Subtotal vs. Total

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  • Subtotal (noun)

    The total for a part of a list of numbers being summed.

  • Subtotal (verb)

    To calculate a subtotal.

  • Subtotal (adjective)

    Less than total; partial.

  • Total (noun)

    An amount obtained by the addition of smaller amounts.

    "A total of £145 was raised by the bring-and-buy stall."

  • Total (noun)


    "The total of 4, 5 and 6 is 15."

  • Total (adjective)

    Entire; relating to the whole of something.

    "The total book is rubbish from start to finish."

    "The total number of votes cast is 3,270."

  • Total (adjective)

    (used as an intensifier) Complete; absolute.

    "He is a total failure."

  • Total (verb)

    To add up; to calculate the sum of.

    "When we totalled the takings, we always got a different figure."

  • Total (verb)

    To equal a total of; to amount to.

    "That totals seven times so far."

  • Total (verb)

    to demolish; to wreck completely. (from total loss)

    "Honey, I’m OK, but I’ve totaled the car."

  • Total (verb)

    To amount to; to add up to.

    "It totals nearly a pound."

  • Subtotal (noun)

    the total of one set of a larger group of figures to be added.

  • Subtotal (verb)

    add (numbers) so as to obtain a subtotal.

  • Subtotal (adjective)

    (of an injury or a surgical operation) partial; not total.

  • Total (adjective)

    comprising the whole number or amount

    "a total cost of £4,000"

  • Total (adjective)

    complete; absolute

    "a total stranger"

    "it is a matter of total indifference to me"

  • Total (noun)

    the whole number or amount of something

    "in total, 200 people were interviewed"

    "he scored a total of thirty-three points"

  • Total (verb)

    amount in number to

    "they were left with debts totalling £6,260"

  • Total (verb)

    add up the full number or amount of

    "the scores were totalled"

  • Total (verb)

    damage (something, typically a vehicle) beyond repair; wreck

    "he almost totalled the car"

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