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Supermarket vs. Discount Store — What's the Difference?

By Tayyaba Rehman — Published on October 26, 2023
A supermarket is a large store selling a wide variety of groceries and household items, while a discount store offers products at reduced prices, often due to bulk purchasing or clearance.
Supermarket vs. Discount Store — What's the Difference?

Difference Between Supermarket and Discount Store


Key Differences

A supermarket is a spacious retail store that offers a vast range of food and household products organized into aisles. In contrast, a discount store focuses primarily on offering products at prices lower than the typical market value.
Supermarkets usually present a variety of brands and options for each product, ensuring that customers have a broad selection. The discount store, however, might limit its variety to keep costs low and prices competitive.
While many supermarkets provide promotions and deals, their primary selling point is the range and diversity of products. On the other hand, discount stores emphasize affordability, frequently due to overstock, closeouts, or direct relationships with manufacturers.
Both supermarkets and discount stores can be found in urban and suburban areas, but the shopping experience and primary appeal vary between the two.

Comparison Chart

Primary Focus

Wide range of food and household products.
Products at reduced prices.

Variety of Brands

Multiple brands and options for most products.
Limited brands, often generic or closeouts.

Pricing Strategy

Regular market prices with occasional promotions.
Continuously reduced prices due to bulk purchasing or clearance.

Customer Experience

Organized aisles, fresh produce, and a broader selection.
Emphasis on deals and savings.

Typical Products

Groceries, fresh produce, meats, dairy, household items.
Overstocked items, off-brand goods, and general merchandise.

Compare with Definitions


A supermarket provides a one-stop shopping experience for daily needs.
She prefers the supermarket because she can find everything in one place.

Discount Store

Discount stores can range from small local outlets to large chains.
There's a national discount store chain opening in our town soon.


Supermarkets typically have organized aisles for easy navigation.
The cereal is in aisle 6 of the supermarket.

Discount Store

A discount store offers products at prices lower than the standard market value.
I found this amazing deal on shoes at the discount store.


A supermarket is a large retail store with varied groceries and household items.
I need to stop by the supermarket to get some fresh vegetables.

Discount Store

Discount stores often carry overstock or closeout merchandise.
The discount store nearby has a sale on last season's apparel.


Supermarkets often have multiple departments, including fresh produce and bakery.
The bakery section in this supermarket is amazing.

Discount Store

These stores often buy in bulk and pass savings onto consumers.
I bought these in bulk from the discount store and saved a lot.


Many supermarkets also offer non-food items such as household goods.
I bought this cookware set from the supermarket last week.

Discount Store

A discount store prioritizes affordability over brand variety.
You won't find high-end brands, but the discount store has good value products.


A large self-service retail market that sells food and household goods.


A large self-service store that sells groceries and, usually, medications, household goods, and/or clothing.
I went to the supermarket to buy some food.


A chain of such stores.


(figurative) A one-stop shop; a place offering a range of products or services.


A large self-service grocery store selling groceries and dairy products and household goods

Common Curiosities

Is the quality of products in discount stores lower?

Not necessarily; while some items may be off-brand or closeouts, many are simply overstock or bulk-purchased.

Do supermarkets only sell food?

No, many supermarkets also sell household goods, clothing, and other non-food items.

Can I find fresh produce in a supermarket?

Yes, most supermarkets have a fresh produce section.

Do discount stores sell expired products?

While some discounted items might be close to their expiration date, stores must adhere to safety regulations and standards.

Why are items cheaper in a discount store?

Items are often cheaper due to bulk buying, overstocking, direct manufacturer relationships, or carrying off-brand items.

Which is bigger, a supermarket or a discount store?

While sizes can vary, supermarkets are typically larger and offer a wider product range.

Which is more expensive, supermarket or discount store?

Generally, discount stores offer lower prices, but supermarkets might have a wider variety of premium products.

What is a supermarket?

A supermarket is a large store offering a wide range of food and household items.

How does a discount store differ from other stores?

A discount store offers products at reduced prices, often due to bulk purchasing or clearance.

Are there chain discount stores?

Yes, there are many national and regional discount store chains.

Do supermarkets have sales?

Yes, supermarkets frequently have promotions and sales on various items.

Can I buy electronics in a discount store?

It depends on the store; some discount stores may carry electronics, while others focus on different product categories.

How do supermarkets categorize their products?

Supermarkets typically organize products into aisles based on type, like dairy, bakery, meats, etc.

Are discount stores always crowded?

It can vary; some popular discount stores can be busy, especially during sales.

Is it better to shop at a supermarket or a discount store?

It depends on what you prioritize; for variety and selection, a supermarket might be preferable, while for savings, a discount store could be ideal.

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