more traditional establishment offering a broader range of drinks along with food, and often acting as a social hub.
Taphouse vs. Tavern — What's the Difference?

Difference Between Taphouse and Tavern


Key Differences

Taphouses are specialized venues that primarily offer a vast selection of draft beers, including craft and artisanal options, making them a favorite among beer aficionados. In contrast, taverns provide a more varied menu, including spirits, wines, and often hearty food dishes, serving as versatile public houses.
While taphouses may offer limited food options like snacks or small plates designed to complement the beer tasting experience, taverns often feature full kitchens, providing complete meals and thereby attracting a broader audience looking for a dining experience.
The ambiance in a taphouse is typically modern and minimalistic, focusing on showcasing the variety and quality of beers available. Conversely, taverns often boast a more traditional or historical decor, emphasizing comfort and a convivial atmosphere conducive to longer visits.
Taphouses frequently host beer-related events, such as brewery nights or tasting sessions, which attract enthusiasts looking to explore new and unique brews. On the other hand, taverns might offer a range of entertainment options like live music, pub quizzes, and sports viewing, making them popular local gathering spots.
Despite their different focuses, both taphouses and taverns play significant roles as social gathering places, each catering to different preferences and expectations regarding beverages and ambiance.

Comparison Chart

Primary Offering

Wide variety of beers
Drinks (including beer) and food

Food Menu

Limited, snack-focused
Extensive, meal-focused


Modern, beer-centric
Traditional, cozy


Brewery nights, tastings
Live music, quizzes, sports


Beer enthusiasts
General public, families

Compare with Definitions


An establishment known for its focus on unique and specialty beers.
He visited the taphouse to sample their latest batch of homemade ale.


Serves as a community gathering place where people come to eat, drink, and socialize.
The local tavern is the hub of the community, hosting both family dinners and late-night gatherings.


A bar or restaurant that specializes in serving a wide range of draft and bottled beers.
The local taphouse offers an impressive selection of regional craft beers.


An establishment offering a cozy and often historical atmosphere.
The tavern's rustic interior and warm fireplace create a welcoming environment.


A place catering to beer lovers with a rotating menu of brews.
The taphouse changes its beer menu weekly to feature new and interesting brews.


A public house that serves a variety of alcoholic beverages and often food.
The old tavern on Main Street is a favorite dinner spot for many in the town.


May host beer tasting events to showcase specific breweries or styles.
The taphouse hosted a craft beer tasting event that attracted many locals.


Hosts social activities and events like live music and sports viewing.
On weekends, the tavern is packed with people coming to watch football.


Often features a minimalistic design with a central bar displaying tap handles.
The taphouse's industrial decor complemented its extensive beer list.


Often family-owned and operated, providing a personalized experience.
The family-run tavern is known for its friendly service and homemade meals.


A tavern.


A tavern is a place of business where people gather to drink alcoholic beverages and be served food, and (mostly historically) where travelers would receive lodging. An inn is a tavern that has a license to put up guests as lodgers.


A house where liquors are retailed.


An inn or public house.


Tavern consisting of a building with a bar and public rooms; often provides light meals


A place of business that serves alcoholic beverages and often basic meals.


An inn for travelers.


(dated) A building containing a bar licensed to sell alcoholic drinks, and usually offering accommodation.


A public house where travelers and other transient guests are accomodated with rooms and meals; an inn; a hotel; especially, in modern times, a public house licensed to sell liquor in small quantities.


A building with a bar that is licensed to sell alcoholic drinks

Common Curiosities

What is the main focus of a taphouse compared to a tavern?

The main focus of a taphouse is to offer a wide variety of beers, particularly craft beers, whereas a tavern focuses on providing a full range of drinks and meals.

What makes taverns a popular local gathering spot?

Taverns offer a mix of good food, drinks, and entertainment options like live music and sports, making them popular for local gatherings.

Can you find craft beers in taverns?

Yes, many taverns also serve craft beers, though their selection may not be as extensive as in taphouses.

What kind of events can you expect at a taphouse?

Taphouses often host beer tastings and brewery nights focusing on different breweries or specific types of beer.

Is there a difference in the atmosphere between a taphouse and a tavern?

Yes, taphouses generally have a more modern, beer-centric atmosphere, while taverns offer a more traditional, cozy setting.

Can you host private events at taphouses or taverns?

Many taphouses and taverns offer spaces for private events, though the specifics can vary widely based on the location.

How do the menus at taphouses and taverns differ?

Taphouses focus on beers with limited food options, whereas taverns often have extensive food menus alongside a full drink selection.

Why might someone prefer a taphouse over a tavern?

Someone might prefer a taphouse for its extensive beer selection and the opportunity to explore different craft brews.

How do taphouses contribute to the craft beer movement?

Taphouses support the craft beer movement by featuring a variety of local and artisanal brews, often promoting smaller breweries.

Are taverns suitable for family outings?

Yes, taverns are typically suitable for families as they offer a broad menu and a cozy atmosphere that caters to all ages.

Do taphouses serve food?

Taphouses often serve food, but usually in the form of snacks or small plates designed to pair with beers.

What are some typical traditional features found in taverns?

Traditional features in taverns often include wooden beams, fireplaces, and a pub-like atmosphere that emphasizes warmth and community.

What is the historical significance of taverns?

Historically, taverns have served as important social and community centers in many cultures, offering food, drink, and lodging to travelers.

What type of customer service can be expected at taphouses and taverns?

Both establishments typically emphasize friendly, knowledgeable service, though the exact nature can vary based on the atmosphere and clientele.

Do taphouses and taverns require a special license to operate?

Yes, both taphouses and taverns require specific licenses to serve alcohol, which can vary by location.

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