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SunPower vs. Sunnova — What's the Difference?

By Tayyaba Rehman — Published on January 16, 2024
SunPower is a company known for manufacturing high-efficiency solar panels and systems, whereas Sunnova is a provider of residential solar and energy storage services.
SunPower vs. Sunnova — What's the Difference?

Difference Between SunPower and Sunnova


Key Differences

Company Focus and Services: SunPower specializes in the production and installation of solar panels and systems, known for their efficiency and technology. Sunnova, in contrast, focuses on residential solar service offerings, including leasing and power purchase agreements.
Product and Technology: SunPower is renowned for its advanced solar technology and high-quality solar panel manufacturing. Sunnova does not manufacture solar panels but partners with various manufacturers to provide solar services to homeowners.
Business Model and Strategy: SunPower's business model revolves around the production and sale of solar technology, whereas Sunnova's business model is service-oriented, focusing on solar financing, leasing, and maintenance services.
Market and Customer Base: SunPower caters to both residential and commercial markets with its solar products, while Sunnova primarily targets the residential market with solar and energy storage solutions.
Sustainability and Innovation: Both companies are dedicated to promoting sustainable energy, but SunPower emphasizes technological innovation in solar energy, whereas Sunnova emphasizes making solar accessible and affordable to homeowners.

Comparison Chart

Primary Service

Manufacturing solar panels
Providing residential solar services

Technology Focus

High-efficiency solar technology
Partnerships with solar technology providers

Business Model

Production and sales of solar systems
Solar financing, leasing, and maintenance

Target Market

Residential and commercial
Primarily residential

Key Strength

Advanced solar panel efficiency
Accessibility and affordability of solar solutions

Compare with Definitions


Efficiency and Sustainability: Emphasizes efficient and sustainable solar solutions.
SunPower panels maximize energy production in limited spaces.


Solar Financing and Leasing: Specializes in solar financing options.
Sunnova makes going solar affordable with flexible payment plans.


Solar Panel Manufacturer: Specializes in producing solar panels.
SunPower's panels are known for their high efficiency.


Solar System Maintenance: Includes maintenance and support services.
Sunnova ensures the longevity of solar systems with its maintenance services.


Commercial and Residential Solutions: Provides solar solutions for various markets.
SunPower caters to both home and business solar needs.


Accessible Solar Energy: Aims to make solar energy accessible to more people.
Sunnova's services allow more homes to adopt solar energy.


Solar Technology Leader: Known for advanced solar technology.
SunPower continuously innovates in solar system design.


Residential Solar Service: Offers solar energy services for homes.
Sunnova provides comprehensive solar solutions for homeowners.


Global Solar Brand: A well-recognized brand in the global solar market.
SunPower has a strong international presence in solar energy.


Energy Storage Solutions: Provides battery storage options.
Sunnova offers energy storage to maximize solar use.

Common Curiosities

Can SunPower panels be leased?

SunPower offers various purchasing and leasing options.

Does Sunnova offer commercial solar solutions?

Their primary focus is on residential solar services.

Does Sunnova manufacture solar panels?

No, they partner with manufacturers to provide solar services.

What services does Sunnova offer?

Solar system leasing, financing, and maintenance.

What is Sunnova?

A provider of residential solar and energy storage services.

Is SunPower involved in residential solar installations?

Yes, they cater to both residential and commercial sectors.

What is SunPower?

A company specializing in high-efficiency solar panels and systems.

Does SunPower manufacture solar panels?

Yes, they are known for their solar panel production.

How does SunPower contribute to sustainability?

Through the production of highly efficient solar technology.

What makes Sunnova’s services unique?

Their focus on accessibility and affordability of solar energy for homes.

Is Sunnova a global company?

They primarily focus on the U.S. residential market.

Does SunPower offer energy storage solutions?

Yes, they provide solar plus storage solutions.

Can Sunnova’s services reduce electricity bills?

Their solar solutions aim to reduce homeowner reliance on traditional electricity, potentially lowering bills.

Are SunPower’s solar panels more efficient than typical panels?

Yes, they are known for higher efficiency and advanced technology.

Where does SunPower operate?

They have a global presence in the solar energy market.

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